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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Merry Christmas!!

Yesterday we mailed our Christmas card to everyone on our Newsletter list and to those that we have received Christmas cards from in the mail. Wow! That was a huge job. KJo and Odie worked on stuffing, stamping and labeling most of day Saturday.

You can see a PDF of the card here.

The PDF should be much clearer than this picture, but this will give you an idea.

I have been posting A Word For Wednesday the last two weeks with a Christmas message and I have one ready for tomorrow.

May God bless each of you this Christmas season. We appreciate each of you spending a few minutes with us every day.


Monday, December 21, 2020

Our 2020 Christmas Newsletter/Christmas Card

This is Day 8 of our 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube. I think you are going to like today's Christmas song.

Also, last night we posted a short Christmas Sunday service from Odie's house.

Thursday we sent out our snail mail Christmas Newsletter and we want you to able to see that as well. This newsletter serves as our Christmas card too.

This should lead you to the PDF of the Newsletter.

I will post the text of the Newsletter below as well. Thank you for stopping by.


  Hello, Everyone! This is Davy, Kelly and Odie Boggs wishing you a very Merry Christmas2020!
  It has been a year of twists, turns and uncertainty for everyone. For most of us, nothing is more fearful than the thing that is unknown. If we can see the way, perceive the path and know the next variable, we somehow think we can handle the situation better. This year has not lent itself to “seeing”, “perceiving” or “knowing” at all.
 Every day, every circumstance, every new direction has been unknowable for us. Therefore fear, uncertainty and anxiety have reigned supreme all over the world. How did this get started? What comes next? Does this work? Is that the answer? When will this end?
  Yet, it is not only coronavirus and COVID 19. This year has been full of political disagreement, economic upheaval, racial injustices, anger, violence, confusion and hate, hate, hate!
 Wow! What a year! AND it shows no sign of stopping or even slowing down.
 Some of you have suffered horrible losses, more of you have endured incredible sickness, others have held on tightly for the whole unbelievable ride. Yet, here we are, hanging on, still upright and moving forward by God’s strength! God is truly our refuge in this dreadful storm!
  Thank God for His grace. Thank God for His mercy. Thank God for His love. Thank God for His compassion, Thank God for His provision. Thank God for His protection.
  Thank God for His direction. Brothers and Sisters, we have all made it to this point, due to the help of God!
  In my mind, because of all this, 2020 has been an amazing year. In all of the difficulty,we have been blessed beyond measure, because we are still standing in His grace.
  Changes in scheduling due to COVID caused us to miss seeing a lot of you this year. We hate that! Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for checking on us. Thank you for encouraging us. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 according to His will. Until then, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Let The Church Rise Up

I have a few things I want to deliver to you today. We are sending this out to our snail mail newsletter list as quickly as possible. I will paste the text below and a link to a PDF of that file. I will also post a YouTube video of me expounding on these comments. Please take a few moments to read and share with others or even view the video. 

Our nation and our world need help. We need God to heal our land and God may be waiting on us to fulfill our spiritual commitments. I am encouraging Christians to spend the month of August preparing ourselves according to II Chronicles 7:14 and then asking God to heal our land on Sunday, August 30. Who can say what God will do, but we know He is able.

This is a link to a PDF of the text below. Please share and forward.

Boggs Family Ministries

Our Nation Is In A Crisis And Needs To Be Healed
Our World Is In A Crisis And Needs To Be Healed
Let The Church Rise Up

Some are hoping that herd immunity will finally stop this pandemic.
Yet experts say that a large percentage of the population needs to be infected in order to have any possibility of developing herd immunity. A large percentage of the population enduring the ravages of COVID-19 could mean many millions of deaths.

Some are hoping that a vaccine will stop this pandemic.
Yet we are not even sure a vaccine that works can be developed.
And at this time, there is no guarantee that immunity from a vaccine would last very long.

There is another remedy and it is a Biblical remedy.
II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I have been expecting some nationally or internationally recognized religious leader to call for Christians to fulfill this verse.
We can wait no longer. Our world is desperate for a cure.

