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Monday, April 22, 2024

It Is A Joy To Help GoodNews Christian School

Thank you for rejoicing with us on Friday concerning the new sanctuary at the church branch in Abeokuta. I also appreciate the encouragement we received about the possibility of traveling there to dedicate the church later this year. 

I have no idea IF I will be able to do it. It is nice to know not everyone is cheering/praying against the prospect.😁

We believe in the purpose and the promise of the school in Abeokuta and we have been vocal about it. We have and we are willing to continue putting our money where our mouth is.

Today I want to write to you about what is needed to complete the building for much needed classroom space. I shared pictures with you earlier of the new construction at GoodNews Christian School. You can click on the link or you can see a few pictures below.

The structural engineer has cautioned them to finish the second story floor as quickly as possible. The wood and iron are now exposed to the sun. Also the rainy season will be on them soon. The engineer wants it covered with concrete. 

It is not much further along now than the pictures above because they have come to the end of their resources. Inflation is completely out of control in Nigeria, much worse than when we were there in December. The economy is spiraling and it is very difficult for the people to meet their personal needs.

We have a little more funds we have planned to send but not enough to cover the concrete for the second floor. The price of the rebar, gravel, sand and bags of cement have went out of sight. We hope to scrape up enough for them to finish that phase and send it next Monday 4/29.

It is a joy to help provide a place for GoodNews School to touch the lives of over 200 children. We look forward to doing all that we can.

Thank you for reading today.


Friday, April 19, 2024

Please Help Us Rejoice!

Look at this beautiful new church in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria!

I have great news about the church where we preached in Abeikuta late last year!

They needed a bigger sanctuary and this is what the new one looked like the night we were there in December.

We had a wonderful service that night and my heart was refreshed and encouraged. I left there that night with determination to help them complete the church. 

I was delayed a while with a detour through the ER, hospital and rehab, but in early February I found out what they needed. I eventually sent the amount they said was needed for completion.

I posted these pictures on March 1 of the day they were putting in the concrete floor.

I am happy in my heart to tell you the construction is finished and I received pictures yesterday to prove it! Hallelujah! Most of the finance came from our missions budget but we did receive some direct help toward the expense. Thank you very much!

Wow! This is beautiful!

Bro. Shobanke wants me to travel to Nigeria at my convenience to dedicate the new church building. If I had to go next week, I could not do it due to the hardship of travel for me. But we are fervently praying that I will be strong enough to travel to Nigeria at some point this year. That would be a mighty victory.

Having this building finished so soon is a mighty victory in itself. Praise God! I m so happy to see it!

We are also helping to build a new building at GoodNews School in Abeokuta and they need some miracles concerning that. I will try to bring you up tp date on that project next week.

Thank you for reading today.



Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Watching The New Building Go Up! Yay!

We have received good news in the last few days. The new building at GoodNews Christian School is underway. You may remember I posted a picture of the foundation and slab from when we were in Nigeria in December.

Here it was as we saw it.

We left a little money for materials when we were there in December and sent a little more in February when we provided resources to complete the construction of the new sanctuary at the church branch.

In early March we were able to send a good amount specifically toward the school building construction and I am so happy to see these pictures of the progress. The first floor structure is up and it looks like they are preparing to pour the floor for the second story.

I would love to be there smack dab in the middle of it, but there is not much I could do but watch.😁 I sure would like to watch and cheer them on! I am limited by distance, knowledge and physical ability.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not my responsibility to pour the concrete or build the walls but to do my best to find and supply the resources for them. I can do that and I love to do it. 

For many years we could not wire money to Nigeria with any reliability at all. I refused to take a huge chance on loss so we waited until we or someone we knew was traveling to Nigeria. That often delayed the delivery of the funds way too long.

For the last couple of years, we have been using a service that has been safe and quick. We have not had one problem. There is a fee but it is the same no matter what the amount. The fee is not insignificant, so I try to send as much as possible each time.

Boggs Family Ministries ALWAYS covers the fee so any money sent through us to help on a Mission project goes directly to the project intended without one cent being diverted for expenses of any kind.

By God's grace, we will try to send more in mid to late April. We believe in the ministry and goals of the GoodNews School and we are excited to be a small part of it.

Thank You for reading today. Tomorrow is A Word For Wednesday.


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Good News For GoodNews Christian School

I am happy and thankful to report to you that we were able to send a good amount toward the construction of the new classroom building at GoodNews Christian School in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria early this week. It takes a few days to process and we are awaiting confirmation that it was received.

We are incredibly thankful that we are blessed to be able to partner with Bro. Shobanke and our friends in Nigeria to assist in the education of over two hundred children. Sis Rebecca, Sis Ruth, Bro. Samuel and their staff are doing an amazing job for the precious children.

We love the school and we love doing everything we can to support their work. We were there for the Christmas program in December and loved every moment of the day.

