Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kelly Jo Boggs June 29, 2011 - 26 Years

Kelly Jo and I have spent much of the last 26 years in church service some where. Nearly every anniversary we have been in Youth Camp, Campmeeting or Revival. Today is no exception. We are in Tent Revival in Weir, Kansas and having a ball. Before you know it another year has slipped by.

Here are a few pictures from our Wedding Day in 1985. My mother dug these out and my sister scanned these and sent them to me and I appreciate it. Thanks to Mom and Theresa...

Below these six pictures are two links you might be interested from our 25th anniversary last year in Montana.

Yep, folks, this is really us!

Click HERE for my 25th anniversary post for my Kelly Jo last year and HERE for the Lockwood family's response. Their thoughtfulness and hard work blew us away! It is so hard to believe another year has gone by.

I love you Kelly Jo! I love you more than a hog loves slop!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Night Tent Revival

Odie took several pictures of Monday night service but she can not keep enough phone signal to post them here or text them to me so we will only post pictures from Sunday night. We have had two really good services so far and we are expecting more great things from God. 

Bro. Jimmy Millikin preached great Sunday night and ministered so well Monday night in song and playing his saxophone. Many of these folks have never been a part of outdoor services like these but they are worshiping God and experiencing His blessings. We are having several folks from town listening in and we are expecting to see them under the tent and in the altar before it is all over.

The weather was so very hot today but late this evening the wind shifted around and began blowing from the northeast. After I worked up a little sweat it was almost chilly. God has blessed us with great weather and we are so thankful for it

Sunday Night-First Night of Tent Revival in Weir, Kansas

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miracle of Protection!

Pastor James Fellers and Bro. Hayes from the church at Weir were divinely protected on Saturday. They were unloading some debris from Bro. Fellers pickup and trailer at the landfill. A huge truck hauling debris from the Joplin tornado pulled in next to them. As it began to empty its load it turned over on Bro. Fellers truck and trailer. Bro. Fellers and Bro. Hayes were in the trailer when the truck and huge grappling device came crashing down with no warning. Look at the pictures and you will agree that the hand of God protected them. We have been praising God for His miracle of protection. This story could have had a much different ending.

Tent revival started great in Weir last night. We will try to post pictures and a report tomorrow. God bless..


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miami, Oklahoma - Weir, Kansas

We had a hot time Friday night in Miami, Oklahoma in more ways than one. The sun was bearing down on us and the Spirit of God was warming us as well. 

It was a great night to be a Christian and as it turned out it was a great night to become a Christian too! God reached out in mercy and grace to save and tent revival closed in Miami with folks reaching to receive God. 

We are so thankful for everything God did in Miami and for the lives that were touched and changed. Pastor Mike Stevens, his family and his church were so kind to us. They were interested in having revival and God granted it. We are thanking God for it. 

The tent came down Friday night with tremendous help from the folks in Miami it is now standing in Weir, Kansas with services beginning tonight by the grace of God.  

Pastor Fellers and Bro. Hayes from Weir were miraculously spared Saturday when a huge truck with debris from the Joplin tornado turned over on them as they were unloading a trailer at the dump. I will have more information and pictures later but we are praising God for a miracle of protection!

Thanks for you prayers. I have been sick this past week but God has been faithful. He has given me strength each day to do the work I must do. God bless you all.