Sunday, May 31, 2015

View Out The Front Window and Schedule Changes

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We are still at the Ranch so here is our view this week.

We will actually be staying home a little longer than expected. We were planning to leave here Tuesday morning in order to pick up our new tent section Wednesday in Miami, Oklahoma and then attend the last two nights of Bristow Campmeeting. Then we were scheduled to preach revival for Pastor Brent Moore in Ardmore, Oklahoma the next week.

Because of all the rain and flooding in Oklahoma Bro. Moore had to cancel revival. We probably will not go to Bristow this week although we really wanted to attend the campmeeting this year. There is plenty to do here so I am sure we will not be bored.

The tent came down Saturday before the rain here and I am very glad to get it down dry. Everyone worked so hard to get it down and packed away and I sure appreciate all their effort. We will try to post pictures from revival and the take down later in the week.

We are off to our home church at Dryden Rd. today. It is going to be a great Sunday!


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lauren Elizabeth Osborn


This is Odie and it is once again Saturday. I hope you had a great week. We had a superb week. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful tent revival. It was so encouraging to have a move of God here at home. Last night was the closing service of tent revival and we had several people in the altar seeking God for salvation. Praise God!

I received good news from the eye doctor this week. Wednesday I went back for a check up with the Neuro-ophthalmologist. I am praising God for a good report! My eyes are continuing to get better. My left eye that was completely blind for 9 days in April 2014 is now 20/25!  God is so awesome!

Last Sunday was graduation for Waynesville High School. My cousin Lauren Osborn graduated. I was thrilled to be there to cheer as she received her diploma. 

It is difficult to believe our "Baby Lauren" has graduated!  She is the baby granddaughter of our crew. Lauren has always had a special place in our hearts. When she was a baby she wrapped Uncle Davy around her finger. She said Davy before she said Mama and Dad has never forgotten it.

Lauren, we love you so much! Hold tight to God wherever life takes you!

Below I have some throwback pictures just for old time sake. Also I posted pictures from graduation.

Lauren poses for a picture Sunday at Church. 

Walking down memory lane. 

Waiting for graduation Sunday

And the walk begins 

Diploma time 

Our cousin Mollie Northern 

Another cousin also graduating from Waynesville, Caleb Blevins 

My Aunt Karen's nephew, Tyler Raymond Magic Sharp.

Officially graduated 

Selfie with Aunt Karen, Deidre and Uncle Jay

Lauren Elizabeth Osborn

Me and Baby Lauren


Jay, Lucas, Lauren and Theresa


The happy parents and graduate. 

Lucas and Papaw

Papaw, Lauren and Mamaw, they only have 2 more grandkids left in school. 

Y'all have an amazing weekend. I will see you back here next week. 


Friday, May 29, 2015

A Very Boggs Memorial Day

Thursday night was another great night of Tent Revival in Waynesville, Ohio. Bro. Millikin preached great and God used him again to speak to us. Several folks received help in the altar service and prayer line. Praise God! We have one more night to go.

Thursday night was also my Dad's 72nd birthday. I hope you had a super great birthday, Dad! We sure do love and appreciate you.

We have been so busy with so much to post that I have neglected to post pictures from our Memorial Day picnic. My parents and my siblings provided and cooked a tremendous meal for our whole family, Mitch Boggs and his family, Jason Fellers and his family and Jimmy Millikin and his family. It was a feast fit for a king. It was a super great day!

I sure appreciate the effort of my family to feed and entertain all of our friends. They did a great job and we had wonderful food and wonderful fellowship. I pray that God blesses them for their kindness and generosity.

Afterward several of the family went to the Miami Cemetery less than one mile away.

The wind had kicked up for a while so I went back to the tent and missed the trip to the cemetery. I was in town the next morning to take care of some business at the lumberyard so I spent some time up there Tuesday. Dad and Mom have all of our family graves looking so good.

Our little Ali would have been 28 years old last Saturday. Time has gotten away from us and it seems to be speeding up.