Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Broken Arrow, OK February 2010

We are having a wonderful week of revival at Redemption Holiness Church. Service last night was really special to me. Praise God for his help. We are looking forward to three more great nights.

Our Vintage View Vednesday post has pictures from February 2010 of this same congregation at their old location at South Mission in Broken Arrow. I looked back in my records and found that the 2010 revival was our first revival for Pastor Leon Rich. 

We had known Bro. and Sis. Rich and many of their folks for years, but that revival we all became friends. I love how that happens. We have been coming back ever since. 

It was very nice for Bro. Rich to invite us for revival that first time and we appreciate his invitations in the years since then. No Pastor is obligated to have us in his church. When they ask us to come, they are extending to us a great blessing and I will never forget that.

The pictures in this post bring back some wonderful memories. Bro. Marty Millikin was with us that week and played the piano during and after church. Seeing his picture fills me with emotions both sad and happy. We sure miss Marty.

I hope you enjoy Vintage View Vednesday. Thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Beautiful Day

Wow! Monday was a beautiful day in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. It finally reached 80 degrees, but the temperature was pleasant all day long and took its time to climb to 80. Unfortunately, I was inside most of the day trying to get some paperwork completed. I still have a lot to do and mucho sermon preparation for Nigeria this week and next.

I did get outside for about an hour. I have been needing a pretty day to clean the compartment behind the front bumper of the BoggsMobile. This area was full of air conditioners when we bought the bus. After we added AC to the roof, I removed and sold the old units. Later  I cleaned the area from all the years of accumulated oil, dirt and debris.

I kept it clean for a few years because it seemed like I was always having to get in there to work on something. I had not needed in there in quite a while and it was looking pretty nasty. That area catches a good deal of road gunk and the small power steering leak makes a mess after a while too.

The last time I had to open it up for someone to work, I was embarrassed. Now it is clean and ready to go.

I also replaced the end on one of my 50 amp cords. I have used the yellow cord ends for years, but they have never lasted very long. I hated to use them, but I did not have many other options. I found another brand online and it had much better reviews.

I could tell when I was putting it on the cord that it is much better than the brand I had been using. I think it will have a longer life span. Time will tell. Sometimes I go weeks without needing the extensions cords that I carry and sometimes I need extensions every week.

That was the extent of my outside work Monday.

Revival service was good last night. Of course, if the preaching had been better then the service would have been better too. I do love trying to preach though and these folks make it easy. We are enjoying it.

I had received some pictures from home over the last couple of weeks and I had not had a chance to share them with you.

Bro. Jimmy Millikin and his family were preaching revivals in our home area for about 10 days or so. I had invited them to park at the Lazy OD Ranch on different occasions and it worked out this time for them to do so. I think their truck and trailer look pretty good at the ranch.

We were thrilled to have them park there. That is exactly the reason we installed the utilities outside and it sure pleased me to have my favorite evangelist park his home on wheels there for a few days. I hope Bro. Millikin and his family are able to park next to the big red barn for many years to come. Bro. Jimmy said it was very peaceful to be there and that is like music to our ears.

The last afternoon Bro. Jimmy hooked up and turned around so that they could leave early the next morning. The sky was blue that day so I am including that picture too.

The Millikins are now in Oklahoma, their home area, and we are hoping to get to see them before we move east toward Ohio and then to Africa. We are excited to see them again.

That about does it for me today. Thank you for dropping in.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 10/29/2018

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Weekend Woundup and Weport
Friday night was the last night of revival at Calvary Holiness Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma. We sure had a great week with Pastor Kenny Searcy and all of his fine folks. We have a few pictures from Friday night below, but we posted a bunch of pictures from the whole week earlier.

Saturday morning I did the work of the evangelist, then completed the tasks necessary to roll the BoggsMobile and Green Machine toward Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We were pulling out of our spot at Roadrunner RV Park by 10:30. 122 miles and 2+ hours later we were parked at Redemption Holiness Church.

We have preached for Pastor Leon Rich and this congregation many times at South Mission Holiness Church right in Broken Arrow, but this is our first revival since they moved to their new location. We parked here for a few nights while they were in the midst of remodeling this building in 2016. 

The remodeled building is completed and it is beautiful. Since they are no longer in the south end of Broken Arrow they are now Redemption Holiness Church rather than South Mission.

The new location is right on Hwy 51 between Broken Arrow and Coweta.

When we went inside to see the church, it was set up and decorated for the Pastor Appreciation Banquet. They had invited us to be a part of the banquet and we were thrilled to be there for it. We had a few hours to set up our sound, eat a bite and even grab a quick nap before the banquet began.

The meal was fantastic and the church honored Pastor Leon Rich and his wife Sis. Shawna in a big way. It was a lot of fun and an honor for us to add in a little from our perspective. It was a great evening.

Sunday morning was a super great start to revival. The Lord seemed to visit us so sweetly and it was wonderful to witness. The day was great all the way through. The fellowship, the food and the service Sunday night were all tremendous.

That wraps up our wonderful weekend. We plan to be here at Redemption Holiness near Broken Arrow all week through Friday night. We would love for you to come and see us if you can.

Thanks for reading.