Thursday, April 26, 2018

It Is Starting To Look Solid Around The House

Wow! It is starting to look solid around the house!

I will have a full post later with a description of the whole process and all the of the people that have been working hard on the concrete. For now I will tell you that Larry Landress, Todd Thompson, Trevor Metheny and David Butler worked diligently yesterday to finish the porches. The porches are beautiful!

These guys and others are working hard but we are laughing a lot along the way too. At times we laugh and work and other times we stop working to laugh. We are having a good time. There may or may not have been a trip or two to Acapulco thrown in too.

Like I said, I will post many more pictures later, but here are a few picture from yesterday evening to wet your appetite.

This morning they plan to form the sidewalk and driveway. They will pour them this afternoon by God's grace. It looks so good now that I can not imagine how good it will look when they are finished.

It is time for me to get with it! Thanks for stopping in.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday September 2003 Allen Pentecostal Church

Through the years we have met some great people that belong to the family of God. When we pastored a church in Wichita, Kansas we met Bro. Kurt and Sis. Angie McCrorey. They lived in Missouri and we became great friends the first opportunity we had to spend time with them.

God has blessed us with wonderful friends and these are some of the choicest. They still play a huge part in our lives and ministry although we do not get to see them near enough the last few years. Bro. Kurt serves on the board of Boggs Family Ministries and prays for us diligently.

They pastored the Allen church a few miles west of Branson, Missouri for a few years and we loved preaching revival for them. Our family was a part of several revivals at Allen and these pictures are from revival in September 2003 I believe.

These were probably all taken during fellowship after church. They include a few of the Allen folks and a few visitors.

I hope you enjoy Vintage View Vednesday.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Taking The Tent Down In Prattville, Alabama

It was a busy day around the Lazy OD Ranch Monday, but we sure had a lot of fun visiting with our friends before, during and after work time. God has bless us with a bunch of great friends! I will have pictures and details of all that later. 

Today it is time for pictures from taking the tent down in Prattville, Alabama. We were able to get it down dry and packed away in the trailer. That is always a relief. A wet tent would change my schedule completely.

We appreciate Pastor Rick Simpson and his folks showing up and working diligently until everything was ready to ride. We could not do it without help, that is for sure!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for reading.