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Friday, February 23, 2024

There Is No God Like Our God!

I love this verse. It has spoken deep into my heart the last week or so.

II Samuel 7:22 Wherefore thou art great, O LORD God: for there is none like thee, neither is there any God beside thee, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

Hallelujah! Our God is great. There is no God like our God. There is no God beside our God. According to everything we have heard with our ears, there is no God like our God!

Wow! I love that.

Let me expand on that a moment. 

According to everything we have heard with our ears there is no God like our God. According to every testimony that we have ever heard, there is no God like our God!

According to everything we have read, there is no God like our God!

According to everything we have seen with our eyes, there is no God like our God! 

According to everything in life that we have experienced, there is no God like our God! 

Every difficulty declares, there is no God like our God!

Hallelujah! Through every test, through every trial, through every temptation, there is no God like our God!

In every hurt, hardship and heartache, there is no God like our God!

In despair, despondency and in depression, there is no God like our God!

In sickness, sadness and in sorrow, there is no God like our God!

In every care, crisis and calamity, there is no God like our God!

In every peril, problem and perplexity, there is no God like our God!

There is no God like him. There is no God who can stand beside him. There is no God like our God!

Wherever you have been, wherever you are right now, wherever you are going, whatever you are facing and whatever you are going through, please remember, child of God, there is no God like our God!

Thank you for stopping in today.


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Strange Side Effects

I have listed several effects of the stroke that I suffered on December 29 here and in other places. But I do not think I have mentioned some of the stranger side effects that we have noticed. 

The first thing that I noticed that seemed odd was that I could not tolerate two or three conversations in the room at one time, especially if one was a little loud. It was as if, my brain could not stand to be overstimulated. 

That side effect eased off after about 3 to 4 weeks. 

No Dreaming
I noticed early on that I was not dreaming at all. I am a pretty consistent dreamer and I have very vivid and detailed dreams. I was not sleeping much for several weeks, but I still thought I should be dreaming a little. 

Finally, on the morning of January 23, I had a short dream of a conversation that lasted just a few sentences. The next night I had a nightmare. In the dream, a Church sent me a swallow test kit and I choked all night trying to use it.

I have no idea if a swallow test kit exists or what it is, but it was the worst gift I have ever been given. I have been dreaming every night since then, but I went 25 nights without dreaming. 

No Sneezing
After I had been in the hospital for about 13 days, I sneezed a couple times one afternoon. It was only then, that I realized that was the first sneeze I had had since the stroke.

Maybe The Strangest Side Effect-No Yawning
Even though I only slept fitfully for an hour or two most of the 18 days I was in the hospital and continued that for a week or so after I came home, I did not yawn one time. 

There were some days and nights when I was so sleepy that I could not hold my head up, yet I could not go to sleep. But no yawn came at all.  

It has now been seven weeks and five days since I had the stroke on December 29. As of February 21, I still have not yawned at all. that seems strange for a guy who yawned all day long sometimes. 

A Pleasant Side Effect 
I am still looking for pleasant side effects. They may be a long time coming or it may be a long time before I notice them, but I am purposely looking for them. 

This is the reason. It is well known that Covid affected me horribly in 2021. In fact, I still have effects from Covid in 2024. 

One of the neurologists even said that Covid is likely to be responsible for the blood clot that caused the stroke in my brain stem. We may never know the accuracy of that statement, but it makes sense to us.

However, once most of the dust of Covid had settled in my body by the beginning of 2022, I noticed a very good side effect. My close-up vision was and still is better than it was since I turned 40 years old. 

I have no idea how or why that happened, but once Covid receded, my eyes were probably 90% better in close-up vision than before. I have not used reading glasses at all since then. 

I give the glory to God and I fully expect when the effects of this stroke fully recede, God may add in a few new blessings to the recovery.

He’s Got It All In Control and I cannot wait to see what he has in mind for our family. 

Thank you for stopping by today. We appreciate the visit. 


