Saturday, November 17, 2018

Songs of Thanksgiving 2018 Volume 2

Hey Friends,

This is Odie and I am happily reporting in from Ohio. Today finds me with the Morgan side of my family. The Thanksgiving festivities are starting early for us in Hillsboro. 

I love my Morgan crew so much! I am blessed to be in this family. Any time we are all together we have two things, delicious food and good times! I always seem to laugh until I hurt. I know this will be a fabulous day!

Last Saturday I started a mini-series of posts called Songs of Thanksgiving 2018. Click here to read volume 1 This week is volume 2 of 3. Songs help me put my thankfulness into words and also put in the correct frame of mind for gratitude. 

When I started contemplating this series today’s song was the 2nd one that came to mind. This song reminds us to be thankful always no matter what the circumstances. When I think about thanking God in all things I think of Psalms 107:1.
Oh Give thanks unto the Lord, For He is good: for His mercy endureth forever

I can always thank God for He is Good and His mercy endures forever!

When life does not seem to be going the way we had hoped and planned, we must still be thankful! God can see the complete picture and I want to thank Him always. Somedays I have to stop and give myself a pep talk and a reminder to be thankful. 

Today’s featured song is In Everything Give Thanks. It is another one from the archives that will always be true. Jeff and Sheri Easter first recorded this song in the early 90’s. Charlotte Ritchie also recorded it on a solo project several years ago. Both versions are favorites around our house. I could not find links to either one online. 

I did find a 2010 recording from a Gaither project. In this version, Charlotte Ritchie is joined by Jeff and Sheri Easter providing background vocals. You can find it here on Apple Music or here on YouTube.

Thank you for visiting with me today. I will close with the song lyrics. 


In Everything Give Thanks 

  • Written by Aaron Wilburn and 
  • Sheri  Easter

  • Chorus 
    In everything give thanks

    With all your heart give praise 
    For the Lord we serve will never let you down In everything give thanks
    With all your heart believe 
    That the Lord can take a circumstance 
    And turn it all around

    Verses 1
     When you want sunshine
     to brighten up your day
    But you find the clouds rain on your parade
    Don't forget somewhere 
    Someone you may not know

    is thanking God for a rain 
    To make the crops grow

    In everything give thanks
    With all your heart give praise 
    For the Lord we serve will never let you down In everything give thanks
    With all your heart believe 
    That the Lord can take a circumstance 
    And turn it all around

    Verse 2
    When troubles trouble you 
    And you think life's not fair 
    When you need someone
    And there's no one there
    Remember all the times that you feel alone 
    Are the times He'll use to make you strong

    In everything give thanks
    With all your heart give praise 
    For the Lord we serve will never let you down In everything give thanks
    With all your heart believe 
    That the Lord can take a circumstance 
    And turn it all around

    Friday, November 16, 2018

    And Broke His Crown

    Davy fell down and broke his crown. 

    Well, that is not exactly true. I never really fell down. I did not actually break my crown either. I guess none of that statement is true.

    What in the world?

    I was chewing some scrumptious food last week in Locust Grove, Oklahoma and the crown on my one remaining molar fell off. Thankfully it did not break.

    As a side note, I did fall down a few nights before the crown fell off while we were in revival in Broken Arrow. I tripped somehow and before I knew what happened, I was laying in the mulch at a restaurant that Friday night after church. The dozen church folks inside did not see me fall, but they did see me laying on my face between the shrubs. 😳😂

    The most painful thing about the fall was when about five men came running outside to help me. Some of them RAN to help me and I appreciate that a bunch, but I was pretty embarrassed.

    Maybe that fall was the fall that started in all. I may have bitten down real hard as I went down and started the whole crown escapade. I will probably never know. The one thing I do know is that Jill did not come tumbling after. I was the only one to fall.

    I went to the dentist Thursday morning and they confirmed that the crown looked intact and reusable. They poked around on the tooth a moment and then glued the crown back on. It is in my best interest to keep it there.

    The rest of the day was spent in more preparations to depart for Nigeria. My Dad met me at Odie's house and we finished hooking up and leveling her washer and dryer. I had ran the washer through a rinse and spin cycle Wednesday night, but Dad and I were not able to check everything out once the installation was complete Thursday.

    We had no electric. We had freezing rain overnight and into Wednesday morning and it caused limbs to break and electric lines to be broken all over the area. Power went out at Odie's house and at the barn between 4 and 5 AM. As I am writing some of this very late Thursday night, the power is still off.

    We finally pulled the BoggsMobile out of the barn about 7:00 PM so that we could run the generator. Steve and Karen helped us do that. They also brought us Acapulco for supper and helped us in preparation for leaving as well.

    I snapped a few pictures of some of the ice and snow. Some of our readers in the south love this stuff and can not get enough of it. You can have it all, I say.😀

    Please pray for my Mother, Martha Boggs. She is having a health scare that could be serious. Thank you much.


    Thursday, November 15, 2018

    Getting It Done

    Wednesday was a full-on run all day long, but we ended the day with a lot accomplished. I think we still have about 4 1/2 days worth of work to do and only 2 days to get it done. Somehow the things that are absolutely necessary will be ready.

    Kelly Jo has worked and worked and worked to pull everything together and get it all packed in the allotted space. She is a champion packer and traveling stuff shuffler.

    We plan to pull out Saturday morning in the BoggsMobile headed to Vonore, Tennessee. Jeff Rowe at East Tennesse Luxury Coach will have a long list of things to do on the bus while we are in Nigeria. The list of repair items is so long, we may not be gone long enough.😀

    Saturday evening we will take the car about 30 minutes back north to a hotel near the Knoxville airport. We will fly out of there Sunday and arrive in Nigeria Monday evening by God's grace. By the time we settle into the hotel Monday night in Abeokuta, we will be ready for a nice long nap.

    Bro. Shobanke calls me nearly every day telling me about services that have been added to the schedule and going over all the things we are going to be doing and places we will be preaching. I think he may be as excited as I am. I believe the Lord is going to help us.

    Pray that everything falls into place the next few days. Thank you for stopping by.