Saturday, July 13, 2024

Another Andrea Odie

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie, coming to you from Kentucky. We are enjoying time with family this weekend at Carter Caves State Park. Today, it is time for the annual Boggs reunion. I am confident this will be a fun filled couple of days. It is always fun to catch up with our Boggs cousins!

We will soon bring you a full report on the Boggs reunion 2024. Here is an excellent video of pictures and memories from 2021. Dad compiled this back then. I liked looking back on this video a few days ago.

Another  Andrea Odie

Now, for the main topic of this post. Most of my regular readers know that I am Andrea Boggs, but better known as Odie to most people. I love my name, Andrea.

I am proud of my birth name, which Dad chose for me before my birth. I am named after a cousin. When I reached adulthood, I had to use it daily for business. Also, a few family members and select friends call me Andrea.

I do have my own namesake. My best friend named her second daughter Andrea after me. We have jokingly called her little Odie. Andrea Blakenship is now a beautiful teenager.

Here is the backstory to my name nickname. Odie has been my identity since around 2 years of age. Dad also tagged me with this name. As a toddler, crawling was my method of navigating. My long brown hair was mainly in a doggie ear style, and I crawled better with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Dad thought I resembled the cartoon dog Odie.

The name has stuck with me all these years. I like having a unique name that makes me easily recognizable, so I have chosen to keep that my primary name. Most people do not even need to hear the Boggs part of my name because I am just Odie.

When I meet somebody new, they often want to know the history of my name. I have a few funny stories about people trying to figure out my name! Sometimes, I overhear conversations about my name, which makes me laugh.

Something happened a while back that I have been wanting to write about. I was on the phone with a business, doing something for our family. The kind lady taking my info asked if she could ask me a question. I agreed and this was her response. Is  Andrea your  real name and Odie a nickname? I said yes, and gave my explanation.

The lady then told me she has a niece named Andrea, who goes by Odie. She thought her nickname was also connected to the dog. I really could not believe my ears! Are there really two Andreas who go by Odie?

I was so surprised! I wanted to ask if she was my aunt. LOL? She was in an area where I have lots of family! She did tell me the niece lived in a different state than me. 

I asked her to have her family look me up online. It would be neat to connect with the other Andrea Odie! I have not heard from anyone yet. If you are reading this post and are aware of this other person, please leave a comment!

Well, I will quit my rambling! Thanks for reading as I conveyed my conversation. It is just more proof that you never know what you will learn in one day.