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Lord, We Want To Hear Your Voice

We had great therapy sessions on Monday including the final hour which was speech therapy. I have had quite a bit of congestion in my chest for about two weeks and we have not been able to sing and do the vocal exercises as much as we need to do.

Even though my voice was very weak on Sunday, when I began to warm up my vocals and do my breathing exercises early Monday morning, I noticed it was considerably better. The therapist asked if I would like to try to sing after completing the breathing exercises and I said yes.

She has a small keyboard there, so Kelly played the keyboard and we sang a little bit of Amazing Grace in a very low key warming my voice up a little more. 

Then Kelly suggested an Isaacs song that Ben sings, If That's What It Takes. It has become one of our favorites and we have sung it in many revivals and have been blessed by it.

While singing If That's What It Takes Monday, I was overcome with emotion as my mind drifted back a few weeks. While I was in ICU we were trying to sing this song one evening. We were so overwhelmed that I ended up just speaking the words. However, the Spirit of the Lord brought so much comfort to us that day and that has been a high watermark in this whole experience.

We constantly try to be faithful to listen to the word of the Lord and he certainly does not have to give me a stroke to get my attention. However, through every test and trial, I want to be sensitive to the voice of the Lord. The enemy trials to kill but the Lord often speaks to us and works the bad for our good and in our favor.

Many of you have heard me say, that when trouble comes our prayer is often, “Lord how can I get out of this?” That is a reasonable prayer.

Maybe our prayer should be one word different from that prayer. Instead of "Lord how can I get out of this?” Maybe we should pray “Lord what can I get out of this?” Is there something we can learn from while we are here?

Let us pray together today, “Lord whatever it takes, we want to hear your voice,”

Thank you for reading today. The video and lyrics are below. 


Songwriters: Jimmy Yeary / Sonya Isaacs / Rebecca Isaacs Bowman
If That's What It Takes lyrics © Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Great Day At This Music, Beattyville Music, June Elephant Music

This place that I'm in
Feels so unfair
This weight on my chest Seems more than I can bear 
I can't see where this is gonna end
But I'll stay on my knees till then. 

If that's what it takes to break my will
To make me still enough to hear your voice
Then I'll trust in you Oh Lord
If that's what it takes
To realize without you I'm just going the wrong way 
Living life in vain
Lord humble me a little more each day 
If that's what it takes

This is not the path
I'd ever choose for me
But Lord you see the bigger picture
And the man that I can be 
So Lord I'll give you all my fears
And I'll cry a few more tears

Chorus And
Final Chorus
If that's what it takes to give my all
And totally surrender to your plan
Though I may not understand
Lord give me strength to make it one more day
If that's what it takes
If that's what it takes

Friday, February 16, 2024

What To Do With Unknowns?

Sometimes there are more questions than there are answers. So many unknowns! I feel like I am in the dark a lot more than I deserve. Really, Davy? What do you deserve from God? 

The reality is God does not owe me an explanation for the things that He does or the places He allows me to walk by his grace. God owes me No thing. 

As I have said many times before, I would like to have a searchlight with a beam shining brightly five or six months into the future, revealing to me exactly where I will be and what I will be doing. 

But God did not promise me a searchlight for the future, he promised me a flashlight for the next step.    

 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

His Word becomes a flashlight to me, revealing not the distant future but the very next step. Davy, this is where you put your right foot, now this is where you put your left foot. 

The light that God promises us, does not illuminate our future but shines on our own feet and directs us with each step to be exactly where He wants us to be. 

If I let God guide my steps and direct my feet, six months down the road I will be exactly where he intended me to be from the very first moment.

Let me encourage you, child of God. Keep walking. Keep placing one foot in front of the other, guided one step at a time by the Word of God. I promise you will find yourself in God‘s will when you get to the day in the future that you are worried about right now.      

In the midst of a lot of unknowns and unknowables, this fact still remains. He’s Got It All In Control

I am striving to believe that, embrace that and live that. Will you join me?

