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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Pictures From Dryden Rd. Revival

Revival at Dryden Rd. Thursday through Sunday was Pastor Appreciation for our Pastor Bennie Sutherland. As of January, he has been the Pastor of Dryden 46 years. He has been our Pastor for 35 years and we are thankful for his spiritual input into our lives.

There have been a lot of preachers come up under Bro. Sutherland and many others that were influenced by him, They are spread all over the country. Those that were near came to be in revival and it was good to see them.

The services we attended were outstanding! Bro. Switzer's preaching inspired and encouraged us and it was incredibly timely in our lives. Praise God for His help!

I will allow the pictures to tell the rest of the story. Thank you for stopping by today.


Friday, December 15, 2023

Revival In Pictures-Night THREE of Gospel Crusade Abeokuta, Nigeria

The last night of the Gospel Crusade was awesome. I preached myself totally happy and I loved every moment of it! I can not explain how much I love being in Nigeria and ministering to these wonderful loving people.

Before the preaching, we passed out candy to the children.

The preaching and the altar service were next. As I said before, I absolutely loved it. I seemed like they were pulling preaching out of me from way down deep inside. I was tired when I began, but felt like a brand new man for about 30 minutes. Hallelujah!

One last picture of Sis. Dorcas.

Some of the ladies of the church gave us clothing.

These are the Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church Pastors who were in attendance the final night. These men are amazing. They are doing a work that I could never do and to feel their love and appreciation for what little I do is humbling.

We loved being part of the Gospel Crusade this year. We look forward to returning by God's grace. Thank you for reading today.