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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Happy Birthday, Eugene Boggs

My Dad’s name is Eugene Boggs and today he turns 81 years old. My Dad being 81 years old is an absolute miracle! Praise God!

This picture of Dad and Mom was taken at Odie’s house only a few days ago. 

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you and it is a joy to still have you in our lives. We expect you to stay around as long as possible. 

The final two pictures of this Mile Marker were taken yesterday. 

Boggs people in our branch do not regularly live long lives. All of Dad’s siblings but a younger sister are already gone as well as a lot of his first cousins. Dad is setting records each day he lives and we are extremely thankful for it. 

We love you Papa Bear and we hope to see you soon. 

Thank you dear friends for dropping by today. 


Coming Wednesday 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Memorial Day 2024

Hey Friends,
This is Odie reporting from my Ohio beach cottage. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me on this busy holiday weekend.

When I think of Memorial Day, this song repeats in my head. I had to share it with you today. Please listen to More Than A Name On A Wall at least once.

I want to remember the reason we have a holiday to celebrate this weekend. It is a time we remember our loved ones who have finished their lives ahead of us. 

Dad shared about our recent visit to the local cemetery on Thursday. In this post about my sweet sister, you can see why we visit Miami Cemetery every May.

Our family and friends may be gone from this life, but definitely not forgotten. Heaven grows sweeter every day! I look forward to reuniting and meeting many friends and family members soon.

Memorial Day was set aside to honor our soldiers who gave their all for America. I honor those special souls who sacrificed all for the freedoms I hold dear today!

Twenty years ago, we visited Washington, D.C., and saw several monuments in our Nation's capital. It was a week that this American history lover will never forget.

Our visit to Arlington National Cemetary left a permanent impression on my mind and heart. I can not describe the feeling of watching the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We watched the changing of the guard a few times. It was a special moment; I am so glad I witnessed it in person.

That visit to D.C. deepened my sincere appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of many great people. We all benefit from the gift of countless men and women. It hurts me to think about the pain and suffering of the soldiers and their families. 

Their names are more than names on a wall or plaque. They were real people who gave their lives for our country. Thank you. feels very hollow, but I mean the words with all my heart! I remember them extra this weekend!

See you next time.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Home Again

It is nice to be home again. 

Kelly and I arrived home from Indiana right on time. Odie had been to eat with my parents and Steve, Karen and JoJo. They arrived at Odie's just after us so we were able to see them all for a little while. It was super to see some of our family. 

Do you care to venture a guess where they had been to eat?

Any ideas? Do you need another hint?

Yup, you got it. The best salsa drinking place that I have ever been to, Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio. 

It was wonderful to see mom and dad, Steve and Karen and it was really good to see JoJo too. If you do not know, she is Steve and Karen’s oldest granddaughter and she pretty much captured everybody’s heart from the very beginning. We love having her around.

It was also very nice to see Odie again. I told her that no one at either church in Indiana had even ask about her, but of course, that is not true. Everyone at Evansville and Mt. Vernon missed her being with us and we missed Odie being with us too. 

We have been gone preaching three weekends in a row. We had planned not to travel and not to even preach this weekend, but attend our home church and enjoy our pastor’s preaching. 

However, we are in the midst of a change of plans in order to adapt to a health emergency that is going on in the life of a friend in another state. 

Our plan should be more clear in the next couple days and I will give you the details and have you praying for our friend, his family and his church. 

Tomorrow I have a new Word For Wednesday ready to go at 6 AM Eastern time. I hope you will enjoy it and share with others.

Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate all of you. 


Coming Wednesday!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Praise Report And Karen Peck And New River May 2024

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Ohio. It is excellent to see you here today! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are doing well. I am doing great. I do have a praise report this week! God has been great to me! I am blessed!

My long time friends know that I have had eye issues for a long time. Here is a quick synopsis for any new readers. Since 2006, we have been keeping an eye on things. My optic nerves are misshapen, and I have been classified as a glaucoma suspect. This is all probably a result of Cerebral Palsy.

Ten years ago, I suffered nine days of blindness in my left eye. God gave me a miracle. He gave me my vision back gradually. I had no promise of its return or the amount that it could come back. My vision is great today! I do still wear glasses. I can tell the left eye is a little worse. I am so thankful for my vision!

I have been seeing my current eye doctor for ten years, and she has been fantastic. She is very concerned for me, yet she cheers me on in every victory. Doctor Miller has told me my case is a miracle.

Wednesday afternoon, I had a regular checkup at the eye doctor. I had to go through a whole series of tests to check on everything. All the reports were excellent. Dr. Miller said I am a good, boring patient. She was thrilled that everything is staying the same.

