Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Walls Going Up In Pictures

As I suspected and mentioned yesterday, we are pressed for time with all the activity going on. I will try to give you a full run down later this week but for now I have some great pictures to share.

The first one was taken from the driveway early Tuesday morning.

The second one was taken from the same spot Tuesday evening. Do you notice anything different?

Here are a few pictures that Kelly Jo took that are time stamped so you can visualize some of the progress as it happened.

Does that look like a good day to you? That is what I am talking about!

Like I said, I will post a better description of our day later, but I wanted you to see a little of what happened today.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

House Update 5/23/17

Here is a quick update on the house with more pictures than anything else. With all the busyness of building, that may be the norm this week. If all goes as planned, the framing on the house we are building for Odie should be well under way by the time that most of you read this Tuesday.

This update goes all the way back to Thursday when David Butler poured the concrete in the garage. The concrete truck pulled up and then the sky opened up. This was less than five minutes after it started raining.

This was about five minutes later.

Less than 30 minutes later, they were pouring concrete!

As they started pouring the trusses arrived a little earlier than planned. He backed into the drive and had to wait.

After the concrete truck pulled forward, the trusses were unloaded next to the driveway.

It looks pretty good!

A few minutes after we backed into the barn Monday morning, most of the framing package arrived from Waynesville Lumber.

One bundle slid sideways but Dad, Kelly Jo and I had it transferred to the garage in about an hour.

Then I backed the Green Machine in front of the garage and Dad pushed Odie up the garage ramp and "into" the house for the first time.

I gave her the grand tour and then we went to drink a little salsa.

After salsa, Dad and I went to Leesburg, Ohio to pick up the windows that we ordered. I am very pleased with the windows, the service and the price. I hope they turn out to be as good of window as they seem.

Here they are.

Dad worked so hard yesterday as he always does. There is no way I could do this project without him and the rest of my family.

Speaking of help, the framers are beginning today by God's grace and we have help coming from other places as well. Last night Pastor Scott Morris and Bro. Sheldon Walley arrived from Richton, Mississippi. They hope to stay for a few days until the house is in the dry. It is so good to see them both! I appreciate these brothers coming so far to work so hard.

We will have pictures of others that come later.

The weather guessers are calling for a good weather day today but a big chance of rain on Wednesday. I am asking the Lord to move that rain out. We appreciate your prayers about the weather. I am also requesting prayer for God to help us this week. We want everything to go smooth with no hiccups and no injuries.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #21

I am typing this after we drove to the Lazy OD Ranch Sunday night and it is late. I can not promise you will get much quality writing out of me at 2:30 AM but at least you will see a few pictures from our weekend.😁

I think this first picture is from Friday night with Sis. Taylor and KJ playing piano in the parsonage. We spent most of Friday preparing for the Saturday Choir session plus Kelly Jo and Odie started preparing to move Odie back into the bus.

The Saturday Choir session went off without a hitch. I taught for about an hour and then we had a two hour practice. The practice part would have been a little longer but I starting feeling a little bit "preachy" and took some extra time.

The practice session was a lot of fun and we went a long ways toward learning some new songs. Sis Webb is the choir director at HPC and it is obvious she has worked diligently to put together an excellent choir. We enjoy listening to them and we were thrilled to get to work along side of them during our time in Hodgenville.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

Yesterday was another great Sunday in Hodgenville. Pastor Webb preached Sunday morning and Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft from Fouke, Arkansas preached Sunday night. The Shuecrafts were on their way home from FGBI graduation in Export, Pennsylvania. This is a regular stop for them when making that trip and we were thrilled to get to see them.

We had another short practice with the choir Sunday evening to run through the songs we had learned on Saturday.

Pastor Webb and Pastor Shuecraft both preached outstanding and God used them to speak right into our hearts. It was a super great day to be in church and to hear from Heaven!

Pastor Webb and his church went all out to let us know they enjoyed our time at HPC and we appreciate all the kind words and actions that demonstrated their love for us. These weeks proved to be a really special time for our family and we are thankful Bro. Webb included us in Music and Ministry Month in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

After church we took quite a bit of time to visit with folks and then we began to break down the sound system and get the BoggsMobile ready to ride. We pulled out of HPC a couple of minutes after 10 and pulled into the Flying J about 10 miles from the barn at 1:05 AM.

We had a very smooth trip with no traffic delays at all. The BoggsMobile was ready to run and several times I had to lift my foot and purposely slow down. I try diligently to drive the bus within the limits of the law and safety. I had to try a little extra hard Sunday night.

Flying J was wide open and we had no wait at all. It took me about 30 minutes to empty the holding tanks and fill up the bus with diesel and then we were on our way.

We pulled into Dodds Church a few minutes after 2:00. KJ felt a little hesitant to back the BoggsMobile down the drive into the barn so we will do that in the daylight. It is very muddy from all the rain so that is probably the best decision.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for dropping in.