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Monday, July 8, 2024

The Weekend Dispatch 7/8/24

I hope you had a great weekend. Our weekend was super. It started Friday with me doing as little as possible to stay alive and ended with an awesome Sunday.

Friday I did nothing but prepare for the revival service. At 8 o’clock we kicked off the fourth in our summer revival series and had a wonderful service. You can watch at your leisure, free of charge, at the link immediately below. ❤️❤️

Saturday, I prepared for the services on Sunday and not much else. Do you see a pattern developing here?

Sunday, we finally made it next-door to Dodds Pentecostal church for the whole day. Pastor Jay Osborn had invited me a few months ago and we had scheduled a date. I had to cancel because of a sudden onset of Shingles. Lots of fun. 

The second time we scheduled, I canceled to make the emergency trip to Mississippi to help Pastor Ricky Boler. The third time worked out perfectly. It was wonderful to have to services with lots of family and friends and the moving of God’s Spirit.

Both services were amazing and we enjoyed the day very, very much. It was worth the wait for us and I hope it was for the church. 

Odie captured a bunch of great pictures and that pretty much wraps up the whole weekend for us. Please enjoy the pictures and accept our thank you for coming to join us today. 


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Camp Meeting

Sister Tammy Harris, the wife of Pastor Alan Harris was in a horrible head-on car collision on Tuesday afternoon. She had surgeries Tuesday and a full day of surgeries on Wednesday as well. 

She is far from finished and needs a miracle desperately. Please pray for our dear friends. We would love to see them receive the miracle they need. 

Next, last week we spent a full day at Eastern Indiana Penecostal Campmeeting near Connersville, Indiana. We were blessed to enjoy preaching from Pastor Dwain Galiher as the morning speaker and Pastor Kevin Lloyd as the night speaker. 

The preaching was excellent as well as the worship and the fellowship. We are blessed and happy that we made the time to attend one day. It was great. 

Odie snapped some pictures of the people and I know that some of you will enjoy seeing them. Thank you very much for stopping by today. 

Finally, Happy, Happy July 4!