Sunday, April 26, 2015

View Out The Front Window April 26, 2015

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We changed our view twice this week. We started the week in Jonesboro, Illinois and moved to Kentucky on Thursday. This is our view out the window at Faith Church in Salem, Kentucky.

This is the view out the front window.

Saturday we changed our view to Trinity Pentecostal Church near Central City, Kentucky. This is the view out of the front window.

And out the front door.

The rain held off until we arrived but it was storming by the time we took the pictures. We are planning to begin revival here at Trinity this morning.

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I hope you have a great Sunday.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Striving To Be Joyful

Hey friends, Odie here on another Saturday. I hope you have had a wonderful week living life. We had a great time this week in Jonesboro, Illinois and Salem, Kentucky.  We always enjoy being with Pastor Geoff Bond and the congregation of Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle. We have some wonderful memories that were made there. Thursday and Friday we were honored to be at Faith Church in Salem. We always have a tremendous time with the Faith Church family. It was our first time preaching for their new Pastor Israel Sanders. He is doing a great job.

When I was thinking about today's blog post I kept thinking about questions I was asked this week. These questions gave me food for thought. "Where do you get your joy?" My answer, Jesus is my joy. The next question came, "How do you always have joy"? My answer I am not always joyful. I explained that I constantly turn to God to help me with a joyful attitude. A right attitude is work. Some days, weeks, or months I have to work harder than others on my attitude. 

I am thankful you all are not always around to see my bad days. My parents are gracious and do not tell everything they know. One thing is certain God sees and knows all. He is the real one that I need to please.  I am grateful He forgives my faults and helps me overcome difficulties.

Monday afternoon I prayed and talked stern to my self while I was preparing for church. I had not felt good and I felt more like hiding than I did anything else. I was not physically and mentally on top of my game but I did not have a reason to grumble. We were all going to church that night looking for the boost to make it through Tuesday. Every one there was facing challenges of their own.

Before service even started I was asked the questions mentioned above and it helped me get my focus off of myself and onto others. If I can put a genuine joyful smile on my face and encourage someone else then that makes my day brighter. 

Complaining has never brought anyone joy. No lasting joy comes from complaining. Joy always comes to me by turning my little rough spots to God and letting Him carry the load. I often tell others some days I have to take it an hour, minute, or a second at a time but I know I will make it through with God on my side.

I am not the only person with difficulties and struggles. Many people face much harder challenges than my own. I pray I can learn from them as they overcome their obstacles with God's help. 

I have two dear friends, one a long time friend and the other a brand new friend, that struggle every day. God help me to learn from them.

My good friend Bethany Crafton Bohon has been in almost constant pain since a tragic accident 6 years go . Bethany has not let pain rule her life. She has now been married to Brad over 2 years and they have a precious baby boy, Boston. 

Me and Bethany on her wedding day February 2013.

Bethany has started writing an occasional blog post. Last Friday she wrote a post I thought put things in a great perspective. I still am believing Bethany will be completely healed soon!

A couple of weeks ago I finally met Johanna Hough. We have several mutual friends and I was excited to meet this lovely young lady. 

Every day is a struggle for Johanna. It is a really great day when she feels well enough to be in church. Most services she has to lay down on the pew. That does not stop her!  She still worships and gains strength from being in the house of God. 

Wednesday night of our revival in Flora, Illinois Johanna was able to sit up and enjoy most of the service. The Lord blessed her with a special visitation of His presence. We all gained strength from Johanna's faith and perseverance! 

After the service Johanna was encouraging me and telling me how much she wanted me to walk. She was telling me she was praying that I would soon be healed.  All I could do was cry. She is in desperate need of healing yet she was burdened for me!  In my eyes Johanna's healing in more important than mine.

I know one thing is certain, my God is able to heal me, Bethany, Johanna, or anyone else. We do not know if our healing will come here on earth or in Heaven, but I know it will come!  I still believe in the God who can do all things. His power never changes. Until then I am holding on to Him to bring give me joy I need to make it through.

I hope you have a superb weekend!  


Friday, April 24, 2015

Travel Day - Jonesboro, Illinois to Salem, Kentucky

Thursday was a travel day for us. First thing on the agenda was II Timothy 4:5. I make sure I fulfill this verse about once per week. Are you familiar with what it says? 

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. II Timothy 4:5

Do the work of an evangelist. You probably think you know what the work of an evangelist is but you would probably be way wrong. The work of the evangelist is the very unpleasant job of emptying the holding tanks on the bus. 

Since II Timothy is written to a young Pastor, it is obvious Paul was instructing Pastors to do the work of an evangelist. Therefore it is the Pastor's job to empty the evangelist's holding tanks on his RV. Not many pastors buy into my sensible interpretation though.

Since we were close the drain, close to the water spigot, did not have far to travel AND it was not raining, I took an hour or so and rinsed the tank several times. While I was doing that Kelly Jo was getting things inside ready to ride.

Here we are about ready to go.

Jonesboro Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle

The trip was about 90 miles from Trinity in Jonesboro, Illinois to Faith Church near Salem, Kentucky. It was a beautiful day to travel and the traffic was light all the way. We really made good time and did not stop at all along the way. We pulled into Faith Church about 12:30 PM and in a few minutes we were parked and hooked up.

We have preached here several times for Bro. Phillip Sanders through the years including a revival last year in April. Bro. Sanders and the church made a well planned transition in leadership in January and now Bro. Israel Sanders is the Pastor. Bro. Israel is a great man and God is blessing the church and his ministry. He is making his father proud and thankful.

We are very honored to be back here again even though we can only stay two nights this visit. Thursday night's service was excellent and we are expecting another great one tonight.

We will have more pictures from revival here at Faith Church in a later post. Thanks for reading.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jonesboro, Illinois - Revival In Pictures

We appreciate Pastor Geoff Bond and his family and church for all of their kindness to us this week. We have had a wonderful time with our friends. God has blessed in revival and we have enjoyed every service. Each night was good and the altar services were really good. Thank God of helping our friends and blessing us in the process.

We had lots of visitors from other churches in the area and that is always a blessing. There were also several visitors that drove quite a ways to be with us and we are very thankful for that. God has certainly blessed us with some awesome folks to enjoy on our way to Heaven!

Today we plan to drive to Salem, Kentucky and begin a two night meeting at Faith Church for Pastor Israel Sanders. We are looking forward to being with all of Faith Church again.

I hope you enjoy the Jonesboro, Illinois Revival In Pictures.