Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Woundup and Weview May 2, 2016

I am writing and posting this late Sunday night. We are hoping to get an early start Monday morning on our long trip to Atwater, California but with the hope of a decent night sleep and at least two hours work to get moving, early does not seem likely. We shall see.

It has been a wonderful weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. I believe with all my heart that God has brought us together with Pastor Johnson George, his wife Sis. Binu and the Bethel Christian Assembly. I appreciate Pastor Noah Martinez for introducing us to these wonderful people.

I never grow tired of meeting new people and singing and preaching in new places. I am amazed at the doors of ministry that God has opened for us and continues to make available to us. We are thrilled to walk through this open door!

We have enjoyed a tremendous weekend of fellowship and blessings from God. We had five services and each one of them was very, very good. Thank God for His blessings and His love toward us. What is man that God even thinks about us? Who are we that God would love us? Praise God for His mercy and His grace.

We did not park the BoggsMobile at the church during revival because the parking area is limited and we wanted to reserve plenty of room for visitors. We remained parked at the RV Park on the west side of Phoenix so it was a 35-40 minute drive to church. It is all interstate so it was not a bad drive at all.

Speaking of visitors, we had a big group of visitors from Desert Cove two nights and we loved that. I appreciate Pastor Martinez and Bro. Dickerson bringing their families and others to be with us. It was a special treat to have them. They must be gluttons for punishment since they have heard us for three weeks straight.

Also Bro. Stephen Zubia came and played drums for us the whole revival. We appreciate that as well. God bless you, friend. It was super great to have you. Bro. Stephen came Sunday bearing precious gifts, a whole bag of Humberto burritos courtesy of Pastor Noah Martinez! That's what I am talking about!

We had service Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning and twice on Sunday. The Bethel Church uses the facility of the Full Gospel Deliverance Tabernacle and they had a program Saturday evening that was previously scheduled. We had service on Saturday morning instead of Saturday evening. The morning crowd was wonderful and God moved in a wonderful way in the altar service.

Thursday and Friday nights, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night Sis. Binu and some of the other ladies served us traditional food from India. It was fantastic! Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful meal and sweet fellowship with Bro. Johnson and Sis. Binu in a restaurant. We love these people so much.

Pastor Johnson George has been a missionary all over India and has personally started at least 11 churches that are still operating. He has a passion for lost souls in India and America and keeps us riveted for hours with stories of God's providence, protection and provision. He is a modest man and we nearly have to pull the stories out of him but we are always glad we did.

Men like this inspire me to be sold out to God. God, help me to see that nothing in this world is more important than you OR more important than serving you and winning men and women to you!

I have posted some pictures from the weekend below and I am planning to have a Revival in Pictures post tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

#18 View Out The Front Window May 1, 2016

May I begin by passing along a few prayer requests this morning?

Please pray for our friends in Richton, Mississippi today. They have suffered a terrible loss this weekend. A fine young man from the church was killed in a car accident and they need God to help them desperately. Our friends are grieving and we want to be with them and can not. Yet I know that God can visit them and comfort them right now.

Secondly, Pastor Alan Harris had a serious health scare earlier this week and although he is doing better, I want to ask you to pray for Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy this week. They have had a rough time physically this year and I am asking God to give them a few miracles today.

Finally, my nephew Victor had an accident at work Friday and needs God to help him. Thank you for praying.

Check out our posts from the last week at the links below.

This is our view out the front door the last several days in an RV Park just west of Phoenix, Arizona.

This is the view out the front window.

We have had three tremendous services with Pastor Johnson George and the Bethel Church. We are expecting two more great services today. Thank you for praying for us.

God bless you all this beautiful Sunday morning.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Congratulations Deidre Boggs

Hey Friends,

It is Odie reporting in once again from Arizona. We have had a wonderful week. God is helping us in revival this weekend at Bethel Church in Phoenix. We are enjoying getting better acquainted with Pastor George and his wife Sis Binu. These are super great people.

Last Saturday I told you about my whirlwind trip to Missouri to surprise my cousin Deidre Boggs. Deidre completed her four years at Ozark Bible Institute. She majored in Christian Education. I am super proud of her for persevering and working so hard!  

I was thrilled to be in Neosho, Missouri last Friday and cheer as Deidre's name was called. We had a whole pew full of family and friends there from Ohio cheering for Deidre.

Deidre, I love you my, "Sister" Cousin! I can not wait to see what God has ahead for you.

I also had several other friends graduating from Ozark Bible Institute this year. It was great to see them graduating too! Congratulations to all the 2016 Graduating Class of Ozark Bible Institute! All of your hard work has paid off.  

Below are the rest of pictures from my trip.

Thursday night 
Deidre, Me and Lisa Isaacs 

Friday during the day
Papaw Eugene

Lisa Isaacs, Tara McCoy and Karen Boggs

Me and Uncle Steve 

Me, Uncle Steve, Papaw and Mamaw's bunny ears

Waiting for the crowd to come and the graduation to begin.

Deidre with her Pastor Kelly Rogers and Levi Rogers

Me and my friend Selah Shoemaker 

It was great to see Julie Martin

Also I had a quick visit with Brentni Hrepeck 

Deidre shared some of her pictures with me. I was unable to get pictures of all my friends that night. 

Deidre and Ivy

Deidre and Selah

Ben and Deidre 

Aunt Karen and Ben Shoemaker 

Deidre and friends 

Four year graduates 

Now it is time for graduation

A portion of the crowd. The church was full to overflowing. 

President of OBI Pastor Danny Taylor 

Class speaker Jeremey Margeson. Jeremy is a fellow Ohioan and he did a great job!

Tassels changed, now an official OBI graduate 


Praying for graduates 

I was thrilled to see our long time friend Sis. Mary Kimbal

The Lutz from Colorado 

Selah and Lisa

Me and Sis. Shoemaker 

Me with Papaw and Mamaw. It was wonderful to get to spend a little time with them. 


Thank you, Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve, for picking me up and taking me back to the airport so very early in the morning. I appreciate all your help to make this trip a success!

Flight from Joplin, Missouri to Dallas Fort Worth Texas

After a quick plane change it was on to Phoenix. 

I have to close with a picture of my delicious lunch. This was the picture I sent to my Uncle Steve letting him know I was "home".  There is nothing quite like a burrito from Humberto's. 

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend.