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Friday, January 15, 2010

Clarmore Group in Haiti

Good News! We just received word that the group from the Claremore church is now out of Haiti. Bro. David Lloyd found a bus bound for the Dominican Republic, they boarded and are now across the border. If they can make it to the airport in time this evening they are hoping to catch a flight to Puerto Rico tonight then hopefully catch a flight to the U.S. tomorrow. Please continue to pray for them as they still need the help of the Lord. I believe all this information to be correct.
The Lloyds have stayed behind to tend to their enormous work. They are in desperate need of supplies and finance. Please pray for them and the many children they care for. I will try to post two links so you can find out more information about the Lloyds and to donate if you choose to do so. You may have to copy and paste the link.
God bless you all.