Monday, October 10, 2016

#39 Weekend Woundup and Weview

Our weekend was certainly different than we had planned but it worked out perfectly. We had scheduled to be under the tent through Sunday night and then leave Monday and travel toward Fayetteville, North Carolina for our next City Reach. All that changed when there was a death connected to the church late in the week.

The large family needed to use the church for the wake Sunday night and it seemed awkward to have service under the tent while the wake was going on at the church. Bro. Scott hated to cancel Sunday night but it was the right thing to do and worked out for the best. 

The services Friday night and Saturday night were excellent. God smiled on us in a special way and touched several lives. I will always look back on the tent revival this year in Richton with very fond memories. God was not only good to others but He was very good to our family this week.

After church Saturday night we were able to take the tent down. It was amazing the tent was dry enough to take down. It had been so wet by the end of services earlier in the week. It was dripping wet on the inside a couple of nights.

Since the tent is supposed to go back up in the air Thursday night in Fayetteville, it really did not matter if the tent was put up wet. But with all the bad weather and flooding in Fayetteville Bro. Jimmie and I were both a little concerned the meeting might be postponed. If that were to happen, then we would have a wet tent in the trailer indefinitely and that is not good. We both breathed a sigh of relief when the tent went in the trailer dry.

Here is a picture Sunday morning of where the tent had been. 

Sunday morning I filled up the fresh water, unhooked the electric, filled up with fuel and drove the 3-4 miles to the church. Speaking of filling up with diesel, Bro. Jimmie and I both filled up at a cost of nearly $308. I only needed 61 gallons and Bro. Jimmie needed 72 gallons. Bro. JW Cooper and his family took care of the whole bill and that is not the first time he has done that for us. Thank you Bro. JW! May God bless you richly for that. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.

We did not have much to do in order to get ready to have church once we arrived. Bro. Scott and some of the young men had taken the necessary sound equipment to the church Saturday night so all we had to do was set up and have church.

That is exactly what happened too. God blessed us to have church Sunday morning!

Before we knew it, the service was over, another great meal at Sis. Kim's house was consumed and we were cranking up and pulling out of Richton. It is so hard to believe that another year has come and gone at Richton but we are already looking forward to returning next September. We love Pastor Scott Morris, his family and his church so very much! We are asking God to bless them greatly for their blessings to us and to City Reach!

It was only about 66 miles from Richton to Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabama but it took us about one hour and thirty minutes to drive it. The roads are all pretty good but they are just two lane state highways and I can not make good time on them in the bus.

We did arrive in time to catch a twenty minute nap before church. Although those twenty minutes were precious I could have easily went for forty! That is OK, I will take what I can get!

I mentioned earlier that we were originally going to be in Richton Sunday night so Midway was a last minute addition. Pastor Lamar Chapman and his wife Sis. Tonya have been at the hospital pretty much night and day for about three weeks. Sis. Tonya's mother is very critical and they have been staying right by her side as much as possible.

When Bro. Lamar found out we were available, he asked us to fill his pulpit since they are dragging the bottom physically and emotionally. We were glad to do it and it was wonderful to see the folks at Midway. My voice was ragged from fall allergies and tent revival but I sure enjoyed trying to preach.

After church we cranked the BoggsMobile and put some miles behind us before stopping for the night. We only drove 112 miles after service but 82 of those miles were on two lane roads and took us one hour and fifty five minutes. When we came to a rest area with available places to park 20 miles later on the interstate, we were glad to stop.

That pretty much brings you up to date on our weekend. Be watching for pictures from City Reach Richton and pictures from the tent take down over the next few days.

Thanks for reading.

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