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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Odie is Announcing The Return of A Word For Wednesday

Odie is Announcing The Return of A Word For Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. Plus KJo has a little fun with Odie at the end of the video. You do not want to miss that.😍😂

Follow the link in the previous paragraph.

We also want to wish our long time friend Happy Happy Birthday! We have known Bro. Bruce Mayhan for nearly 35 years. Today Bro. Bruce is celebrating his Birthday for the 15th time in his life!

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Thank you for joining us today.


Sunday, February 4, 2024

view Out The Window

Odie was due home from vacation yesterday. We had a little work done on the door locks while she was gone from the house.

I hope she found a warm place to sleep. LOL


Thursday, November 2, 2023

In Need of Joseph!

In one hour period this week I had two vivid nightmares. Wow!

In the first, Pastor Jimmy Millikin and I were driving around looking for the BoggsMobile. I had parked the bus in front of a church that I had just begun to Pastor. That day was my first service. Some of the time I was driving and some of the time, Bro. Millikin was driving, but we could not find the church.

We would say, "I think it is down this road" or "It must be over here", but we would turn and we were wrong every time. We drove and drove and drove, looking for the bus, but never found it. It was so frustrating!

I knew I had parked the bus right out front. 
How could I misplace the bus?
Why had I accepted the Pastorate of a church?
Why couldn't two grown men find neither the church or the bus?

In the second nightmare, Odie was driving a small car pulling our huge tent trailer and I was riding in the tent trailer. There was a window in the tent trailer and I was talking to Odie on speakerphone and giving her turn-by-turn directions. 

There are so many things wrong with that scenario.

We were going to a preacher's house way out in the country. We barely know this preacher and his wife was riding with Odie. In real life, I am not even sure if I know what this preacher's wife looks like so I have no idea why she was with Odie.

We were coming to the last turn onto a long gravel drive and Odie missed the turn.

Our signal had gone weak and I could hear them talking, but they could no longer hear me. We were on a small country road so I opened the window and then opened the door, flailing my arms trying to get Odie's attention. It took nearly a mile for her to see me and to stop in the middle of the road.

I knew that Odie could not back into a driveway to turn around, but I knew I could. As I was getting into the driver's seat, I woke up.

The first nightmare left me in a cold sweat the second left me a nervous wreck. If anyone receives the interpretation for either, let me know. We need a Joseph to step up.

Thank you. Have a great day.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Odie Broke The Bus

Early this year I reconfigured our 12volt water pump system. I intended to plumb the pex line all the way to the new pump, but found there are no pump to pex fittings readily available. I ran a braided 3/4" hose from the tank to the pump and 1/2" clear tubing from the pump to the water system.

In only a few days I noticed that the 1/2" tubing was a mistake. It needs to be braided. The tube started stretching quickly. I knew I needed to replace it but kept neglecting to do so.

Then, Odie broke the bus.

Odie turned on the water pump Sunday morning a week ago and there was no water in the faucet. When she turned on the pump, the line had split and began pumping all of the water out of the broken line in the water.

Why does Odie get the blame? I am using Odie's own logic when I say Odie broke the bus. She needed water. She pushed the button to turn on the pump. Therefore she broke the bus.

When Odie was little she thought whoever ate the last chip in the bag or the last M&M, ate all the chips or M&Ms. She could eat all the chips but two and then I could eat the last two. Odie would say, "Dad ate ALL the potato chips."

The funny thing is, she was absolutely serious. It has become a running joke in our family. You ate ALL the chips because you ate the LAST one. You drank ALL the Pepsi because you took the LAST swallow. You ate ALL the cookies because you ate the LAST crumb.

Therefore Odie broke the bus because she pushed the pump button when the water line broke. Odie broke the bus. Plus, it was Sunday so Odie pushed the Ox (Bus) in the ditch.

I had not shaved or showered yet so the ox was really in the ditch.

But, KJo and I pulled the ox out of the ditch in a few minutes. She knew where the extra 1/2" tubing was located. She fetched it and I changed it in a few minutes.

