Saturday, February 16, 2019

Plan For Pentecosal Fire Youth Conference 2019

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another weekend. This is Odie reporting in from Alabama. Today the BoggsMobile will be getting a small workout because we are only traveling from Foley to Citronelle, Alabama. Shorter travel days are nice. I am praying that it is just a smooth move for the bus!

Revival concluded last night at BibleWay Assembly. We have enjoyed our time with Pastor Eddy Sullivan. God visited so sweetly in revival. I love seeing God move for His children. Only He can touch people exactly when and how the work needs to be done. It is a blessing to me to watch God at work!

I am looking forward to revival starting tomorrow and going through Thursday night at Cedar Creek Holy Church of God. I am excited to be with our longtime friends Pastor Darius and Sis. Kim Templeton. We are praying for a flu-free revival. Our 2018 visit to Cedar Creek was canceled due to a flu outbreak.

Wow, a look at the calendar shows February will soon be history. 2019 is moving at a rapid pace. I have been gearing up for the Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference and it is right around the corner. This is one of my favorite events and I am grateful for every that year I get to attend. 

PFYC is an amazing couple of days when thousands of holiness people will gather from across the nation. It is a special time that is set aside for spiritual enrichment in the wonderful church services and fellowship with the saints. I can not describe how much much my spiritual batteries have been recharged each time! You still have time to make your plans to experience PFYC 2019.

It will take place on Thursday and Friday, April 4th and 5th in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The conference is held at the beautiful Leconte Center located at 2986 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge, TN. 

There will also be a pre-conference opportunity on Wednesday evening, April 3rd at the Rocky Top Sports World. More information on that event is listed in the schedule posted below. 

This meeting is open for anyone to attend! There will be people of all ages in attendance and receiving encouragement and there will be something there for everyone of ALL ages.

All of the 2019 PFYC information that I share in this post can be found by clicking here for the PFYC website. On the website, you can find the 2019 schedule and more conference information.

The 2019 theme is Rooted. Here is the theme scripture for this year. “Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:7‬

APRIL 4-5, 2019

Pre-Conference Opportunity

Singing With The Saints

Wednesday, April 3rd  •  8:00 PM-Midnight

Rocky Top Sports World

1870 Sports World Blvd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738


Thursday morning the conference begins at the beautiful Leconte Center located at 2986 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge, TN. 

April 4, 2019

 11:00 AM
"Rooted In Christ" 
Bro. Devin Birdsong

"Rooted In God's Design"
Bro. Ryan Ralston, Bro. Douglas Meadow, Bro. Kevin Lloyd

7:00 PM 
Bro. Seth Cowart

Evening Service
Bro. Jeremy Spurlock

After Service (10 pm - 2 am)
Rocky Top Sports World - ($10 per person)

Children's Church 
Ages 5-10
Thursday & Friday • 11:00AM - 1:00 PM

April 5, 2019

11:00 AM
"Rooted In Worship" 
Bro. Ben Morris

"Rooted In God's Purpose"
Bro. David Brimm, Bro. Dwain Galiher, Bro. Randy Webb

7:00 PM
Bro. Jacob McCoy

Evening Service
Bro. Jerry Pascarella

I am anticipating a powerful time of spiritual refreshing on April 4th and 5th! I hope to see you there! 

Thank you for visiting with me. I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. 


Friday, February 15, 2019

Revival In Pictures - Foley, Alabama

Today it is time for Revival In Pictures. We are enjoying our way through another great week at Bibleway Assembly in Foley, Alabama. Pastor Eddy Sullivan and his folks have been so good to us and they are responding to the Lord as He moves. It has been great so far and I am expecting a grand finale tonight.

Thank you for praying for us. Please enjoy the pictures. Thank you for stopping by today.


These tacos below where my special Valentines Day tacos! Wow!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

It Takes A Toll

We are extremely grateful that Pastor Larry Lamb and his church in Sweeny had evangelist quarters available for us to stay in during revival while the BoggsMoble was in the shop. It was a huge blessing to us and a great savings to us as well. 

We stayed there for 12 nights. That would have translated to over $1000 in motels easily. Thank you, Bro. Lamb and Full Gospel Lighthouse.

Staying in Sweeny and preaching revival put us 80 miles from the bus at Prevost Houston. I drove that round trip in the Green Machine 8 times in 13 days. That was quite a little commute. In the mid nineties, I worked in construction in the Cincinnati area and drove one hour each way most of the time. I do not miss that.

The 80 mile commute back and forth to the bus varied in time tremendously according to the time of day. Rush hour traffic in Houston can grind to a halt and I learned to respect it quickly. I drove that 80 miles in as little as 1 hour and 19 minutes and as much as 2 hours and 30 minutes! If I left at 5:00 AM, fine. If I left at 5:20 AM, Whoa!