I have no authority. I am not a Pastor. I am not a recognized voice outside my little circle. My voice carries no weight, nor do I seek a wider audience. My words have scant influence and my opinions are not important.
But God’s Word is preeminent! His voice must be heard! I have not earned the right for my words to be trusted, but please listen to the Word of God.

God can heal our land! God can stop this pestilence! The Bible teaches us there is nothing too hard for God. It is impossible with man, but not with God!
God spoke the solution to Solomon. What would it hurt if we followed His Word and put ourselves into a position to ask God to heal our land?
II Chronicles 7:14 is not spoken to the world at large, it is spoken to us, the people which are called by God’s name. What does God say to us? God says His people should:
-Humble themselves! God, help us to throw our pride and vanity aside and humble ourselves before You!
-Pray and seek my face! Oh, God, help us to become serious about prayer, sincere, heartfelt prayer, seeking your face!
-Turn from their wicked ways! We must be willing to repent and turn from all our wicked ways. It is easy to see wickedness in those outside the church or others inside the church, but we must turn from our own wicked ways!

IF we do these things and do them sincerely and completely, God promised to hear our cry, forgive our sin and heal our land!
We need healing in our land, why not try the remedy God gave us? We are doing everything we can not to spread the virus. Is there more that we can do?
Why not spend the month of August humbling ourselves before God, repenting, turning from all wickedness?
We the people of God could fast and pray until the last Sunday in August when we could gather in our churches in unity and ask God to heal our land.
If only 1/10 of the Christians would fast a meal in August or a day in August, we could cover every moment of the month many thousands of times over.
Would fasting change God? Absolutely not! Fasting changes us! There is nothing that brings me down to humility like taking my plate.
Let us get down low before God, humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face, turn from our wicked ways and give God a chance to do a miracle in our world.

Let the month of August be preparation and on Sunday, August 30th let us lift our humbled voices toward God and believe Him for a mighty miracle of healing. Let us believe Him to stop this pestilence!
What if every Christian in the USA joined in fulfilling II Chronicles 7:14 personally and corporately?
What if Christians all over the world joined in the purification and the prayer?
Does our world need to be healed? Can God do it? Yes! Yes! We need to rise up and be light in this dark world!

Spread the word. Share far and wide on every platform, not for the glory of a man or a movement, but for the glory of God!
We have a few days to spread the word to Christians everywhere and we certainly have the technology to do it.
We neither expect nor need skeptics and scoffers to join us in this effort. This is a duty assigned to the church. May God help us to do our part.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

On The Road Again Newsletter May 2019

It is way past time for Odie's Newsletter and we finally mailed it from Claremore, OK Friday. Some folks have already received it by snail mail.

You should be able to read it easily by clicking on this link. May 2019 On The Road Again Newsletter. It should open up as a PDF. I hope you enjoy.

I will tell you all the details later, but we did make it to Ohio Monday evening. I dropped Odie off at her driveway at 7:00 PM and parked the BoggsMobile by the barn.

Thank you for checking in with us today.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

On The Road Again Newsletter Christmas 2018

Tuesday evening Kelly Jo rushed to the post office to mail the latest version of our On The Road Again newsletter. It is probably showing up in mailboxes across the country today and should certainly reach all of the recipients by this weekend. Because you are a faithful blog reader, you get to see it today.

This is our Christmas newsletter and also serves as the Christmas card from our family and from Boggs Family Ministries. We thought it was appropriate to take our Christmas picture in the beautiful home that was built for Odie. We are thankful that my sister Theresa was able to take a few moments to snap some pictures for us.

I would include pictures of her standing on top of the kitchen island to get the "right" picture, but I am afraid she might remove me from her Christmas list. I can not take a chance with that. Of course, I could text it to anyone that would like to see it.😁

Okay, Okay, you have twisted my arm hard enough. I must give the public what it desires.

Theresa said a good photographer does whatever it takes to get the picture!