Goodnews Christian School is touching lives that we could never reach and the joy on the children's faces and the happiness in their voices are testimonies of God's work in their lives. We soak up their love each time we are there with them.

Our plan is to send more toward building the desperately needed classroom building in early April as God provides. I will post pictures of the progress as soon as I receive them.

I hope you have a super great day.


Friday, March 1, 2024

No More Dirt In The Church

In early early February I posted about the new construction of the church in Nigeria. This is an existing church that needed a larger sanctuary. It is a branch of Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church.

Before we were there in December they had torn down the old sanctuary and partially built a bigger one. I was blessed to preach in the new church under construction. 

While I was there I determined to try to help them finish the building. I had received the estimate on what it would take to finish and by God’s grace and the help of others, we had the resources to send them the money needed to complete the church. 

Thursday I received an email with videos of the concrete floor being completed. Concrete work is very labor-intensive, but especially in Nigeria where everything is done by hand. I am thrilled to see the floor going in so that they do not have to have church on the dirt floor.

Bro. Shobanke told me they were able to purchase all the supplies for completion of the sanctuary with the money that we sent and that it will be completed as soon as possible. Hallelujah!!!

Bro. Shobanke had mentioned on the phone that  it was his desire for me to travel to Nigeria later this year and dedicate this new sanctuary. He repeated that in the letter I received yesterday by email.

The impossibilities and impracticalities of us going to Nigeria this year loom very large in front of me. There is no way I could go this moment, but I expect to be much better a few months along this journey.

My immediate response is to say I cannot go this year, but if I am honest, there is a little bit of fear speaking right there. We have talked a lot about what would have happened if I would have had a stroke two weeks before I did in Nigeria.

We are definitely going to have to pray that one through and find the Lord‘s will. I do not want to be ruled by fear but I do not want to make a decision based on proving something to myself.

GoodNews Christian School
We still hope to send a good offering toward the construction of the new school building for GoodNews Christian School. We are hoping to send some in early March and then send a matching amount in April, if we are able. 

Can you tell, I am a little bit excited about these projects? Thank you for joining us today.


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Boggs Family Ministries Has Work To Do In Nigeria

Even though we are sidelined for the moment, as far as nightly preaching and weekly travel goes, Boggs Family Ministries continues on. We have hopes and dreams that we would like to complete and obligations that we intend to keep.

One of the things that we had intended to do early in January was to find out how much money it would take to complete the church construction that we had helped support earlier in Nigeria.

It has been many years since we first preached there in the front yard of the smaller older building. We were blessed to visit the church again and preach for them one night while we were in Nigeria recently. It was a wonderful night and our hearts were touched. 

When we were there in 2023, they were happily having church in the unfinished building with dirt floors. The Lord moved powerfully that night and I determined then to help them finish their new building.

Also, GoodNews Christian School has begun a new two-story building on their property. We saw the foundation and slab when we visited the school.

I also intended to ask them what it would take to get the new classrooms under roof. They need that building currently and I would love to see it completed as soon as possible.

Obviously, I have been sidetracked the last several weeks with a medical issue and have not had the time or brain power to even think about it. Recently, I was able to send an email to Bro. Shobanke and some of the other men and try to get those figures.

Last week I received an email from Bro.  Shobanke with the numbers that I had asked about.

As you requested, below are the cost of completion for our two building projects in Naira (₦)

1) Church Branch at Mile 2, Ayetoro Ogun State

A) Flooring -             1,005,000
B) Electrical Works-   500,000
C) Ceiling -                 1,767,000
D) Painting-              2,504,827

GROUND TOTAL= ₦5,776,827
Dollar Equivalence: $ 4,126

2) The Goodnews  Christian School Project Completion

A) First Floor -                      7,500,000          
B) Second Floor-                  7,500,000
C) Plastering and Flooring-  900,000
D) Roofing -                           2,800,000

GROUND TOTAL=    ₦18,700,000
Dollar Equivalence =$13,357

The inflation in Nigeria is running away and killing their economy. However, this causes the American dollar to be very high against the Naira. Hopefully, our dollars will buy more during this process.

A dear friend, who is an incredible missionary, had a burden from the Lord to help us build this church and sent a great offering toward it. With his offering and our mission commitment, I will send the money to complete the church today

I have a little bit extra to put toward the school and I would like to send a sizable amount toward the new school building around March 1st IF possible.

We took the first three pictures while we were there and the pictures after demonstrate the current state of construction. I received these pictures with the financial information.


I would love to help them get the school building under roof and be that much closer to the children being able to use the space.

The amount listed above may not complete it. They need to equip a chemistry lab in that building, but it will go a long way. I am excited to even think about it.

As you know, I believe in this school. We have unashamedly invested as much as we can into the school for 14 years and I know the hundreds of children are worth every penny.

Thank you for reading today and thank you for helping us do all that we have done and will continue to do by God’s grace. We are taking a moment to heal and catch our breath but there is much remaining that we can do in the interim.