Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Revival In Pictures - Bethel Church

We had a great revival last week with Pastor Johnson George, Sis. Binu and the Bethel Christian Assembly. I wish I could convey to you how the Lord met with us but there is no way to do it without sounding like I am blowing the Boggs Family trumpet. It was NOT the Boggs Family, it was God! Hallelujah for what He has done!

We love our new friends and we appreciate Pastor Noah Martinez for bringing us together. I believe that God ordered our steps and it has been fun to watch Him work.

Today we have lots and lots of pictures from the revival. I really hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures. We enjoy capturing all of the smiling faces.

Thank you very much for reading.


The Green Machine makes a great truck when we need it to be a truck! We do not have all the sound equipment in the Green Machine. We only have the rack, the tool box, the piano with stand and bench, one mic stand, the speaker stand bag with two speaker stands, two  big Mackie speakers, Odie's wheel chair and then we are stuffed in there some where!

Kelly Jo, Davy, Pastor Johnson George and Sis. Binu

Sis. Binu and Odie

Here is Kelly Jo playing the piano in Hindi. She now plays in English, Spanish, Yoruba and Hindi!

Davy and Pastor Smith of Full Gospel Deliverance Tabernacle

Pastor N.R. Davis is from Manchester, New Hampshire and came to revival while visiting family in Phoenix. I have known of Pastor Davis for many years through Rick Catalano,  Pastor John DiZazzo and Bro. Jimmy Millikin and it was a pleasure to finally meet him and his family in person!

Pastor Davis and Davy

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