Here is the link to the Boggs Family Ministries Christmas 2018 Newsletter. The link should open the newsletter in a nice readable PDF file, but I will add a picture of the newsletter too.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless you all. 


Friday, September 14, 2018

On The Road Again Newsletter September 14, 2018

Thursday we sent the snail mail version of Odie's newsletter. Today I am posting it here for you. On The Road Again is an important part of staying connected to our families and the churches where we have preached. It is a project Odie started shortly after we went back on the road nearly 16 ago and it has been well received.

2003 was well before social media begin to come of age. Although we had ditched a land line, we only had one cell phone in the family and we were lucky to be able to check our email more than once a week. 

Not much internet connectivity here.

Our family did move into the smart phone age and began to tap texts and emails with our dinosaur fingers, but we kept right on plugging along with On The Road Again newsletter and eventually our website. We still send hand written "thank you" notes and even the occasional letter.

We know that we could probably connect with more people by diving headlong into social media, but we are happy to be free from the corresponding drama of social media. We are satisfied speaking to the millions, OK, just one million, that read this website and the hundreds that receive the newsletter.

I think it might be nice to hear from Odie concerning the newsletter. In the interest of investigative journalism, I asked Odie some hard hitting questions about On The Road Again. Odie's answers are below in red. I hope you enjoy our fun little interview.

-When did you begin the On The Road Again newsletter and what did you write about? 

We sent the first issue out on February 6, 2003, one month after Dad resigned the church in Wichita and we hit the road. 

I wrote about the revivals we had preached in Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee and back to Kansas. I also wrote about pulling our trailer to Ohio for licensing, visiting family, attending one morning of the Minister’s Conference in Strawberry Plains and a couple more of the churches where we had preached.

I ended the first newsletter with this, “Well, I hear the truck starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On The Road Again!

How old were you at the time?

 I was 17. 

Do you remember what gave you the idea to begin a newsletter?

That is a good question, I am not sure what gave me the idea, but I asked Dad if he and Mom would help me do it and he said they would. He likes to say, he bought the paper, the ink, the envelopes, the labels and the stamps, edited the content, printed the letter and allowed me to soak up the credit. It is pretty much an accurate statement, but it was MY idea! 

How did it start out?

We sent it to our families and the churches we had recently preached in or were scheduled to preach in. It turned out to be a great way to keep our family and friends informed about our life and schedule. 

We have pretty much kept it that way. Although the address list has grown by leaps and bounds, we have purposely kept the number in check so that we could be good stewards of the resources God give us.

How many issues a year do you publish?  

We have published between 4 and 7 issues a year. We have tried to settle in at about 5 issues each year.

Do you do it all by yourself or is it a team effort?

It is absolutely a team effort! My Mother has taken a larger role in recent years. She does the layout, helps Dad with printing labels and often helps me with stuffing envelopes, labels and stamps. We started having the newsletters professionally printed a few years ago. It adds a little to the expense, but it gave us a lot of flexibility in design and a nice looking presentation.

You are in your 16th year of writing the newsletter. Do you have any favorite responses from readers of the newsletter?

I love getting feedback from readers. So many stories come to mind. 

In 2007 we sent the song Bro. Joe Bill Houston wrote, “Fix It Man” to southern gospel radio across the country. My Friend Ambrie was much younger at the time and she read about the single in the newsletter. Her mom told me that Ambrie was ready to sit and listen to the radio until she heard us on XM Enlighten. 

My cousin in Kentucky told us one time that their pastor read our newsletter to their church. It was a church we had only preached in one time. Then they had special prayer for us. That was an encouragement to us. 

It must seem like a chore at times. What keeps you motivated?

Yes, at times I get writers block when I sit down to write the newsletter. Then I start rehearsing in my mind God’s blessings and all of the great people we have been around the previous weeks and that motivates me. 

The process of preparing them for the mail gets overwhelming. As I mentioned, Mom helps me and sometimes others chip in some labor. My friend Autumn Galiher helped me this week.