Thank you for reading today.


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Distributing Joy On Purpose

We have some family and friends right now who are facing very difficult circumstances in their lives and in their families. They are experiencing pain, sudden illnesses and/or health challenges that have hit like a train. 

We have been weeping with them and praying for them the last weeks and believing God to bring them through. 

As is often the case, these friends and these family members who are suffering have taken time to purposely pour encouragement and joy into our lives. This is a beautiful thing.

How can someone who is experiencing pain and discouragement, have so much personal joy that they can spread joy to you in the midst of their own pain and discouragement? It must come down to a very personal relationship with the ultimate joy giver, Christ. 

Wow! What an amazing thing to behold. I have watched it transpire over and over and now once again, I am the recipient of their overflowing joy and I am encouraged through it.  

In making these observations and feeling these feelings, I have made a commitment. Even in pain and suffering, I want to be a brother like that.   
I do not want to be so caught up in my dilemma of life, that I neglect to be an instrument of encouragement and joy in the life of someone near me who is facing a situation that does not seem to hold any joy at all. 

We, God’s children, have freely received from the hand of God and from our brothers and sisters. As we freely receive, may God give us grace to freely give.  

I have been given much joy, compassion, encouragement and especially the gift of prayer from my brothers and sisters. I appreciate that so much. I want to be a brother like that.     

Thank you for reading today


Friday, February 9, 2024

Revisited In Pictures Healing Is A Process

It is a little unusual for me to revisit a Mile Marker that is only two weeks old, but I think I need to. Or at least I want to.

On January 26 I posted Healing Is A Process. You can follow the link above and read or re-read that post as you like.

I will not completely rewrite the whole post, but as a recap, I showed you pictures of the inside of my arm. The first picture was taken two weeks into my hospital stay. I received all those bruises and blood beneath my skin the first day in the emergency room.

Pictures after that were in one week increments showing how the arm was healing. The natural process, that God created in us was healing the wound.

I compared that to the swelling and pressure that is in my brain stem from the stroke I suffered on December 29. It is also healing, it is experiencing the healing process that God instituted in humans. I do not know the rate of healing but I know it is healing. 

I cannot take a picture as the brainstem heals but I have taken pictures each week of my arm as it heals. I draw encouragement every week from that picture, because I know my brain is healing too.

As my brain heals, we are seeing small advances in regaining use of my leg, my arm, my swallowing, my vocal cords, my eyesight. and my balance. All of these will likely continue to improve as my brain heals.

Praise God! Praise God! 

I have a long ways to go, but as my inner arm heals I am reminded, even though I cannot see it, my brain stem is healing too.

Look at these and rejoice with me.

Two weeks. 

Three weeks. 

Four weeks. 

Five weeks. 

Six weeks

As I said before, every day I believe God for an instantaneous miracle and I have received some. But also, every day, I am experiencing and trusting God‘s amazing healing process in my body.

Thank you very much for reading today.


Revival tonight

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Not MY Stroke

Not MY Stroke       
I am rambling today.😍 
I suppose someone could say that this is only semantics or a different way of saying the same thing, but it is important to me. 

I intend to say this as perfectly clear as I can. I had a major brain stem stroke on December 29, 2023. It hit me incredibly hard, but it is Not MY Stroke. 

It happened to me. I do not deny that. I am not living in a dreamland of make believe. I am still dealing with the effects of it. Hundreds of times a day I am reminded I had a stroke. 

However, I refuse to take ownership of it. This brain attack with the root cause of a blood clot in my brain stem, does not belong to me.

I hope this makes sense to you. It makes sense when I say it to myself. It happened to me but it does not belong to me. It is Not MY Stroke. 

I have heard people say all my life.
My car wreck. 
My accident.        
My seizure. 
My disease. 
My depression.
My cancer.  
My heart attack. 
My surgery. 
My stroke. 

