Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Praising God For The Beauty Of A Sunset

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in with you from Ellisville, Mississippi. Revival is going really good this week. I am proud of Dad. He is preaching great. God has been anointing him! 

Several of you have texted or called to check on us this week. Thank you again for praying for us! God is answering those prayers one day at a time. I praise the Lord for His strength! Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Praising God For The Beauty Of A Sunset 

I love the beauty of a sunset! The colors that God uses to paint the sky are amazing to me! I am left in awe at God's handiwork every time.

My favorite way to see a sunset is over the ocean! I do not get that opportunity often. My second favorite place to watch the sunset is on my side porch. My porch faces the west, and it is the perfect spot.

My cousin Lisa Isaacs sent me a picture of a sunset at home last fall. I do not think I posted it here. Dad has used the picture in a video thumbnail for A Word For Wednesday.

Lisa did a phenomenal job capturing this sunset in my yard. She saw this beautiful scenery when she was at the Dodds Church. Thank you to Lisa for sharing her photo with me.

I saw this image come up on my camera roll this week. The photo makes me think of a passage of scripture. It is found in ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭113‬:‭3‬.

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised."

Today as I think about the beauty in the sunset, I am pausing to praise God for His goodness to my family and me! 

I encourage you to look at the beauty of God's creation too! Remember, we are to always praise God all day long! He gifted us another day!

Thank you for stopping by for a brief visit. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Weekend Dispatch 2/27/23

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting on this Weekend's Dispatch. We had a good weekend.

Friday morning, we were blessed to have lunch with friends! Bro. Bruce and Sis. Pricilla Mayhan made a special stop on a speedy trip to Mississippi.

We immensely enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite places in Hattiesburg, The Front Porch! It worked out that, Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim Morris could also join us for lunch! We had a wonderful time visiting with dear friends!

It was time to prepare for revival this weekend. My parents spent time in the church in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday. They carried in sound equipment and set it up for revival.

We met Pastor Kenny, Sis Joan, Mamaw and Emma Grace Morris Saturday evening for dinner at a local fish camp. 

The food was delicious! I was so hungry that I forgot to capture proof of the food. Dad did take a picture of his food.

Bro. Kenny drove his beautiful Model A car to dinner. I love it so much!

Sunday Morning, it was time for revival to start. We love our road family at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi. Pastor Kenny Morris and the church people always welcome us with open arms! This week has been a highlight of our year for a long time!
Sunday morning's pictures.

Sunday afternoon, there was a shower for Jay and Carlin. They are getting married in March.

I had a good time with Miss Saylor Brooke!


God blessed us with two wonderful services yesterday. It was a great way to kick off revival. I am excited to see what the rest of the week holds.

Dad preached both times. Thanks to many of you who prayed extra hard for him! Please keep praying for his complete healing! 

Sunday night's pictures.

That concludes the final weekend in February 2023. Thanks for stopping by to visit with us today.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Morning Sanity 2/26/23

After four weeks of trying to recover, we are beginning revival this morning in Ellisville, Mississippi. I honestly do not know if I am physically capable of preaching and singing every night, but that is OK. We are not trusting in our strength, we are trusting in the strength of God. He is able.

Will you pray for us and have others pray for us today and in the coming days?

Sunday Morning Sanity
David realizes that there is no security in 1.5 million soldiers. There will always be a bigger army, but there will never be a bigger God! Pastor Tim Dilena

I hope you have a super great Sunday.


Saturday, February 25, 2023

A Small Stepping Stone to Victory

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting for this final Saturday of February. I hope you are doing well. I am doing really good. 

I wrote about A Small Victory I experienced on the first Saturday of the month. God has blessed me enormously lately. I am thankful beyond words for His strength, comfort, peace and so much more. Those are just a few daily benefits that He has loaded me with.

I am happy to report that I still have not had some of the horrible pain. Also, I have not had to struggle for every movement since my last update. I did have several nights of a lot of pain and stiffness. Some days I had to move slowly.

Remember when I wrote about One Prayer Away? The day after that post was live for all to see, God met me so mightily at church. I took my burdens to the altar that morning and left them there. I knew something was different after my prayer that morning. My prayers and supplication were heard!

