Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pictures of The Tent Going Up In Richton, Mississippi

Tuesday night's service under the Blue and White Gospel Tent was wonderful. God helped a bunch of folks and I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. We did have some unexpected rain before church and a the beginning of service. That may have hurt the crowd some but not enough to tell much difference. It certainly did not hinder the move of God. It was awesome.

Today we have pictures from the tent set up. The tent, all four sections, was put up in record time and the set up is beautiful. These folks really work together good and it helps that we have been here several times with the tent. Every one jumped in and found a job to do and before you know it the tent was in the air.

Of course, having Kelly Jo and Bro. Jimmie on the job is the real trick. These two work like red mules and about all they get for pay is a little corn at the end of the day.

This is the outstanding crew that set up the tent in Richton, Mississippi Sunday evening. 

The Richton Park is very level and the stakes go into the ground very easily.

While some of the guys were finishing the stakes, we rolled out the pieces and started lacing them together. The full tent has 6 lace lines so that process kind of slows everything down.

While that was being finished, Kelly Jo showed the ladies how to get the straps ready to go and some of the folks got the side poles ready to install.

Then we stand up the side poles.

Next the center poles go up. If we have enough men, we raise all three center poles at the same time.

Once the tent is up, we hang the lights, set out the chairs, run the PA cords and hang the banners. Then we are ready to go!

We appreciate all the hard work. We could not do it without folks pulling together like they do. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for reading.


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