I have obviously never corrected anyone who said that and I have no intention of scolding anyone now. But I have always flinched a little bit inside when I have heard it.

I understand what they are saying and like I said at the beginning, it is probably all a matter of using different words, but these things do not belong to me. Even though this crisis is a part of my life for this short space, I am not going to embrace it as my own.      

The stroke I suffered has consumed almost six weeks of my life and has the potential to consume many more weeks or months of my life. It has been all consuming for my wife, my daughter and even some of my family and friends.

That is enough. No more. I am not going to own this thing the rest of my days. No, no and no. And No again. 

I refuse to let a situation, no matter how severe, consume my life forever. Eventually, it must fade into the past and become an event that may have been a dominant part of life but does not rule me any longer. 

Even if I deal with the effects of the stroke for a while down the road. I will not be, I refuse to be defined by the stroke. It does not belong to me, it does not own me and I do not own it. It is Not MY Stroke. 

This whole thing belongs to my enemy. He wants me to have it. He wants me to take ownership of it. He wants to control my life forever with a past event. But I refuse. 

It may affect me. It may slow me. It may delay me. But I am putting your junk back in your hands, slewfoot as quick as I can. The LORD rebuke you. 

It is Not MY Stroke. 

Yes, this may be semantics, just words that you and I use differently, but I believe there is value and perhaps even victory in refusing to take ownership of the things that the enemy of our soul has brought into our lives.       

I am very interested in hearing what you think about this. Thank you for reading today. 


Friday, February 2, 2024

Sip For Joy

First a reminder
We will have our second revival service from Nigeria on our YouTube channel tonight at 8:00 Eastern. 

Hey Friends,

This is Odie here with a quick Friday check-in. I know I am usually here on Saturday but Dad has a special post tomorrow. Try to remember to check in tomorrow.

I have had an entire week full of fun and I should be home tomorrow. I plan to share more details with you in future posts. It will take me some time to compile everything.

Sip For Joy
Thanks to Mom for giving me this blog idea. Mom sent me a text from Dad's rehab room a few weeks ago. "Read the top of my McDonald's cup."

Sip For Joy
My Mom said it like this: "I never again want to take the things for granted that God gave us abilities for. It is easy to never think about things I do every day until the ability is gone."

We have been made fully aware of these little everyday things that are just seemingly second nature. In a moment, they can be gone. Then you might be thinking, how did I ever accomplish that task. Little things became big things and hard work.

In one moment Dad lost his ability to sip anything. We have witnessed Dad working hard to overcome life's obstacles that were suddenly put in his path! With the prayer of our family and friends God has helped him face the uncertainties one at a time.


11 hours after Mom sent me the picture of her cup, Dad posted this video to our YouTube channel. Friends, this was a "sip for joy!"

Nowadays, I praise God more for all the little tasks I can do! I am blessed and grateful!

Thanks for spending a moment of your day with me!


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

First Days

First days of anything have always made me a little apprehensive. If it is day one, then I am nervous.

I can probably trace that back to my very first day of school over 50 years ago. I do not remember that day specifically, but I do remember being overwhelmed in my first few days and weeks of kindergarten.

That carried through to the first day of school every year. New classes, new teachers, new kids in the class and the unknown always made me want to run away.

Nothing ever happened on the first day of school that might have justified the apprehension, but the next year I dreaded the first day all over again.

The first day of a new job has always been nerve-racking for me. What will I be asked to do? Will I be able to do it? Am I qualified for this job at all? Will I get along with “The Boss” and coworkers? It seems there was always something to dread about that first day.

I dreaded the first day of a new job shortly after Kelly and I got married. It was the first job that I had been hired for according to my pre-existing qualifications and experience. I worried for a whole week. What if I cannot do it? What if they find out that my skill level is not what they expect it to be?

I dreaded the first day of that job horribly. Then the day before I was to begin, I got food poisoning. I was sick all night before and was still sick the next morning.

I had to go to a pay phone on the corner, call my brand new boss and tell him I was too sick to go to work. I fully expected him to tell me to forget it. There was no job for me.

Instead, he was very understanding and told me to come in the next day. Now, I dreaded the second day of the new job.

In later years I worked in a factory as a utility person on the assembly line. I had a new job nearly every day and certainly every week. I was apprehensive every day.

There were many days Kelly and I knelt at the couch in the living room at 4 o’clock in the morning and we prayed that the Lord would help me do the job as it needed to be done. I was dreading that first day every day.

I thought about that while I was in the hospital. They accepted me into rehab and late one evening they moved me to the rehab floor. I was not sleeping much anyway, but I slept none that night to speak of. I was dreading that first day of rehab.

I felt like I was five years old again facing the first day of school. I had no idea what would be required of me. I did not know if I could do what they ask. I knew I needed the rehab, but I did not know if I could live up to it. It was the dreaded first day syndrome again.

Kelly was up very early helping me get cleaned up and ready to go. It took us two solid hours for me to get ready.

Here I am. Ready for my first day.

I felt like the condemned waiting for the hangman. I was literally scared out of my mind.

The therapist came in and helped us learn how to do something that I desperately needed to know. The next three hours flew by with people really wanting to help me.

I realized, as I often have, there was no reason to be consumed with fear.

First days bring apprehension but God is still with us on first days. We may be scared because of the unknown. But God has no unknowns. There is nothing out of his control or out of his realm of knowledge. First days or any days do not scare God.

God is in control.

We are facing many first days right now. Maybe more first days and first things than we ever have in the past. 

God help me to remember all these days are no surprise to you. Nothing alarms you!

Thank you, friends, for praying for us during this onslaught of first days.


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A Day of Therapy

Yesterday we were back at the hospital/rehab for a day of outpatient therapy. I am scheduled for several weeks of therapy two times each week. Thankfully, it is only ten miles away.

Each therapy trip involves three 1 hour sessions. There is one hour of physical therapy, one hour of occupational therapy and a third hour of speech therapy.

I would not say that it is completely enjoyable, some of it is plain hard work. However, it is all necessary to try to get the use of my body and voice back to normal. I look forward to each session.

The physical therapist is working on helping me walk by strengthening my right side and working on my balance and dizziness issues. Incidentally, they checked last week to see if the dizziness might be ear related. It is not. The problem is directly stroke related.

The occupational therapist is mostly working on the manual dexterity in my right hand and the balance and dizziness issues as they affect the day-to-day things I need to do. They are also tasked with getting me prepared to drive again in the future.

The speech therapist is working on helping me swallow better, expand the type and texture of foods that I can eat and the quality of my voice. My speaking and singing voice has been greatly affected, and they are helping me with that the best they can.

All three of these descriptions are only general characterizations of much more complicated processes. The therapists are optimistic that I will gain back much of what I am lacking now, but there is no guarantee. 

Much of the progress depends on how diligently I work. Therefore the therapy continues each day at home. I break it into 3 to 5 sessions each day. 

Very early in the morning, I work on my hand and arm. A little later in the morning I work on a lot of the balance and strengthening exercises and activities. Early afternoon I work on a lot of breathing and voice exercises. Later in the evening, I go through random exercises of all kinds that come to mind.

So literally every day is a day of therapy. As my brother Steve said, This is now my job. I say it is a job I want to do well.

Kelly and I are so thankful that we have these professionals to guide us because we would absolutely have no clue what to do.

Ultimately we are thankful that the Lord has stood by us and is helping us daily. We are experiencing and expecting divine intervention as we move through this process.

We appreciate God’s people very much for encouraging us and praying for us. We have always valued you and we realize that value more and more each day.

May God bless you, our dear friends. Thank you for reading today.


Friday, January 26, 2024

Healing Is A Process

Healing is a process

There are numerous and varied processes by which the body fights disease, repels invaders and heals itself. Old and sick cells are replaced while the body is mending skin, bones, organs and every part of the body.