Beginning in Sweeny I had about 40 miles of two lane state highways. Then I joined the interstate for about 17 miles with the first 7 miles under construction. After that was 20 miles of the Sam Houston Tollway and a few more miles of surface streets to Prevost and the BoggsMobile.

On 20 miles of Sam Houston Tollway I had to go through 3 toll gates and pay cash. The first 2 gates were $1.75 each and the last one was $1.25. That is $4.75 for 20 miles of highway. In contrast, the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes in Oklahoma are about $4 for 80-100 miles. I thought that was steep. Apparently not steep enough for Texas!

I made that round trip 8 times at $9.50 each trip. That is 320 miles of the tollway for $76 just for the tollway section of the drive. Thank God that the other 320 miles of roads only cost me gas money!

We took the bus on the tollway for a short section during the test drive and that cost $3.50. Then as we departed Houston we paid $7.00 at another gate with the bus and car hooked together. Get this, the charge is $3.50 for the 3 axle bus and $1.75 for the 2 axle car. Hook them together and the charge is $7.00 for the 5 axle rig. Do the math. Rigged is exactly what that is.😇

The kicker is the sign we came to next. "EZ Tag only, No cash." What? I am on the road with a 65' rig and I have about 10 seconds to decide if I should stay on the tollway or take a city exit into an unknown maze of city streets.

I stayed on the road, looked up the number to Harris County Toll Road Authority that owns the tollway and the conversation went like this.

Harris County: Hello Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Davy: Hello, Mam, this is Davy Boggs. I am from out of the Houston area and I am driving the Sam Houston Tollway. The last two weeks I have been driving the northwest section of the tollway and have been stopping every few miles to pay the tolls in cash. I am now leaving Houston driving south in a 65' rig on the northeast section. I just came to a sign saying, "EZ Tag only, No cash." There is no way for me to exit the road and I would like to know what I can do.

Harris County: Sir, you need an EZ Tag.

Davy: Mam, I am from out of town and I do not have an EZ Tag. I have an Oklahoma Pike Pass, but that does not work on the Sam Houston. I would like to pay this toll. Can you help me or direct me to the right number?

Harris County: That is right, Sir, the Pike Pass will not work. You need an EZ Tag. That is the only way to drive the Sam Houston.

Davy: Mam, I just came through a gate and paid cash. I was expecting to pay cash for the rest of the way. I am just visiting Houston and I do not have an EZ Tag, what can I do to pay this toll. I do not want to receive a ticket in the mail, so I am trying to be proactive and find out what I need to do.

Harris County: You will have to call the Harris County Toll Road Authority and pay the toll.

Davy: I am sorry, I thought that was the number I called. Can you give me that number?

Harris County: Yes, Sir, you are correct, this is the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Davy: Great, I am from out of town and have driven in a 65' rig onto a section of the Sam Houston Tollway that accepts only EZ Tag and does not accept cash. I would like to find out how to pay the toll today.

Harris County: Sir, you will have to call the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Davy: I thought I was talking to the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Harris County: You are, but you will have to call back.

Davy: Why?

Harris County: It will take a few days for your toll to show up in our system. Call back each day until it shows up, but if you wait more than a week there will be an additional penalty OR if you go through more than 3 toll readers without an EZ Tag you will be charged an additional $11 per toll. Sir, it would be easier if you would purchase an EZ Tag, they can be purchased at ......

Davy: Can you maybe make a note of my call so that I am not charged a penalty. There was no way for me to avoid this road and I  would really like to pay the toll.

Harris County: Yes, the best way is to purchase EZ Tag before you drive on the Sam Houston, they can be purchased online or ......

Davy: Thank you, mam

Blah, blah, blah, blah and blah.

It really does take a toll.

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday More Grand Tetons and Yellowstone 2005

We are making our way through our accidental vacation in 2005. We have a long way to go, but here are links the first two installments in case you missed them.

Accidental Vacation 2005 I Yellowstone National Park

Accidental Vacation 2005 II Grand Teton National Park

Before I move onto Montana in our accidental vacation in 2005, I found a few more pictures from the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. I thought I had them all last week, but here are a few more. I would let them sit on the shelf, but they are too good not to share.

We ate lunch in the Grand Tetons in a picnic area on Signal Mountain. We had a beautiful view from the picnic area and an overlook area that was even higher. It was a gorgeous and peaceful place. If it were not for the prominently placed Grizzly Bear warnings, Kelly Jo might have stayed forever!

There are also a few pictures of The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone plus a few pictures of some wildlife in Yellowstone.

The Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone is absolutely Grand! I think we could have spent a whole day there drinking in the beauty.

Next week I will have some pictures from Glacier National Park. We had no idea what to expect at Glacier, we only knew if we were that close, we were supposed to go. Boy, Howdy, were we ever blown away! What an amazing place.

We also did not know what to expect when we went to visit the Metzgers and Sun Valley Church. We only knew that if we were in western Montana we needed to go see them. We were blown away by the Metzger family too. What an amazing family!

All that comes next week. Thank you for stopping to see us today.