Monday, February 28, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 2/28/22

Ellisville, Mississippi is obviously west of Citronelle, Alabama, but Thursday morning, we got up, jumped in the Jeep and headed northeast instead. We were scheduled to meet some family in Thomasville, Alabama for catfish and fellowship.

We had a great lunch with my brother, Steve and his daughter Deidre, her husband Ben and their son Charles Ray. As you can see, there were lots of smiles all around.

After lunch, we drove a few miles to Ben and Deidre's house and met Chloe Jean for the first time. This may have been our first time meeting Chloe, but we have been praying for her quite regularly. Odie told you about that Saturday and asked you to pray with us.

After that, we drove back to Cedar Creek Church intending to crank the bus and drive. However, the spirit of slumber overcame me and I asked Pastor Templeton for permission to stay overnight and leave Friday morning.

Tacos must have been involved at some point, because I have a picture.😍

Friday we cranked the bus, unhooked the utilities, hooked up the Jeep, drove 93 miles to Ellisville and reversed all of the above. That short sentence and doing the work of the evangelist, covered my whole day.

Saturday, we carried in our sound equipment and set up. 

We did not film the soundcheck. We were dealing with a buzz in the system and our soundcheck lasted over four hours spread over three sessions including Sunday morning. We finally got it with the help of Pastor Andy Stringfellow.

Saturday afternoon, Pastor Kenny Morris picked us up and we drove an hour to eat at Berry's in Magee. Wow! It was so good!

Sunday was a beautiful day all the way through! It is so good to be back in Ellisville. We have missed these people so much. We have seen many of them in Richton in the fall of 2020 and the fall of 2021, but we are super glad to be here right amongst 'em!

Wow! It was an amazing Sunday! Praise God! We are planning to be here in revival all week long. Thank you for praying for us.

Thank you for reading today.


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Our View Out The Front Window 2/27/22

We are praying diligently this week for the Ukrainian people.

Sunday Morning Sanity
The Kingdom of God is not going to be advanced by our churches becoming filled with men, but by men in our churches becoming filled with God.
Duncan Campbell

Our View Out The Front Window
This is our view this week in Ellisville, Mississippi.

I hope you have a terrific Sunday. May God bless you all.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Meeting and Praying For Chloe Jean Shoemaker

This is Odie checking in today. Thank you for joining me. If all goes well, we should be in Ellisville, Mississippi by the time you read this and we are very excited about that.

Thursday was a special day for me and I want to share it with you. I also want to ask for special prayer for the newest member of our family. I will get to that in a moment.

We have been in Citronelle, Alabama all week and that is only about one hour and twenty minutes from my first cousin, Deidre. She lives there with her husband Ben Shoemaker, son Charles Ray and new baby Chloe Jean.

My Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen are visiting them this week so that was added incentive for us to drive up for lunch and hugs. The truth is, we really did not need any extra incentive, Chloe Jean was enough. 😁😍

Thursday we left the BoggsMobile in Citronelle and drove the Jeep to Thomasville. We met Uncle Steve, Ben, Deidre and Charlie for lunch at the catfish place in Thomasville. It was so good to see them all.

After lunch, we loaded up and drove a few miles to Deidre's house to be introduced to Chloe Jean.

Chloe is only about a month old and has not been feeling well. In fact, she was in the hospital recently and she is supposed to have more tests run soon. She needs a miracle touch from the Lord and we are asking you to pray for Chloe Jean. Will you do that for us?

Chloe Jean is so precious! Please, please, please help us pray for this sweet little girl. We know that God is able to heal her completely even when we do not know exactly what she needs. He knows!

Thank you, Deidre, for providing some of these pictures. 

Thank you, friends, for joining us.


Friday, February 25, 2022

Revival In Pictures - Citronelle, Alabama

We were blessed with visitors this week at Cedar Creek near Citronelle, Alabama and that is always a very good thing. It was so wonderful to have old friends and new friends visiting every night of revival. Praise God for sending good people to help and encourage us!

It was good to see new faces at Cedar Creek as well. God has been saving people and bringing them to the church and it was thrilling to meet them. I love to see that when we go back to churches. Hallelujah.

Pastor Darius Templeton and his folks treated us so good and we appreciate that too. We understand very well that it is our privilege to be invited into churches to minister and try to be an instrument of revival. We were honored to be here again and we pray for a lasting impact from revival.

Odie snapped several pictures in order to bring you Revival In Pictures. I hope you enjoy every picture. Thank you for dropping by today.