Even though the non braided line lasted seven months, I intend to replace this one way before then. Hopefully, Odie will not break the bus before then.😜

Thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, July 22, 2023

Inside Out Odie

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from the northeast. Tomorrow we will begin revival with our precious friends at Bethel Revival Center. I am excited to see what God has planned for us in Everett, Massachusetts! 

I am here today to tell on myself. I am not a stranger to public fashion accidents. Photos of my past accidents can be found in the blog archives. Those moments have been embarrassing, but I have found that it is better to laugh about them. 

Last week I added another oops to my list. It happened on our first night at a new church. They got to meet the real Odie. 

Here is a picture I took before we realized my mistake. Can you spot it?

Moments before church time, I was visiting with Dad and the Pastor. Suddenly Mom goes, "Oh my goodness Odie," and she starts laughing. I was clueless as to what was wrong! 

Mom then tells me your undershirt is backward and inside out! I was embarrassed, to say the least. There was no way to cover this mistake; I just had to own it. What better way to start a revival?

Mom quickly pushed my wheelchair to the restroom, and we corrected the problem. This moment gave us something to laugh about! I will always remember my first visit to The Deliverance Center in Maine.

Here is a fact that cracks me up now: The young lady in the picture above saw it. She said she noticed it but did not know how to tell me. 

Well, thanks for tuning in today. I hope you can laugh with me about my latest crazy mistake. I am sure there will be more in the future. You can find out about those events right here. Keep coming back for more laughs!

See you next week. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


Friday, June 2, 2023

A Few Pictures and A Skunk!

The weather this week was perfect for travel. Hallelujah! We had a short rain shower Thursday evening, but we already had our 1000 miles behind us by then.

Saturday morning we will be having the funeral for Pastor Dennis King at the House of Prayer in Gainesville. Please pray for Sis. King, the church and for me. I am trusting God to help me speak His Word and bring comfort and peace. Thank you.

We have a few pictures from our travel week to share with you but first, we have a couple of pictures left over from Sunday night in West Harrison, Indiana.

A Few Pictures and A Skunk!
Since we had nearly 1000 miles to travel from home to Gainesville, Texas, we rolled our wheels a few hours after the Birthday and Anniversary festivities were mostly over Monday evening. I rested a few minutes in the bus and then we hit it strong for an hour or so and soon we were ready to go.

Traffic was good including Cincinnati and Louisville and we had no problem making it to the Horse Cave, Kentucky Rest Area on southbound I-65. It was 211 miles and it took us 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Tuesday we drove 396 miles in about 6.5 hours with very little traffic. It was kind of slow for a bit in Nashville, but much better than it can be. The rest of the day was nearly perfect and we spent the night at a rest area near Hazen, Arkansas.

Tuesday evening I realized we were within 400 miles of our destination and I began to hope we could make it Wednesday evening rather than the projected Thursday. The 211 miles Monday evening and the great day Tuesday really helped. We were way ahead of schedule. Yay!

My high hopes were dashed after the delays we experienced on I-30.

My body was done and my nerves were shot by the time I pulled into a small roadside picnic area near Blossom, Texas. We were over 120 miles from Gainesville and I was finished for the day.

I did not know if we could park there for the night, but I figured I could get some rest during the day and that is exactly what I did. I curled up on the couch and stayed there for quite a while. I did not sleep much, but I rested well. By 6:15 PM I was thinking about finishing the trip.

30 minutes later we were ready to ride.

We made it to the Quick Trip Truck Stop in Gainesville a few minutes after 9:00 PM and we were pulling behind the church shortly after 9:30. Now for the hilarious story I promised you yesterday.

The bus was behind the church, but not yet in its parking position. I was visiting with Sis. Judy King for a moment when I spied a skunk waddling along behind the building.

Sis. Judy wisely left, but we were stuck. I could not back the bus out of the way without removing the car and the skunk was too close to the car for me to unhook it from the bus.

We gave him plenty of space, but we needed to pull the bus forward about 20-25 feet. While waiting him out, he decided to park under the edge of the bus. Can you see him?

The bus was running and the engine and generator exhaust was hitting the ground right near him. I could not believe he was not disturbed by the noise and vibration of the big engine.

He stayed in that exact position for at least 10+ minutes without moving. He first crawled there at 9:40 and we could not move the bus and shut down until after 10:00. 

Eventually, he went under the bus and must have turned and exited under the back of the car. He did not go out the other side and did not walk to the front.   

I usually put an oil-catching pan under the engine when parked on church lots, but I did not go back there at all. I reckon I can clean up any oil drops!😍

Including the 4 hours we were resting at the picnic area, we had been on the road 13 hours when the skunk invaded the last few minutes of our day. What a hilarious ending to a long and taxing day.

Thursday it was safe to unhook the car.

We ate lunch at our favorite area restaurant. I am sure you will see more pictures from there.

Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan drove down to eat with us Thursday. It was a sacrifice for them to do it and we appreciate their effort. They are dear friends and they keep proving it over and over. Thank you, friends.

That wraps up a week of travel. Thank you for joining us today.


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Making It Look Easy!

We have been having a great week of travel and we will probably be giving you a full run down tomorrow. Today's Mile Marker is a little reminder that life on the road is not all kicks and grins. I know we make it look easy, but there is some work involved.😍

We were cruising along I-30 in Arkansas and I noticed a slowdown 45 miles ahead on my GPS. KJo investigated on Google Maps and WAZE and sure enough, it was coming with no way around it.

We never did figure out the root cause, but it looked as if there had been some peripheral accidents as always. This is what it looked like to us for a long time.

It took us exactly 30 minutes to travel 3.4 miles. Wow! So much for a good average yesterday.

Unfortunately, we were not finished.

Just as we cleared Texarkana, we topped a small rise and a large state truck was in the right lane. Thankfully, I was dawdling along in the right lane at about 60 while the left lane was speeding by us. I thought the large truck was on the shoulder and it took me a moment to realize he was in the lane.

I started braking, downshifting and praying. Soon I realized I could not slow down in time. There was no option in the left lane. The traffic was way too thick to attempt to merge at all. I pulled right to the shoulder and found the reason for the state truck in the right lane. He was protecting a truck with a small trailer that was cleaning the shoulder.

I seriously considered the grass embankment but decided to hold off until the last moment. When I stopped on the shoulder, I was next to the big truck and right behind the trailer loaded with road garbage. Whew! That was way too close.

Then I looked behind me and saw the speeding traffic coming over the hill trying to avoid all of us. It is a wonder there was no accident.

Less than 20 minutes later, we were in another slowdown. This one was caused by construction. This slowdown lasted 23 minutes and exactly 2 miles. We came to an exit with a detour we could utilize and jumped off. Otherwise, we might still be there.

You are going to love what happened at the end of the day. I will share that with you tomorrow. It is hilarious.

I know we are always talking about Mexican food, buffets, revivals and good times, but road life is more than fun and games. Yesterday was a dose of reality. I apologize if we make it look too easy. 

Thank you for tuning in today.


Thursday, April 27, 2023

A Cold Time On The Old Town

We have been eating at Shoney's in Oak Ridge, Tennesse since at least 1989. We say it is the best Shoney's in the world!

On our first visit to Beechfork Holiness Church, I preached Homecoming with dinner on the ground in June 1988. When we went back for revival in 1989, we began our long relationship with the Oak Ridge Shoney's.

For many, many years, we ate at Shoney's every single night of revival and twice on Sunday. All of the waitresses knew what we wanted to drink and what we wanted to eat most nights. Most of those revivals lasted two weeks too.

For our recent revival, we stayed in the Holiday Inn Express right behind Shoney's. Guess where we every day for lunch? Pastor Herman and Sis. Margaret Woods live about twenty minutes away and they drove to meet us for lunch each day and we loved every moment of it.

We had good meals, and great fellowship. We made wonderful memories and laughed about a lot of old memories through the years.

This is just one of our Shoney's memories. One Friday night after church many years ago, there were at least 30 of us in the back room at Shoney's eating and talking and laughing. There was a roar going on. It is no wonder they put us in the back room.