I like to go through the address labels and think of our friends and pray for them as I am preparing the envelopes for the mail. When someone lets me know they enjoy reading, it encourages me to keep sending them!

Do you intend to continue?

Yes, we plan to continue to publish the newsletter for the foreseeable future. Our newsletter has been an official part of Boggs Family Ministries for several years. Although we have a website with news of our family and ministry and our schedule, the newsletter is still a great way to let people know what is going on. A lot of churches post it on their bulletin board. Hopefully it reminds people to pray for us.

That is all for the hard hitting news today. Thank you for reading today.


I am hoping this link with take you to the PDF of the September On The Road Again newsletter. I have been trying to do this for a long time and I think I have finally done it!

If not, here is a picture of the September 2018 On The Road Again Newsletter.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

On The Road Again Newsletter

We are having a great revival at Bible Holiness Church in Elkton, Virginia. Odie is taking lots of pictures and we plan to post them tomorrow morning. 

We are having a difficult time with the final plumbing inspection on the house being built for Odie to live in. I am sure it will be taken care of, but it makes me nervous because of the schedule we need to meet next week. 

My Dad is dealing with the plumber and inspector handling most of the leg work. I appreciate that so much. I can not imagine what I would do without his help. 

Odie's On The Road Again newsletter was mailed this week. Some times I forget to post it here and I was about to let it slide this time. Thanks to Odie's reminder, here it is. I hope you can read it. For more of the schedule you can click HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Scott Hines Plumbing

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On The Road Again Newsletter

We mailed out Odie's latest On The Road Again Newsletter recently and I am sharing that with you today. I will post a picture of the newsletter first and then I will copy the text and schedule below.

On The Road Again

Published by
Boggs Family Ministries
Volume 15 Issue 4
October 30, 2017

Boggs Family Ministries
P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH 45068

This Life I Live!

I am writing this as we are traveling in the BoggsMobile from Wichita, Kansas toward Castle Rock, Colorado. By the time most of you read this, the revival in Colorado will be concluded and we will be on our way to Florence, Montana. We spent most of the summer in or near Ohio, preaching, singing and working on the house. It feels really, really good to be back on the road again.

We have made a lot of progress on the house since I last wrote. We will try to send out another newsletter before the end of the year with more pictures. You can see hundreds of pictures at

If you view the web version of the blog, scroll down to the “House” category and all the posts will be there from the newest to the oldest. 
I am very excited. The house is close to being finished but we have a few big hurdles before it is completed. Inside we need the heat and AC units, flooring, countertops, plumbing finished, closets systems, security cameras and finishing the paint. Outside we needed the siding installed, septic system, porches and drive and some dirt work. It will all happen in due time.
We hit the road shortly after Indoor Fellowship Meeting at Dryden Rd the end of August. Since then we have been to Indiana, Johnson, Vermont, Richton, Mississippi, Wilmer, Alabama, back to Ohio, West Plains, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas.
We have had fantastic revivals and God has encouraged Pastors, blessed saints and saved the lost. He has also been especially close to us it seems. That is wonderful. If God’s presence goes with us, then that is all we need to keep going. 

Thank you for praying for us. We feel it!

Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again... 


You can see our full schedule HERE.

Nov  1-8  Florence, MT
Sun Valley Church
Pastor Mike Metzger

Nov 11-14 Atwater, CA
Amazing Grace Tabernacle
Pastor Jared Burris

Nov 15-19 Fresno, CA
Souls Harbor Holiness Church
Pastor Anthony Munoz

Nov  26-29 Riverdale, CA
Riverdale Assembly
Pastor Charles Spencer

Nov 30 Avenal, CA
Avenal Assembly
Pastor Doug Spencer

Dec 3-8 Bloomington, CA
Bloomington Pentecostal
Church of God
Pastor John Deatherage

Dec  9 Phoenix, AZ
Riverside Church
Pastor Trey Dickerson

Dec 10-15  El Mirage, AZ
Desert Cove Assembly
Pastor Noah Martinez

2018 Jan 7-12 Pine Prairie, LA
Christian Tabernacle
Pastor Barry Gautreaux

Jan 14-19 Foley, AL
Bibleway Assembly 
Pastor Eddy Sullivan

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On The Road Again Newsletter - June 2017

Odie's "On The Road Again" Newsletter is going out to churches in the mail today. Because you stop in here each day, you get to read it first. 

