Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday at Home and Marty Millikin

Kelly Jo and I met David Riddell at Acapulco for an early lunch. I had the California Burrito and it was very, very good, of course.

We had a great visit with David. We have been friends with David since we were all teenagers and we both love him like a brother. It is always great to connect with him and he and I both have a soft spot for Acapulco's so it is only natural that we meet there for lunch. He is on a weight loss and exercising kick and he looks awful skinny and unhealthy. Maybe we can fatten him up while we are home.

We went to Dad and Mom's Wednesday evening for supper. They fixed a great meal and we enjoyed eating and visiting with them. It is nice to spend a little bit of leisure time with them.

My Dad with his favorite grandchild. Odie says that since she is the oldest, he has been loving her much longer than he has loved any of the other grandchildren.

We went to church with them tonight at Dodds. We are parked in the Dodds parking lot so we walked all the way to church in the rain up hill both ways. We had a good service. Pastor Rex Lloyd had been singing when we called me up to preach so I exhorted on faith while he sang. We had a great prayer line and God touched several. It was great to hear Bro. Rex sing and to enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

We posted a prayer request for Bro. Marty Millikin the other day. Today he had an appointment with a cancer doctor and did not receive a good report. They are going to schedule surgery as soon as possible. Please pray for Bro. Marty. He needs a miracle and we are believing God to give him one. Pray for his parents and for his brother Jimmy and his family as well.

The Millikins have been a blessing to churches all over our nation and Bro. Marty has been a big part of that. He is super talented and has used every ounce of that for the glory of God. Please ask God to give him a miracle. I know that he will tell it far and near and give God all of the glory for it. Our hearts hurt for our dear friends and we are asking God to help.

God bless you all,


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday 1/29/13

This picture was in Sunday's post. It was an advertisement for the dedication service at Bethany Revival Center.

Bro. DiZazzo sent me a picture of the new sign they put up in it's place. This is the new sign

I think that is pretty cool. I hate outdated signs and I love it when churches are on the ball with their signs. The permanent signs are completed and installed but I love the idea of this temporary one. The new location is on a major east-west street in Wichita with thousands of cars passing by. They might as well take advantage of it.

Odie told you some about our long travel day on Monday. I took a couple of breaks along the way and slept on the couch a few minutes but I was still pretty tired when we arrived in Ohio. When we were parked I lifted KJ back through the escape hatch and she put a tarp over the coverless AC. That will do till the new cover comes in. We all rested pretty good that night.

Kelly Jo and I washed the road grime off the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine today (Tuesday). I really did not want to do it but it is supposed to be very cold here for a few days so I needed to get it done in warm weather. Now I am glad we did it. They look so much better.

We spent the evening with my mom and dad. Dad was supposed to have surgery today, which is the reason we planned a trip home, but it has been postponed. The blood specialist found a disorder that needs to be addressed before they do surgery. Please continue to pray for him. We are believing God to do a miracle.

We hope to spend more time with family and then preach a few nights at Corwin just a mile from my parents home. If all goes as planned we will pull out next Thursday headed for Mississippi.

Time for sleep. God bless you all.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Exciting Travel Day!

There is never a dull moment on the BoggsMobile. I look out of my bunk in the middle of the day and what do I see?

Dad is holding his seeing eye dog up through the escape hatch to see what all of the noise is about.

Yep! That can cause some noise!

The cover on the third air has splattered into a hundred thousand pieces! Oops!

Just part of a long travel day. We are not finished yet but we are close. We are at a Pilot Truck stop on the south side of Indianapolis. This Pilot just "happens" to have a Subway. Yummy!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/27/13 - A Super Great Sunday

We traveled a little over 300 miles on Saturday from Blair, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas. We left about 7:00 and arrived in Wichita about 4:00 in the afternoon. We would have made it quicker but we had a 3 hour oil change at Speedco in Oklahoma City.

After we parked at Cross Point we hurried up to Bethany's new building. We helped with some sound issues and practiced a song with Bro. Charles Mitchell. He plays several instruments and we were doing "How Great Thou Art" with him playing the cello. He sounded amazing.

Bro. Larry and Sis. Rose Landress came up for the dedication so we met them Saturday night for Five Guys and then Braum's ice cream. Wonderful food and even better fellowship with friends. Kelly Ann Mitchell met us too.

Sunday morning we had a wonderful service at Cross Point FWB. Pastor Josh Bush has been so kind to invite us and I am glad we were able to make it back again. They are in a new facility and it is awesome.

Thank you Pastor Bush for having us. We appreciate all the fine hospitality. God bless you and your congregation for your kindness.

We left Cross Point pretty quick because the dedication service of Bethany Revival Center started Sunday afternoon at 2:00. We needed to be there early and we made it shortly after 1:00.

Pastor DiZazzo and his folks were expecting a big crowd and they were not disappointed. In fact they could not have held many more folks. The sanctuary was full plus folks were sitting in extra chairs and some in an overflow area.

It was a super service and we were honored to have a part in it. I preached a little long for me but those folks were preaching me to death. I was good and tired afterward. Praise God for helping His people.

They had a great catered meal when the service was over and we enjoyed the meal and fellowship. I am so thankful God has blessed Bethany Revival Center with their new location.

We are back at the bus and I am going to get some sleep. We are all tired and ready for rest.

God bless you all.