Modern scientists and great researchers are still seeking to understand how hormones and enzymes are produced by our bodies to effectively fight for the health of own bodies.

This is no accident of evolution. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Therefore, I say healing is a natural process in the body instigated by supernatural means.

God created the body to heal itself. It is tremendously amazing that our bodies are designed to heal themselves by still little known or wholly unknown processes.

Yet, there are times when the miraculous supersedes the process. Instances when God divinely intervenes in the means by which he designed the body to heal.

We are given descriptions over and again in the Bible when God provided instantaneous shortcuts to complete healing. These are called miracles and they are still available today at God’s divine will in response to fervent prayers of faith in his power and divine intervention.

Hallelujah! I still believe and God‘s people still believe in divine miracles.

What happens when the miracles we seek are not instantly seen in response to our prayers? That is when we continue to believe God. We believe him for the instantaneous miracle AND we believe that the supernatural process he began at creation is still at work through the natural process of healing.

Please remember that God‘s supernatural process of natural healing is constantly at work in our lives.

Let me give you an example.
Two weeks after I entered the hospital a therapist asked about the inside of my arm.

When did that happen?

I said, That happened in the emergency room the first day I was here.

Then she said, Two weeks later, it still looks bad. Given time it will not only look better but it will be better. Your body even now is absorbing that old blood and healing that wound. It is in the process of healing.

She said, Consider the brain stem where the blood clot caused the stroke. That small compact area is inflamed and swollen.

However, the body is working right now to dissipate the swelling and heal that area of your brain stem. It looks bad because it is bad. You see and feel the effects of the trauma in your brain stem, but it is getting better. 

Given time, it will not only look better but feel better and it will be healed. As it heals, the effects all through your body should begin to dissipate and we hope, reverse.

Therefore, my dear friends, while we await the instantaneous miracle we also trust the completion of the supernatural process that God instituted in our natural bodies.

Here is my arm after three weeks.

This is my arm after four weeks.

I do not know if the brain stem heals by the same ratio or in the same time frame, but rest assured it is in the midst of the process of healing. It is operating as designed. It will create new pathways around the affected brain tissue and function and feeling will be partially or completely restored.  

I am waiting and believing for the miraculous and in the meantime I am trusting God‘s already instituted divine process. Hallelujah!!

Thank you.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Fall Risk-A Label

The day I was moved to the rehab floor, the nurse put a new wristband on me. It labeled me a fall risk.

I was joking with him and I said, That’s not very nice to put a label on me.

He said, Everyone on this floor is a fall risk, most of them just don’t know it.

So I accepted the label. 

It simply says, I’m a little wobbly. I may need some help. I may need for you to extend to me a little extra grace. I may need a helping hand.

Yeah, that’s OK. I will wear that label in life.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Dad has always been mindful of having proper perspective  This was his perspective last night.

We have had a challenging night and day at Odie’s and headed for another long night again. 

But not as bad as a day with no water.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

The misery was mitigated by the fact that I can reach and get a sip of cold water. Hallelujah!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Peace In Trusting Even In 2024

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for the first Saturday of the new year. If you have not read our posts for the last week, please go back and catch up with our current life. 

I hope you are having a fabulous 2024! When I wrote my final post for 2023, I was excited to leave that year behind! This new year had to be better than the last! 

Six days in, was I right? The answer is a big fat bold NO!! We are not spending today with friends in Tennessee, as planned for months. Today, we focus on getting Dad well. 

Last Friday, I was preparing things to leave my beach house. We thought the BoggsMobile was headed to Kentucky. My phone rang, stopping my work. I figured it was a momentary pause, but I was clearly mistaken. 

When I answered, I heard Mom alerting me that Dad was extremely ill. She was saying pray and prepare to go to the hospital. If the hospital was even on their minds, this was serious! Many thoughts and emotions were running through my mind. I was speeding around my house as fast as my chair would go. 