The Newsletter is two sided this month with more pictures than normal so that churches can see the progress on the house. I will post pictures of each side and post the contents of the newsletter separately as well. 

Either Blogger or the internet is giving me trouble and I am having trouble loading the proper pictures in the correct order. Ugh! I do have most of the pictures from the newsletter below but they are all out of order.

I will post the text first.


Exiting Work in Progress

Hey Friends, I hope you are doing well. We are doing very good. It has been a full spring for us. Lots of traveling, a terrific month in Hodgenville, KY and many great services. It has been wonderful to see God move! Also there has been a "little bit" of a project going on at "The Lazy OD Ranch". It is definitely an exciting time at the Boggs Family Ministries head-quarters.

Here is a little recap. Pastor Scott Morris and a lot of our friends from around the world have joined to together to build a house for my future. It will be handicap accessible, designed to meet my needs. I love traveling and working with my parents and plan to do so as long as we are all able, according to God's will.
The first shovel of dirt was dug on April 16th. It was a race after that. Here is a list of things completed over the next month: dirt work, gravel brought in, footers poured, block laid, underground plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and the slab poured on May 17th.
On May 23rd the framing of the house began. It was an amazing sight to behold, watching the house quickly take shape. Bro. Larry Hall brought his framing crew including his brother Joe and nephew Josh. They worked at a greatly reduced rate, some for free, and made this project happen. Pastor Wade Hicks played a huge role in this.
Bro. Scott Morris and Bro. Sheldon Walley drove all the way from Richton, Mississippi to help in the framing. We also had people from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi here working. I am overwhelmed when I think about all the HARD labor that is going into this project. We even had our friend Bro. Shobanke from Nigeria to cheer us on for a few days.
Currently my Dad and my Pappaw Eugene are working hard on the electrical part of the construction and Bro. Galen Cummins in Sapulpa, OK is designing all the cabinets. It is exciting to behold his designs that will make things accessible for me.
We are happy and thrilled to report that everything is paid for to this point. We give God glory and God's people thanks for making this possible. I sincerely appreciate it all from the bottom of my heart.
We still have lots of work ahead of us this summer. Everyday we are working on something. We will keep you informed on the progress. You can always see our daily posts at Please keep us in your prayers!
Well, the engine is not starting today, but I had better get back to work until the BoggsMobile rolls again.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On The Road Again Newsletter March 2017

We mailed out Odie's "On The Road Again" newsletter on Friday. While Kelly Jo and I were working at the Ranch Friday, Odie was stuffing envelopes and putting on labels and stamps. I try to post the newsletter here when I remember to do it, so the text of it is below.

We include a small window of our schedule in the newsletter and I have copied it at the bottom. If you want to see what is coming up you can always go here.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. Thank you for reading today.