Karen Peck And New River May 2024

Dad told you Thursday about our detour earlier this week. I was thrilled to see our precious family members again. They have been faithful in praying for us and checking on us.

I have missed George and Dianne Boggs. They are so sweet! It was fun to surprise them. They have often invited us to meetings, but it had never worked out for us to go. This is a picture I snapped before service.

A highlight of the night for me was seeing and hearing Karen Peck and New River sing. I knew it would be wonderful.


It was great to see my KPNR buddies one more time this year. This date was not really on my radar. I had seen that Ohio was on the schedule for the weekend, but I knew it was farther from home. 



My interest peeked a lot when Dad mentioned Cousin George's invitation text to us. I was not going to turn down a chance to be in service with Karen, Susan, Grant, Matt and Kari. I was extra happy Monday when he decided to take a small detour home from Kentucky.


From the beginning note to The God I Serve to the ending notes of the night of I Wanna Know How It Feels. Their parts of the service were so good.


Many people in the crowd that night were touched and helped. The lyrics to many of my favorite KPNR songs encouraged me, too!

I left there with KPNR songs stuck in my head for days. That is not a bad thing at all! They have many great songs in their catalog. I have been listening to Karen since her days with the Nelons. I think I was 8 or 9 when I was gifted my first New River project. Their music has been part of my life's soundtrack for a long time!

Once the service finished, it was time to head home. First, I stopped by the KPNR product table to see Karen for a moment.

Then, it was time to bid our cousins farewell. Hopefully, we will see them again soon! Thanks to George and Dianne for inviting us to be in service with you. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship! We love you!

See you all next time. I hope you enjoyed my praise report and the latest KPNR sighting.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

A Small Detour

We took a small detour on the way home from London, Kentucky on Monday. Our cousin, George Boggs and his wife Diana from Grayson Kentucky, invited us to stop by and see them at a camp meeting they were attending at Scioto county fairground in Lucasville, Ohio. 

They have attended this camp meeting for several years and they had their 5th wheel there. We arrived in the early afternoon and visited with them and some of their friends all afternoon. It was a beautiful visit with our family and we enjoyed it very much.

We do not get to see George and his family enough, so this was a very welcome opportunity. I appreciate them inviting us and welcoming us with open arms Monday.

Karen Peck and new River were singing at the camp meeting and we enjoyed that as well. I know that Odie will have more pictures at some point, but here are a few from the afternoon and evening.


We left a few minutes after the conclusion of the service and we were home about 11 PM. It was not a bad little detour and the benefit of getting to spend a few hours with George and Diana Boggs was worth every mile.

Thank you for stopping in today. May God bless you.


Saturday, May 11, 2024

Happy Mother's Day 2024

Hey Friend,

This Is Odie checking in for my weekly post. I hope you are doing well today! When I was looking ahead and planning out some blog content. The calendar gave me a fantastic topic for today. 

Public Service Announcement

Tomorrow, May 12th, is Mother's Day in the United States of America. Moms deserve special treatment and love, so show the extraordinary ladies in your life some appreciation!

Happy Mother's Day to each lady reading this post! You are special to me. Thank you to many of you for your friendship to me and our family! 

I am so thankful for the many wonderful ladies in my life! God has blessed me abundantly with a Mother, grandmother, aunts and dear friends. I do not take them for granite.

Each of them has taken time from their lives to make sure mine is awesome! They are each counted among my many blessings! May God bless them abundantly for their love, help, friendship and kindness to me!

Happy Mother's Day, Kelly Jo Boggs

My dear Mama is the star that shines the brightest of all! I have often said she's a superhero, and this year is no exception! Mom is devoted, caring, loving and selfless. I have described her as the energizer bunny who never stops. 

From morning to night, Mom is on the go, always helping and doing for those she loves! Dad and I would not be who we are without our hero!

Thank you can not convey my gratitude adequately. I love you feels so hollow when talking about my Mom. I try in little ways daily to show her how much she is appreciated! On Mother's Day, I like to tell her even more. 

She does not like to be in the spotlight. Mom is more content in the background, but I want the world to know my awesome Mom, Kelly Jo Boggs. 

Happy Mother's Day! I love you so much! My eyes are leaking on my desk as I type. You are an astounding lady! I am privileged to have you as my Mother! 

God knew just what I needed when He picked you out for me! He gave me a tender Mama, nurse, teacher, guide, counselor and friend all in one person. You are a beautiful package! Thank you for being awesome in each capacity of your job! 