A brand new waitress was standing at my back preparing to hand something over my left shoulder. She made a sudden move and accidentally dumped the tray on me and my suit and tie.

The new waitress was trying to reach a drink to the table and knocked over the ketchup bottle on her tray. The falling ketchup bottle was going to knock over another drink on the tray so she instinctively tried to catch it. While trying to catch it, she knocked over a FULL pitcher of ice water in the process.

The pitcher of water hit my shoulder and ice and water poured all the way down the front of me. All I knew at the time was that I was suddenly soaking wet and very cold. The room went silent, I breathed in deeply through my teeth in shock and after a heartbeat or two, the room erupted in laughter.

We laughed for ten solid minutes.

When we arrived where we were staying lat that night I was not only wet, but completely sticky. I had not only taken a full pitcher of ice water, down the front of my suit, but a couple of glasses of sweet tea too!😂

No wonder we love that particular Shoney's so much!

Thank you for stopping by today.


Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Laugh Down Memory Lane

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Alabama today. Thank you for visiting with us.

Did you catch Dad's A Word For Wednesday yesterday? I know many of you enjoy Dad's weekly videos. It is always good to hear your feedback. Click the video below for this week's episode.

Odie Gets The Shakes

Yesterday I wandered down our YouTube channel's memory lane. One of our most popular videos is a funny one! I figured today was a good day to remind you of this funny church moment caught on camera. It is worth watching again!

This is a classic Odie stunt. I am super jumpy! Yes, I am laughing at myself! Please check it out. You are welcome to laugh with me.

This was at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio, with Pastor EJ Lamb.

When it happened, I forgot the moment was online for the world to see. The next day Mom told Dad what happened. He immediately pulled up the Anchor of Hope YouTube channel and found it. 

Dad created our video to forever have it in our memory bank. We laughed for hours then. Now those hours have turned into years, and we will never stop!😂😂I was showing it to friends just last night after a kid accidentally made me jump.

Below I posted what Dad wrote in the video description. I think it sums up the "Odie Get's The Shakes" moment well.

"At the end of the service, Pastor EJ Lamb is calling people to the front for prayer. (Socially Distant Prayer, of course)
His microphone is not in Odie's ear monitor, but mine is. She is sitting there listening and when I say "Yes" in my microphone it is directly in her ear and she nearly jumps out of her wheelchair. I have been telling people for years how easily startled Odie is. Now you have visual evidence over and over and over again. 🥰 🥰 This is posted with Odie's complete permission. She said, Laugh away!"

Our dear friend Bro. Kelly Rogers informed me last year that their family often has fun with this video. I am happy that I can help them laugh. I am also glad we can laugh about our good memories.

Hopefully, this helps you smile today! See you next time.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Status Symbol

The USA has always been a nation where it was possible for its people to be upwardly mobile economically, societally and socially. No matter how poor you are born and with no regard for the trying circumstances you endure in your youth, it is possible in our nation to get an education, work hard and rise above your hardscrabble beginning.

My formal education stopped after high school graduation. KJ and I were married twenty days after my last day of school and real life began. I could have continued my education and worked a full time job like thousands have done, but I did not.

However, I did not stop learning. I have always read about a wide variety of subjects and  I am confident my education has been furthered way beyond high school, one day at a time, one article and one book at a time. 

As we have progressed economically, it seems the nation might have outpaced us, but we have food to eat, a car to drive and a tube to live it. 

In our world today, those things are definitely things to be thankful for and we are extremely grateful. We do not feel cheated or "less than" at all.

We have never chased a status symbol. We have worked hard, purchased the supplies we needed and pressed on, just exactly like most Americans. It is living from day to day without any need or desire for a stamp of approval from those that have "made" it.

Some people may think the BoggsMobile is a symbol of status, but it is simply a necessary tool. We have lived in the bus for nearly 15 years. Trust me, there is no high class in that. It is more Partridge Family/Popular Mechanics than any type of emblem of success.😁

We have had no proof of upward mobility until now. I will present proof before this Mile Marker is ended that I have finally achieved status worthy of marking with a badge of honor. I am not sure what the tipping point was, but I have the evidence. 

I need to go back several years to begin to explain.

Many years ago, we needed some work completed on the roof of the bus. A tornado blew over us dropping a bucket of hail on us in a few moments. The roof needed to be stripped, painted and new clear coat applied.

We were in the south and needed to move out of the bus for 4-5 days. There was an advertisement for a vacation home in Navarre Florida that checked all the boxes on VRBO.

It had a list of amenities kind of like this.
-Two bedroom
-Two bathrooms
-Shared pool
-BBQ grill
-Beach Access
-Within walking access to the fishing pier
-Gated access
-Private assigned parking space
-Private balcony
-Ocean view
-Central Air Condition
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Pot and pans

And listed in the amenities as prominently as beach access and two bathrooms was a feature that blew our minds. Are you ready?

Corn Cob Holders

Yep, believe it or not, we actually stayed in a rental for most of a week that came equipped with Corn Cob Holders!

We have often wondered and laughed about how corn cob holders made it onto the list. Can you imagine the conversation?

"Hey, honey, help me with this list for VRBO. 
Sure, did you tell them about the beach? 
Yes sir.
Washer and dryer?
The ocean view? 
Yep, sure did. 
What about the corn on the cob holders? 
Oops, I almost missed the corn cob holders!
You do not want to forget that. 
No one would consider renting our vacation home without corb cob holders!"
When we have looked at anything since then we have asked each other, does it come with corn cob holders?

Here is a nice place to stay.
Does it come with corn cob holders?

This one is right on the beach.
Does it come with corn cob holders?
This cabin is nestled in the mountains.
Does it come with corn cob holders?

Hey, this one is $200 cheaper than the others
It probably does not have corn cob holders.

I love the color of this Jeep
Does it come with corn cob holders?

These tires have a better warranty.
Check for corn cob holders!

Hehe! We have had way too much fun from that for years and still do!😎

Now, we are laughing again! I have proof that we are movin' uptown. The status symbol has arrived.

Look what I received as a gift during a Christmas game with KJo's family! 

I am the proud owner of my own set of corn on the cob holders! Can you believe it? I scarce can take it in!

I'm moving on up. To the top! I thought you might want to know. You can ride my coattails up if you like!

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Sit Down Odie

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in with you. I am happy to be visiting with you for another Saturday post. I am glad to have Dad back on blog duty. He just has a great way with words. I enjoy his post immensely. 

Anyone who knows me well will know I love to laugh! When I am asked how do I keep my smile? My answer is lots of prayer and laughter. 

Laughter is a part of my daily medicine. It helps me get through the not so easy aspects of life. I refuse to focus on the bad parts of life! My attitude changes quickly when I focus on the funny aspects of life.

My parents taught me a valuable lesson years ago. If you laugh at other people's mishaps, you must laugh at yourself too. I have had many funny moments that I would love to forget, but they are unforgettable! Now I just shake my head, smile and laugh! You can find posts about a few of those moments here and here. I had a few good laughs as I re-read those stories!

I love to crack a good wheelchair joke. It comes as a shock to some people. I often say my parents always push me around and look down on me. One day a pastor looked at me in disbelief. He was trying to process what I had said. He asked me, "Did you just crack a wheelchair joke"?

Sit Down Odie
Papaw Danny Morgan is Mom's Dad. That is where Mom gets her crazy sense of humor from. The craziness runs in our family. We all have a list a mile long of funny moments.

Papaw is the king of them all We have loads of fun in our family telling Papaw's stories. I will keep most of them private. I will save him some embarrassment, LOL! 

Today I have a story for you that features me and my Papaw, Danny. It is one of the newest ones on the list; it happened the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

We were at Sam's Club. It was time to get some ice cream. I was trying to pay for the purchase. Papaw would not let me pull up to the counter to pay. He blocked my access. Then he said, "Would you go sit down."