On The Road Again
From Snow To Sunshine

  Hello friends, I want to say our last newsletter was mailed the beginning of January and it seems that several people did not receive them. Also some random ones were returned. I apologize if you missed the last letter!
  2017 began for us while shouting the praises of our On Time God with Pastor Crowley and our dear friends at First Church of God in Christ. I am so glad it worked out where we could attend their New Years Eve service in Wichita, Kansas. It was the the exact start we needed for this year. 
  New Years Day we were privileged to be a part of the dedication of Hope For The Hurting, a program sponsored by Bethany Revival Center. We are excited to watch God move in many lives through Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo and their congregation.
  While in Wichita Pastor Terry White invited us to New Horizon Holiness Church. We enjoyed our visit with these precious people. New Horizon was home to us for 4 years and will always hold a special place in our hearts.
  From there we traveled to Oklahoma. Revival at Amber Mission Holiness Church was a last minute addition to our schedule, but It was God ordained. We had 4 glorious services with Pastor Russell Cheek and family. It was wonderful to see God work!
  The BoggsMobile then navigated the roads to Gainesville, Texas. It was so good to spend a weekend with Pastor Dennis King and our friends at House of Prayer.
  By mid January the bus was ready for better weather. We are thrilled to get away from as much snow and cold as possible. Our first southern stop was Citronelle, Alabama. Pastor Darius Templeton and the people at Cedar Creek Holy Church of God always welcome us with open arms.
 First Assembly in Douglas, Georgia was our next stop along the road. We had to hide from storms and I thank God for keeping us safe. We had a revival that we will remember for a long time. It is always fun to be with Pastor Marshall Adcock.
  It was so good to be in Cantonment, Florida to be with our dear friends at Beams of Light Holiness Church. Pastor Philip Deane and his precious people are special friends!
  The Lord moved in a mighty way at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church. We had a fantastic week with Pastor Jon Isaacs and the congregation in Elba, Alabama.
  City Reach made us unable to get to some of our normal stops last year, and we missed getting to see many friends. One of those place was Forts Lake Assembly. I am thankful we got to spend a week with Pastor Tim Cauley and our friends in Moss Point, Mississippi. They treated us like family.
  Our family split ways for six days. My parents enjoyed a great revival in Foley, Alabama. I hear they had a wonderful time at BibleWay Assembly with Pastor Eddy Sullivan.
  I snuck away to the Singing At Sea for a quick vacation with my friend Kaylene Stephens. We had a marvelous time cruising to the Bahamas and enjoying Southen Gospel Music.
  We joined forces again in Mobile, Alabama. The Lord blessed each service that we were in at Foster Grove Holiness Church. We had a good time with Pastor Jimmie McDuffie and his church!
 Then it was time to visit one of our "homes", Ellisville, Mississippi. We love every moment we get to be with Pastor Kenny Morris and the church family at First Assembly. Words cannot describe how much we love this church and these people.
  I am writing this from White Plains Holiness Assembly near Conehatta, MS. We are having wonderful services. We even got to see Bro. Ricky Boler run the ailse! We love coming here to be with these great people.
Allentown Campmeeting is on the horizon for us as I leave off writing. We are looking forward to it as always.
   Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go 'cause we're On The Road Again!

Note From Davy:
Plans are moving forward on the house that we hope to build for Odie’s future. We are a long ways from having everything in place but we are moving forward. The prints are drawn and we are in the process of pulling everything together to submit them to the county for permitting. If all goes as planned, we hope to begin the dirt work by mid-April. We are hoping to frame the house and get it in the dry the week of May 22nd.

If you can swing a hammer, fetch a 2x4 or pick up trash, you are welcome to join us that week. Call us to let us know you are coming, how many you are bringing and what your skill level might be. If you are not a framer but you have other construction skills, we may have a place for you later. There are other areas of the building process that we do not have covered. Call or email us for more details.

We would love to provide places to stay for those that come to work, but we will be unable to do so. We do have several motels within 10 miles.

March 19-24 London, KY,
First Pentecostal Church,
Pastor Vernon Jarvis

March 26-29 London, KY,
Liberty Tabernacle
Pastor Lester Carpenter

March 30-31 Pigeon Forge, TN,
Attending  PFYC LeConte Center

April 2-7 Wartburg,TN,
Beechfork Holiness Church,
Pastor Herman Woods

April 9-14 Cental City, KY,
Trinity Pentecostal Church,
Pastor Alan Harris

April 16-21 Dayton, OH,
Attending 60th Anniversary Revival
Dryden Road Pentecostal Church
Pastor Bennie Sutherland

April 22-May 21 Hodgenville, KY
Music and Ministry Month
Hodgenville Pentecostal Church
Pastor David Webb

May 23-26 Framing the House

June 2-9 Sharonville, OH
Free Holiness Church of God
Youth Rally June 2
Pastor Randy Brown