Sunday, September 23, 2018

Our View Out The Front Window September 23, 2018

A week with lots of travel produces a variety of views out the front window. This was our view out the front window at Flying J in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

This was our view out the front window at the Flying J near Greenville, Alabama.

This was our view out the front window for part of the week at River Springs Camp near McKenzie, Alabama. I backed the tent trailer near the tabernacle so that we could fold down the back door onto the concrete and easily load the sound equipment at night. Every revival should be that easy.

This is our view this week in Richton, Mississippi. The tent is just to the right of our view out the front window.

Here are links to our posts this last week. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for joining us today on Mile Markers. I hope you have a tremendous Sunday. Pray for us as we begin tent revival tonight in Richton, Mississippi. We would love to have a tremendous harvest of souls!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Great Galiher Girls

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie and I am reporting this morning from Mississippi. Today the tent is being set up in Richton. This week of tent revival is a highlight our year. I look forward to it with great anticipation! We love tent revival and working with Pastor Scott Morris and First Assembly! 

Tent Revival will be Sunday night through Friday. The tent is set up in Richton Recreation Park. The entrance is across from Fred's Dollar Store. Please join us for a service if you are in the area. 

As you read in Monday’s post we had a wonderful time at  Junction Hill Pentecostal Church with the Galiher Family. I love every time we get to be together. The fellowship is always incredible.  

I really enjoyed getting to be with the Galiher Girls, well ladies. Anytime I get to be with my dear friends it is amazing!  They are a bundle of fun and keep me laughing.

Sis. Galiher is absolutely number one in my book. Her Godly influence can easily be seen in her beautiful daughters and I am thankful to have them in my life as friends.

Amber, Autumn and Adrianne are three special ladies. They have been my friends for a long time. Actually, I remember Amber and Autumn before Adrianne joined the family. Over the years we have spent countless hours together at youth camps, campmeetings and their church. We have lots of fond memories that we still laugh about today. 

Amber is a kindergarten teacher.  Recently she won teacher of the year for her district and region. She was very close to becoming Missouri Teacher of the Year. I am proud of her! 

Autumn is almost done with her degree in education. I know she will do a wonderful job!  She also helped me stuff envelopes for the newsletter last week. Thanks Autumn.

Adrianne is also working in the education field. She must have a lot of patience because she works in preschool. 

Adulthood has limited our paths to crossing only two or thee brief times a year, but I look forward to each time. We are always able to pick up where we left off on the last visit. 

There is a special aspect that I love about our friendship. We have fun. We talk about silly stuff. We talk about serious stuff. AND we can talk about spiritual things too. They are not ashamed of their relationship with Christ and they love to talk about Him and how He affects their lives.

We laugh when we compare notes about growing up as preachers kids. We have a lot in common. It definitely helps to have others that understand what you are going through.

Amber, Autumn and Adrianne are wonderful women of God. They are dedicated and sold out for God.  

Amber, Autumn and Adrianne, thank you for allowing me to be your friend! You are amazing and I love and appreciate you so much. Keep being awesome. I look forward to the next time we meet up!

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. I hope you have a great weekend. 


Friday, September 21, 2018

Revival In Pictures - McKenzie, Alabama

Last night we finished our part of the camp meeting with Bro. Justin and Sis. Ashley Sullivan at River Springs Camp near McKenzie, Alabama. We have had a great time here and we look forward to hearing of God blessing even more in the future.

This camp was owned and operated by the Pentecostal Holiness denomination for many years going back into the 1930's or 1940's. Then it was purchased by another group that used it for a long time before it fell into disuse for a number of years. Bro. Justin and Sis. Ashley purchased it this year and have worked incredibly hard and long to whip the place into shape.

It really is an awesome facility. It has a big metal open air tabernacle where we are holding the meeting this week, RV hookups, a house, a kitchen and sleeping quarters for over 200 people and buildings I have not even seen yet.

Each night we had folks here that came to camp meetings here for decades. One man in attendance had helped build most of the current buildings including the tabernacle. One 51 year old preacher told me he was saved under that tabernacle 38 years ago.

We rejoice in the history, praise God for the present and we are believing God for His presence and help in the future. I do believe there is a tremendous future here at this old camp and this young couple. We are thrilled to be a small part of it.

Odie captured some pictures so I will share with you now the Revival In Pictures. Thank you for dropping by.