I was panicked, terrified of the unknown. Praying, pleading for God to help my Daddy. Then, I was praising all in the same moment. My brain was a jumbled mess, more than usual for me!

All the while,  I could sense God was working! Immediately, it was apparent to me that God had put several things in place for us. Those things are not just small coincidences. God was right with us, even in this shocking time, to all of our family and friends.

He had us in the right place, with the proper people there to help us! I knew God had carried us this far. He will never drop us! My family is safely in His hands.

I am reminding myself multiple times every day to trust Him! He is seeing us through each second of every day. Giving us the strength to face what is happening right then. We are blessed!

I am thankful that there is peace in trusting the Lord in all circumstances! I have had this song on replay in my head since we were in the ER last week. I decided to repost the lyrics today.

Blog archives told me I first shared Peace In Trusting on January 9th 2021. Wow, I did not know what that year held for us! There were definitely long periods of uncertainty for us that year as well. Dad's health problems began at the end of that month. He and I were first diagnosed with COVID  on January 31st.

We found our Peace In Trusting Him through a long COVID fight. Dad has lived to declare the goodness of God to many people since then! Dad has been a living miracle. Without a doubt, I know He will praise God near and far for bringing him through our current battle. I praise God in advance!

I will leave you with the song that has helped me this week. Thanks for joining me for a little bit of your day! I appreciate all of the prayers for our family!

Peace In Trusting 
Written by Sonya Isaacs Yeary, Jimmy Yeary and Becky Isaacs Bowman Makem Smile Music BMI, Sony Tree ATV, Cedar Church Music BMI, RI Bowman Music BMI

Verse 1
God only knows how I've cried
Heartbroken and my hands are tied
But He's been faithful time and time again
And although I don't know how it ends

There's peace in trusting the Lord
Peace when my faith and fear are at war
So I don't have to worry 
He knows what's in store 
And there's peace in trusting the Lord
Yes there's peace in trusting the Lord

Verse 2
If His will should not go my way 
If the answer is not what I prayed
Then I'll trust Him for what I can't see
Cause I know He knows whats best for me   

There's peace in trusting the Lord
There is peace peace peace 
Peace when my faith and fear are at war
So I don't have to worry 
He knows what's in store 
And there's peace in trusting the Lord

There is peace peace peace
In trusting the Lord 

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Thankful He Came

Hey Friends,

This is Odie, checking in with you today. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I appreciate you spending a moment of your Saturday with me.

We are in final prep mode around the BoggsMobile. Early Monday morning, I am flying home to Ohio. On Tuesday, my parents are scheduled to fly to Nigeria. Prayers are appreciated for all of us this week. Especially for my parents as they embark on their mission trip to see our precious Nigerian friends! 

This is the final Saturday in November. I have used this month of Thanksgiving to express extra gratitude for just a few of my blessings. God has blessed me abundantly, and I will forever be thankful! I have covered HeavenVeterans, and My Friend AmandaToday, I wanted to close out the month with one more thing that comes to mind when I think about things to thank God for.

Christmas time is upon us! I love this time of year and the reason we have Christmas. Jesus is the reason for this season every year! December is the month we set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was born so we could have a Savior and hope! Today, I am thankful for the birth of Jesus! 

When God sent Jesus into the world, He sent His only son to come to change our world! Jesus gave up Heaven for you and me! He had never experienced the pain and hardships of life. Jesus and His life are the greatest gifts given to mankind!

The birth of Jesus, His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave changed my life! He is still changing lives in 2023! Jesus Christ came into this world with a purpose: to save sinners. I am reminded of a scripture my Dad often quotes. It is now one of my favorites.

This is a faithful saying, worthy of all acceptations, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.
1 Timothy 1:15

While pondering this topic, I remembered the song Until He Came, which my parents wrote many years ago. Click the video below to hear the song. The message in this song wraps everything up nicely! I am extra thankful He came and for His sacrifices just for us!

See you next time.