I immediately lost it in laughter! Papaw then realized he had just told his granddaughter "in a wheelchair" to sit down. The cashier probably thought we were certifiably crazy. We both laughed and laughed. I told Papaw, "Nobody tells me to sit down. They always tell me to stand up and walk".

I collected an unexpected memory that day at Sam's. This is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life! I love my Papaw, and I am thrilled to share ice cream and laughter with him!

I hope this story helps you smile and laugh a little bit today. Do not forget to share a smile with someone else today. A simple gesture like a smile can brighten their day.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 7, 2022

A Walking Ladder?

We were washing the bugs off of the front of the BoggsMobile several years ago and our folding RV ladder started walking. It must have been a perfect combination of the weight of the ladder, the wind and the slope of the parking lot.

I ran across these clips a while back and wanted to share them with you.

Please share if you enjoy.


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Pod’N Me Take 2

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the BoggsMobile. I hope you are doing well this fine Saturday. We are doing great. The Lord gave us a wonderful revival this week in Birch Tree, Missouri. I love watching God's plan unfold.

We are in Paducah, Kentucky today. We are looking forward to being with Pastor Doug Stevens and the people at High Point Pentecostal Church. Revival begins tomorrow morning thru Wednesday night. I anticipate God will meet us in the five services of revival!

Pod'N Me Take 2
My faithful readers may remember me talking about my favorite podcast in past posts. If you are new, allow me to introduce you to Pod'N Me.

Pod'n Me is a weekly podcast full of great Christian humor! A new episode is released every Wednesday. It is available on all the different podcast platforms. I listen here on Apple Podcasts.

Pod'N Me was started by Pastor Devin Birdsong in 2020. He produced several episodes of the podcast with special guest interviews. Those episodes are wonderful!

Bro. Devin still does a monthly interview with a special guest. The interviews are released on the first day of the month. I highly recommend you check out the interview series. The testimonies and topics addressed are outstanding.

Two years ago, the format of the weekly episodes changed. Bro Devin brought on two more members to the podcast crew. The Wednesday Pod'N Meeting was born. Bro. Devin Birdsong is the Poderator and the virtual pastor every Wednesday. Bro. Dustin Wakely is the virtual deacon, and Bro. Brad Cottrell is the virtual song leader for the Pod'N me services.

I have known all of these men and their families for many years. They are wonderful people that love God! They are sold out, 100 percent Christians. I love it when Christians love to have fun!! Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad make a fantastic team.

You never know what will transpire during a virtual church service at Pod'N Me. This is a time to relax and have fun. It blesses many people each week! I love it when I find a fellow member of the podience that enjoys the podcast like I do.

I have been a faithful member of the podience for almost two years. I am always encouraging others to join in on the fun! I love the humor! They have given me the title of Souper Fan. Yes, it is spelled souper, not super. Soup has been a hot topic of debate for a long time.

Last fall, I was invited to be a guest on Pod'N Me! Click here to hear my 2021 interview. We had so much fun recording the show! We made so many memories that day. We are still laughing about them.

This year, Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad invited me to come back to Pod'N Me. It was an honor to be part of the show again. I truly can not tell you how much fun we had recording the episode!

Dad took this picture below right before we started recording. I was too busy during the actual recording to snap any pictures.

Bro. Devin thought he had the bright idea to put me in charge of the episode! This was not his wisest decision.😍 The Souper Fan took charge. We had lots of fun with the whole situation. It definitely could have been a train wreck, but I think it turned out good. 

The episode was released on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Click here to find my latest Pod'N Me visit. I hope this is not the least downloaded Pod'N Me episode!

Thanks to Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad, for allowing me to be a member of their team for the day! I had a great time with you all! Thanks for your friendship! Keep up the excellent work at Pod'N Me.

My Pod'N Me Take 2 episode was released this week. Click here to hear it for yourself. I would love to know what you think. Also, send your feedback to Bro. Devin by email. The address is Tell my friends at Pod'n Me that The Souper Fan sent you.

You can also find Pod'N Me information on their website here. Hey, do not forget Christmas is coming. Pod'N Me merchandise would make great gifts. Order yours today on their website.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. I will see you next Saturday.