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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Can You Say Double Big Daddy?

Monday was kind of a catch-all day for us. KJo and I brought the bus home in the morning, parked next to the barn and hooked up the utilities. We only traveled about 9 miles, but it was nice to pull into the Ranch.

We had purchased several cases of water for the revival last week, but we did not use near all of it since the temperature all week was not hot. We loaded up the cases that were left and put some in the bus and some in Odie's house.

I spent several hours working on sermon preparation for our scheduled visit to Nigeria. Leaving the USA anytime soon does not look possible, but I need to be prepared to keep my commitment just in case. I will try to record the sermons this week if I can and get those files to them.

The main task for the day was evaluating our fridge in the BoggsMobile. Building on what I learned Sunday night, Dad and I did our best to come up with a diagnosis. About the only thing that we could replace was a $23 part that I had replaced five years ago.

I called Pastor Dennis King who is an HVAC and refrigeration expert and he agreed that he would try that part. We went to get it, Dad installed it and no joy! The problems seem to be deeper, at least a compressor.

Changing the compressor would be a difficult task on this fridge since it is literally built into the bus. Once it was changed, the other parts would still be 25 years old with 379,000 miles of bumping down the road, so we are probably looking at a replacement. 

Lining up our schedule with parts availability and the schedule at East Tennesse Coach is the next challenge. I will keep you posted.

The main event of the day came courtesy of our great friends that visited us over the weekend from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. It was so wonderful to have Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan with us from Friday night through Sunday morning.

They left us Sunday after the first service and finished the trip Monday. On their way home, they stopped for a fantastic meal and shared their beautiful bounty with us in pictures.

Buckle your seatbelt and make sure your seat back is in the upright position.

Can you say Double Big Daddy? Wow! Now, those are good friends. They travel nearly 2000 miles round trip to see us for a few hours and then share such precious moments with us too.

Thank you, friends!

And thank you for joining us today.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ron's Withdrawal!

It is probably a very good thing that I am in Ohio today and that Ron's Hamburgers and Chili is in Oklahoma. I think I would dive off the wagon right into the middle of a great big Double Big Daddy or Who's Your Daddy cheeseburger! In weak moments it is best to avoid temptation altogether!

Wow! I must be in cheesy and greasy withdrawal! I hope you enjoy these pictures from past blogs half as much as I do. 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boggsblogs!

Odie reminded me that has a birthday in November. On the 7th it turned 4 years old. We originally started the blog to be able to post pictures directly from Nigeria during our trip in 2009. 

We had not been able to post to our website while we were in Nigeria in 2007 so we decided to try the blog. It worked so well that we eventually moved our Mile Marker posts from our website to here and the rest is history! Since then we have posted almost 1300 times.

I have re-posted our very first test post below. It was a only test post but it was a tasty one!

Trying this out for the first time.  I couldn't think of a better way to get started than to post a picture of a GREAT hamburger.  You'll find this at a regional chain in the Tulsa, OK area called Ron's.  They have great food and I am a complete fan.  I've tried several but my favorite is the Double Big Daddy!  It has Two 1/2 pound patties, Three Pieces of cheese, Onions, Grilled Onions, Ketchup and Mustard.  It is Awesome!  The patties on this monster are thin like "Steak and Shake" but Ron's leaves the grease in and you can't make it to greasy for me.  That's my Motto: Greasy and Cheesy!  Hope you enjoy the Picture!  I sure enjoyed eating The Double Big Daddy!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome Back to Ron's

Welcome back to Ron's Hamburgers and Chili. Regular readers will remember my many previous posts about Ron's. We are only here for one week so Kelly Jo and I went today. It was as good as ever!

We needed to stop at Staples and Northern Tool so we went to one of my favorite locations at 71st and Mingo. Our other favorite is in Sand Springs. I have heard there in one close to where we are parked so I need to try it sometime.

The pictures below are not of the Double Big Daddy. This time I ordered the Who's Your Daddy? Wow! You talk about a great cheeseburger. It was terrific!

I probably will not be back in Ron's country until late August so we may try to run by Ron's again before we leave on Saturday. I hate to squander a good opportunity.

Greasy and Cheesy is my life motto!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Extra Grease!

There is a Ron's a couple of miles from us in Claremore so some of us went there for lunch Wednesday. I ordered a Double Big Daddy and it was very good.

This Ron's tends to be a little less greasy than some of the other locations. Regular readers know that my motto for food is Greasy and Cheesey! Less grease is not good.

