Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Kelly Jo

Hello, I hope you have a fabulous Friday. In our family today is a special day. July 3, 1968 the world became a better place. On that day in history my Mother, Kelly Jo (Morgan) Boggs, was born. She is a very special lady and deserves to be celebrated.

Words fail me every time I try to say what my Mom means to me. One word I could use to describe her is amazing! I am blessed with a loving and caring mother. She is a woman of God. Most of the time mom stays in the background, but she is the key that keeps us rolling.

I am proud when my friends tell me that they think my Mom is awesome! I look at them and say, "I know and I have the greatest Mom!" 

My mom does have a prankster side.  Her pranks are always fun. Mom does not want to hurt anyone, so she does not get mean with her playful side.

 She has taught me how to laugh and have a good time with life. Then she will dry my tears and pray with me when things do not go right. 

I love you, Mom! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate you today.

Your favorite daughter,


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hillsboro Fun Time

Hey friends!
I hope you are having a good week. My week has been great. I am enjoying spending time with my Morgan aunts, uncle and cousins. I will have more of some of our excitement later. 

My parents and their travel companions are having a good trip. Mom and Dad will have pretty pictures later.

Here are some pictures from church last night. I love my cousins and I am always so glad to spend time with them. 

Morgan, Courtney, Odie and Kayla 

Seth and Odie 

Wade and Odie 

Hunter and Odie 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wow 5 Years Since Bowling Family Accident

Five years ago we were enjoying a fabulous day in Montana.  On that day in history we had a rare blog post from Kelly Jo. The afternoon of July 1, 2010 I was sitting outside viewing God's beautiful handiwork at Sun Valley Church.

My phone began ringing. A friend who lived in the Charlotte, North Carolina area called to tell me about a bus wreck in their area. The traffic in the area was at a stand still, and they had heard the wreck was connected to the Crabb Family.

In a few minutes we learned it was indeed the Bowling Family that was in the accident.  Some of the injuries involved were serious.  I know my family along with countless others went to prayer for them. God came through once again and carried them through their valley! This was not an overnight process, but they survived. It is an amazing testimony! Praise the Lord for helping the Bowlings! There are several videos and news stories in the Google archives.

Looking at the picture below you can see it is a miracle that there were not any fatalities on this bus. 

Mike, Kelly, their 3 daughters, Terah Crabb Penhollow and other band members were spared in this horrible crash. 

I think of their wreck nearly every time we roll down the road. Thank God for his protecting hand on us! We have lived in a bus for 7 years. Any bus wreck hits close to home for me.

The Bowling Family first on Stage performance after the accident at National Quartet Convention 2010

It was great to see the Bowlings of 2015 on my cruise earlier in the year. they are doing well, and gladly proclaiming God's goodness to them!

The current Bowlings line up features Mike, Kelly and Hope with guest The Bowling Sisters

Mike Bowling

Kelly Crabb Bowling

Hope Bowling

Katelanne Bowling

Gracie Bowling

Odie and Mike

Odie and Kelly 

Until next time. 


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Feeling Crabby

Odie and Jason Cabb

Odie and Adam Crabb

Odie and Terah Crabb Penhollow

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday.  I want to tell you about my Friday night adventure. This past Thursday I was checking southern gospel schedules to see where my favorite groups were singing  last weekend. I found that Adam Crabb was coming to Eaton, Ohio on Friday.

I looked up the church and it was just a little over an hour from me. Then on the church's website I found Jason Crabb was going to be there too.  I quickly grabbed tickets and found a ride.  We were anticipating a great night of singing.

Deidre and I waiting for the fun to begin.

Of course, I had to find people I knew.  Angela is one of my favorite people! She was at our house a lot when I was little. She taught me in Children's Church for years. Actually Angela is probably responsible for a lot of my craziness!  Well, we can blame her anyway.

Tim Livingston from WGNZ 1110 AM. One of the stations that help cultivate my love for Southern Gospel music.

SURPRIZE GUEST! Terah Crabb Pehollow
This was the icing on the cake for me. Terah has been one of my singing heroes for years.

Adam Crabb

Jason Crabb

The entire concert was wonderful! It had been a long time since I had an entire evening of Crabb music!  It was great to hear some of my Crabb favorites, and many new song too. To me it was a great way to spend my Friday night!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 30th Anniversary Davy and Kelly

Hello, Wishing you a marvelous Monday! Today is a special for my parents. 30 years ago they pledged their lives to each other. I want to publicly wish them a Happy Anniversary!

I know they never dreamed this would be the path life would take them when they started this journey together . it has been a huge adventure. I am thankful they have shown me a Godly example.  Real life is work, but you can make it work.  In my parent's marriage they have not let an exit be an option.

I love you Mom and and Dad so very much! I am proud to be a part of your family!

June 29, 1985
The Blue VW Bug.  Dad Says this is the car that won Mom's heart. LOL!


I am blessed with amazing parents!
Have a great day!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

View Out The Front Window June 28, 2015

 Check out our post from this week.  We love hearing from our readers.

Hey Friends, it is Odie writing to you on this Sunday. My Dad normally does a View Out The Front Window Post for most Sundays. When I thought over my options for this post I kept thinking of the windows we all carry with us everywhere.  The eye is an impressive window!  It is the window to our heart and soul.

 Here is a song that has been on endless loop in my brain the last few days.  It is an older Martins song titled Windows. This song is from an early 2000's release by the Matins also titled Windows. actually the whole project is probably my favorite CD recorded by the Martins. I want God's love and His Light to shine in and thru my windows.

The eye is something you can easily take for granted. It is easy to think clear vision will always be there. I know first hand our vision can leave quickly. You will sorely miss your sight when you are used to it being there.You can feel helpless in the blink of an eye.

Spiritually the eye is important too! What we choose to view can harm our souls.The Lord has been working on me personally in this area. I have a renewed desire and determination to keep pure vision.  Keeping my vision clean and pure helps me to stay focused in other areas. I get distracted easily and lose my focus.

I have been reminded this week God restored my vision miraculously.  I do NOT want to be ungrateful by using my vision for the wrong things.  My sight is now 20/25 in my eye that was blind for 9 days, and I do not want to face blindness again!

Dear Lord,
Thank for giving me today.  Thank you for being my Savior, Healer, Friend and so much more.  I Thank you for my vision. I am deeply sorry for the times I have let my focus wonder from you! I am grateful for your new mercy daily, and I do not want to waste your mercy and grace in my life. Thanks for having patience with me as I get back on track. I love and worship you with all my heart.  And I want to serve you from this day forward with a pure heart always.