Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday at Cedar Creek

Praise God, He didn't stay dead! Up from the grave He arose. He is risen just like He said.

We had a great time at Cedar Creek this morning. We love the Cedar Creek folks and love being with them every time we can. We appreciate Pastor Darius and Sis. Kim Templeton, their family and their church so much. Thanks for having us on Easter!

I am posting pictures from Sunday morning below and tomorrow I will try to get up pictures and news from the first night of tent revival.

This morning I posted a poem about the resurrection and last night I posted pictures from the tent set up in Citronelle.

God bless,


He Wouldn't Stay Dead - Easter Sunday 2013

In what is becoming an Easter tradition, I am re-posting a great poem on this beautiful Resurrection Sunday. I hope you enjoy it. We plan to be with Cedar Creek church this morning and we will begin Tent Revival tonight in  Citronelle. You can read about the tent set up and see lots of great pictures HERE that I posted last night.

I have quoted this poem in my preaching for many, many years. I will probably quote it today.  It was written by a Baptist preacher named Willard G. Thomas from Georgia. I heard him quote it in person long years ago. It spoke to me then and it speaks to me every time I think of it. I love this poem. I added the last stanza when I started quoting it myself.

May God bless you on this Easter. If you are not a Christian, may you be moved by the fact that Jesus Christ died for you and then got up out of the grave for you as well.


He Wouldn’t Stay Dead
by:Willard G. Thomas

They laid His body in Joseph’s new tomb
And filled His disciples with sorrow and gloom
They did not remember what He had said
That He would die, but He wouldn’t stay dead

Mary came at the break of day
And found the stone was rolled away
She saw an angel and in terror fled
And told His disciples that He didn’t stay dead

In that cold dark tomb He would not stay
He conquered death and walked away
And now that old grave has lost it’s fear and dread
He lives again! He wouldn’t stay dead

Full atonement and pardon were made
And forever the sin debt was marked fully paid
The price was His blood as it flowed crimson red
And I’m thankful today that He didn’t stay dead!

Let’s go to our churches and cry aloud
Let’s go to the marketplace and talk to the crowd
Let’s go to the mission fields that lie up ahead
And tell the whole world that He didn’t stay dead!

Because if Jesus Christ had only died
Then the gulf between us and God would still be wide
But thank God He did what He said
He got up out of the ground, He couldn’t stay dead!

Last Stanza by Davy Boggs

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Tent Is Up in Citronelle, Alabama

The tent is up in Citronelle, Alabama. We are joining again with Pastor Gaylon Cunningham and the Whatley Holy Church of God and Pastor Darius Templeton and the Cedar Creek Holy Church of God. I really appreciate these Pastors and their fine churches for their burden to reach out to their neighbors. It is not cheap or easy to make the commitments they have made and I applaud them for it. May God bless their efforts.

We are so glad to be here and we are expecting great things from God. The weather man is calling for rain and cooler temperatures. Please pray that God turns that completely around. We have watched Him do it before and we are asking Him to do it again.

The tent set up went great today. I mean super great. We had plenty of help and started driving stakes at 8:00 AM. By 9:00 the tent was in the air and we were hanging lights. The men and women worked hard and made the whole job look easy. I sure appreciate everyone working so hard. It makes my day a whole lot easier and they certainly made it easy for me. I believe that it also helps that many of these folks were involved last year and they knew just what to do. Praise God for it all.

We begin the revival Sunday night at 6:00 and then we will start Monday through Saturday at 7:00. Next Sunday night will be at 6:00 again. We have already had several folks in the community stop by to see what is going on and we are believing that God will draw many of them under the blue and white Gospel tent. We are believing God for salvation that will break the chains of sin and addiction and set the captive free. Please join us in that prayer. If you are close enough to attend the Tent Revival here in Citronelle we would love to have you with us. Please come if you can.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. They are not in order because they were taken with three different cameras. God bless and have a great Resurrection Sunday!


This was taken about 7:40 AM

This was taken a few hours later from the same spot.

We appreciate everybody that worked so hard. I told you we had a bunch of help! What a great crew they were!

Our new Banners.