I hope you know you are loved, honored and appreciated today more than ever! May God bless you with rest, strength and everything you need!

I still want to be like you when I grow up.😘😇 I am proud to be your daughter!

Thanks for joining me as I honor my Mama. See you all next week.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Meet Kolby Lee Yeager

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting on this Saturday. I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting with me today.

Yesterday, I talked to you about my cousins Kayla and Trever Morgan Yeager. They just celebrated their first anniversary in April. 

Last fall, we received news that their family was expanding. I was thrilled for them. It is always exciting when a baby joins the family! 

My baby cousins are special to me! I adopted them as my niece or nephew. I am a proud Auntie O. 

Meet Kolby Lee Yeager

This year, on April 23rd, the doctor set the date for the baby's arrival. Kayla and Trever went to the hospital for the birth of a baby boy. As their family, we were anxious to have a new member added to our family. We waited and prayed hard for his safe arrival. 

He had another idea. The baby decided it was not time for him to enter the world yet. He was being stubborn.😆 The boy had to prove me wrong. He wanted to come on his due date, but I had predicted April 23rd since last fall.

Kolby Lee Yeager arrived one week later. He was born on the evening of April 30th. Excitement was in the air of our Morgan family text chain all day. 

We waited, not so patiently, for his birth and prayed hard! Thank God for answering all the prayers for Mama, Daddy and Kolby! He arrived safely! Kolby was worth the wait!

Congrats to Kayla and Trever on the birth of your handsome boy! We love your family of three! May God bless the next chapter in your life! 

I can not wait to meet my newest baby cousin! He has already captured his place in Auntie O's heart with pictures like this one. They Facetimed me a couple nights ago. He is precious!

Check out his hair! I already love him so much. He brings smiles and joy to all of us!

Here are his birth stats: Kolby Lee Yeager was born on April 30th, 2024, weighing 8lbs 7.1 oz and measuring 19.5 in long.

I am glad to share the happy news with you. Kayla gave me permission to introduce my friends to Kolby! She also sent pictures so you could meet their bundle of joy.

I will close with one more picture from Kayla. I love this, Mama and baby!


Friday, May 3, 2024

One Year As Mr. and Mrs. Yeager

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from my beach cottage in Waynesville, Ohio. It is excellent to have nice weather this week. I love warmth and sunshine.

Last week, one year ago, Mom and I came home to attend the wedding of Mom's niece and my cousin, Kayla. She married Trever Yeager on April 22nd 2023. 

Mom and I were happy to attend their wedding. It was a special day! Here are a couple of flashback pictures for you.


Trever has been an excellent addition to the Morgan family. He has joined right in on our craziness.🤣 Trever, I really appreciate you! Thanks for making Kayla happy!

Below are two pictures from the last time I was with them. These were taken two days before their first anniversary.



Trever and Kayla, I love you both! I hope you had a great anniversary! It has been fun watching life unfold for you this year. I am still cheering for you from the sidelines!

Come back tomorrow for the latest news in their world. This has been a memorable week for Mr. and Mrs. Yeager! Thanks for stopping by today.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Congratulations Jonas Boggs Class of 2024

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for my Saturday post. I hope you are doing well. I am happy that God has blessed us with another great week.  

Graduation season is here. Our family has one graduate this year. Today, I am honoring him. Congrats to Jonas Keith Boggs on your college graduation! 

Family means the world to me. I am always happy to celebrate big and small milestones with my family members. Five years ago, we came home to celebrate the high school graduation of my younger cousin, Jonas Boggs. Here is a link to the pictures from his graduation party.

Jonas has worked hard over the last five years. He has been a student at the University of Cincinnati and part of a working COOP program with a construction company in Dayton. He has done a phenomenal job!


Friday morning was his graduation ceremony from U.C. Jonas now has an Engineering degree! The Lord has blessed him with a job, with the company that he worked with during college. I am so happy for him!

Although I could not physically attend on Friday morning, I was able to attend virtually, and I am extremely grateful for the technology. My heart swelled with pride when I heard Jonas Boggs' name called and watched him walk across the stage of the Fifth Third Arena. I cheered loudly from home!

My Aunt Theresa sent us this picture, and Uncle Tommy was sending pictures and videos on the Boggs Family group text. We were all excited to see him graduate. The family was excited and watching him from across the country, from Ohio to Alabama! 

Jonas, we love you so much and are proud of you! Your hard work has now paid off. Congrats! I know the last five years have been full of hard days. You persevered and succeeded! May God bless and guide you on this new chapter of life!

Congrats to every member of the graduating class of 2024! I am proud of you! You did it! 

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. See you next time.