Today I am here to give you another praise report! I  am grateful when He allows me to have a small stepping stone on my way to complete healing! For the last two weeks, my pain has been very little. Most days, it was just a nagging ache that was manageable! I have been able to move better than I have in a while!

I praise God and glorify him! I thank Him for giving me a visitation from Heaven that I am still feasting on today! The blessings of God are marvelous! I can say that He has never once left me nor forsaken me. His promises are true, and He will be with me until the end.

Thank you to anyone who has prayed for us. The prayers are working. I am not walking yet, but I know God is working! My heart is encouraged. Dad is not fully healed yet, but I thank God for seeing him through each day!
 While I am waiting, I am leaning and trusting in a big God. He can do all things! God's will, timing and plan are always best! Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 24, 2023

Odie’s Tuesday Travel Day

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another Friday blog from me, Odie. Are you tired of hearing from me yet? 

Well, if you missed it, check out Dad's post from Wednesday. He shared another Wordless Wednesday from Mom!

Odie's Fat Tuesday Travel Day

Tuesday was another travel day for me. This time my starting point was in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton is a great airport. It is a joy anytime I can fly in and out of there. Everything is so easy at that airport.

My Aunt Theresa took time from her extremely busy schedule to take me to the airport. I really appreciate her helping me! I enjoyed getting to spend some time with her! I love you, Theresa!

The Delta employees were passing out Mardi Gras treat bags at the airport gate in Dayton. Theresa even got one. I could not talk her into doing the hula-hoop contest for an extra prize. 😂

On the plane ready for flight number one.

Goodbye, Ohio. See you later.

This view from the sky is one of my favorites!

Hello Atlanta, I had a quick stop there. 

After a plane change, it was time to go again. I really like flying with Delta. Their employees are kind and helpful.

I was ready for flight number two for the day. My final one for this trip.

I did not have a window seat for that flight. Therefore I did not get any cool nighttime window pictures. The flight went well. We experienced a few minutes of turbulence, but the pilots handled it well.  

Soon we arrived at the final destination. My parents met me at the airport. I was happy to see them! 

By bedtime Tuesday, I was safely back at the BoggsMobile. It was good to be home.

Another successful travel day is in my history book. I really do thank God for His traveling mercies. I did not encounter any hiccups along the way. The day went according to plan.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Odie Checks In 2/23/23

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking for this post on a Thursday. I am doing good. My week has been eventful. 

Today I wanted to give a glimpse into my Monday. The day started with nothing on my schedule. By the evening time, I had a full day of activity.

My neighbor Bro. Ron Wagers stopped by to say hello. It is always good to see him. We had a good conversation on my porch Monday afternoon. 

We may be neighbors, but we only see him a few times a year. Bro. Ron and Sis. Edna also travel for ministry as well. 

Bro. Ron and Sis. Edna faithfully pray for us! We appreciate their friendship and concern for us!   It is a blessing to have wonderful neighbors!

Later in the afternoon, I was writing the blog for Tuesday when my phone rang. It was my Gran and Papaw. They called to see what I was doing for the evening. I was just hanging out at home.

Soon they were in their car headed from Hillsboro to Waynesville to see me! I was thrilled to see them again. We both had been busy and had not connected since they brought me home from the airport.

Our time together consisted of visiting and going for a drive. Somehow, we found our way to Dairy Queen. Papaw's built in Dairy Queen GPS is still working properly. My Mint Brownie Blizzard was a 10 out of 10 good! I would recommend it if you love mint like me. 

After the ice cream and more driving, we returned to my house. There we visited more! I love spending any time that I can with my Gran and Papaw!

I talked Papaw into getting the guitar and playing me some tunes. I love to hear him play! A day with Papaw is not complete without a little picking and grinning! He was picking, and I was grinning!

All too soon, It was time to say goodbye for now. I am already looking forward to our next visit! I am blessed with wonderful grandparents! 

I appreciate Gran and Papaw spending a large chunk of their Monday driving just to spend a couple hours with me! I enjoyed our time together and the hugs from two of my favorite people!

I finished off my night by attending revival virtually. I enjoyed being in service with my friends at BHC in Elkton, Virginia. Pastor David Webb, another dear friend of ours, is preaching revival at BHC this week. God showed up in my home as I watched the service!

There you have a brief glimpse into my day on Monday. It was a great day for me!

Thanks for reading!