Thursday, November 30, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Riverdale, California

We finished revival at Riverdale Wednesday night and it is time for a Revival In Pictures post. We have had a mighty fine time all week and we have the pictures to prove it. We want to say thank you to Pastor Charles Spencer and all of his folks for receiving us with open arms again this year. We have had a wonderful time.

The church at Riverdale is absolutely beautiful. I wish we could capture it with pictures but it can not be done. It is too large and too nice for our iPhone cameras to pick up. Here is our best effort.

I suppose you are going to have to come to California to see it for yourself. I promise it will be worth the trip. Of course there are mountains, Sequoias, Redwoods, ocean and Tacos Tijuana to see as well! Yep, it will definitely be worth the trip.

Davy and Pastor Spencer

Wednesday morning were invited to sing and preach in the chapel service for Riverdale Christian Academy. I love preaching chapel service almost any where and at Riverdale especially. The response to the preaching Wednesday was very good and we enjoyed the whole service very much.

Wednesday night.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for dropping in todday.