Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefit Singing 1/28/12

Here are a few pictures that we promised from the singing Saturday night.

John Mills ran the Gospel station 900 KSGL in Wichita, Kansas for many years. He was so kind to us when we lived there. He took Odie under his wing at the station. They even had a weekly "John and Odie" show until we moved from Wichita. John and his family have relocated to the Tulsa area and it was so good to see them at the singing. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

We made the trip to Broken Arrow in the Tulsa area just fine on Saturday. The singing was in the Summit Christian School auditorium and was a benefit for South Mission Holiness Church building program. We had a great singing and a lot of fun along the way. Odie took some pictures and we will try to post them later in the week.

We started revival Sunday morning at South Mission for Pastor Leon Rich. We have been here for revival once before in 2010 so we settled right in and had church yesterday. They responded good in the altar service in the morning and evening service. There is no telling what God can do for His people so we are expecting great things again this week.

Pastor Nathan Conner and some of the Hilldale folks came last night and we enjoyed their fellowship. They have fifth Sunday service in the afternoon so they were free last night. I was great to see them again.You can read more about our great experiences at the Hilldale church HERE. There are several post following that one about our friends at Hilldale.

Hope you all are well. God bless you...


Bro. and Sis. Rich- Pastor

Davy and Zach

Sis. Heather

Colton and Dilan

Pastor Conner and Pastor Rich

Sarah and Christiana


Felix and Davy


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Revival in Pictures - Faith Tabernacle Church Weir, Kansas

Wow! What a revival we have had this week in Weir, Kansas at Faith Tabernacle Church. God has blessed and healed and encouraged every night this week! Praise God! This is our tenth January in a row that we have preached revival in Weir, Kansas and these folks show no sign of slowing down. We appreciate Pastor Fellers and his family and church. They are special friends of ours.

Below are a bunch of picture of the Faith Tabernacle folks and visitors.

We are singing tonight in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. HERE are the details. We start revival tomorrow morning for Pastor Leon Rich at South Mission in Broken Arrow. Our travel day "should" be under 3 hours today.

God bless,


Just hanging around!

Blake in his own hat!

Brother Fellers had gout in this foot so bad and then accidentally slammed it in the truck door. He is demonstrating here how he wanted to kiss his foot because it hurt so bad. He was testifying about that foot being completely HEALED earlier in the week!