At this Ron's I always tell the waitress to instruct the cooks to leave the grease in the hamburger. They always get a kick out of it but I assure them I am serious.

This waitress made a note of it on the ticket for the cooks to read...

Isn't that hilarious? "Extra Grease" Soooo funny!

Service was great again last night. We had several first time visitors. God is reeling them in!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Travel Day - Oneta, Oklahoma to Claremore, Oklahoma

It was a very short travel day yesterday. We were parked at Oneta Holiness Church (Pastor Daryl Brewer) and drove to Westside Holiness Church in Claremore. I think it was about 31 miles. Oneta Church was a great place to park and this is too. It is easy to pull in and the parking spot is all concrete.  That always makes setting up simple too.

Wouldn't you know that Claremore has a Ron's?

Actually I knew there was a Ron's and I had been there before. We met Bro. Marty Millikin there this evening and had a nice meal and great visit with our friend. The Double Big Daddy is not as big here as you can see from the picture above and the full order of fries was very small but everything tasted terrific!

We start revival here for Bro. Darrell Meadow this morning. We have been coming here for years and we have several dear friends at this church but this is our first revival at Westside. Pray for us that God will help us as He has been the last several weeks.

This is one of the most beautiful churches that I have ever seen so I am sure we will have some pictures to post later in the week.

God bless you all...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in Ron's Country!

We are back in Ron's Country!

This is a Ron's Double Big Daddy! One pound of hamburger in two thin patties, three slices of cheese, grilled onions, raw onions, lettuce, pickles and mustard. Oh and leave in the grease!

Kelly Jo and I had to make a run yesterday to Guitar Center for a few things (Stocking up on cords and such for tent revivals) and one of our favorite Ron's locations at 71st and Mingo just happens to be right across the road. I haven't had a Double Big Daddy since last June so I was more than ready. We should be close to Ron's for about three weeks so this "may" not be my last one.....

If you can beat that hamburger I would like to know about it!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Visit Or Two to Ron's

I just couldn't resist posting a few pictures of our latest trips to Ron's!

Another picture for my Mother to prove I'm still cleaning my plate!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Double Big Daddy - Ron's Hamburgers & Chili

When we arrived in Tulsa last week we met the Snow's at the campground at Keystone Lake and parked the BoggsMobile. The next stop? You guessed it! The next stop was Ron's Hamburgers and Chili. In fact, one of my favorite Ron's is the one in Sand Springs and that is where we went. Bro. Snow had the cheeseburger and sausage covered in chili and I had the Double Big Daddy! Of course regular readers already knew what I ordered. lol

The picture below is of Bro. Snow's feast and the next is mine. The discriminating eye will notice, no doubt, that the second and third pictures are not of the same Double Big Daddy. You see, this is not McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King. If you have seen one Big Mac or Whopper you have seen them all, but no two Double Big Daddys are alike. lol

The second Double Big Daddy is the one I ate when Kelly Jo and I went back on Friday.  What a way to start AND end a work week!

The last picture is included just for my Mother.  I want her to know that I am still cleaning my plate exactly as she taught me over 40 years ago.  There is no telling how many starving children in China that I have helped by cleaning my plate!

I am suppose to be back in Tulsa next week.  You all want more Ron's pictures or have you seen enough?

God bless,

This Picture is for you, Mama Bear!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ron's in Oklahoma City

We closed revival in Wichita last night (Wednesday) and made the trip to Oklahoma City today. Once we settled in this afternoon in the campground we headed off to Ron's Hamburgers and Chili. I've posted about Ron's in Tulsa but I hadn't been to the one here in OKC so off we went. When we pulled up in front of the place I just about lost it. Two doors down from Ron's and its Double Big Daddy Cheeseburger is Weight Watchers! They are both in the same building about 30 feet apart! Isn't that a riot? I can imagine weighing in at Weight Watchers and then going next door and celebrating the fact that I lost two pounds. It cracked me up! I included the pictures. (I made sure I didn't snap any incriminating pictures of the Weight Watchers customers slipping over to Ron's.)lol

The Double Big Daddy didn't seem quite as big as the ones I've had in Tulsa and Sand Springs but it was every bit as good. It tasted excellent! The only Cheeseburger I've had so far that rivals it is from Spanky's in Broken Arrow, OK. They make a great burger as well. It was still pretty big though. That is a full size plate it's sitting on in the picture.

We sing tomorrow night for Bro. JR. Alexander's church and then preach for them Saturday night and Sunday morning. We are looking forward to it. We are also looking forward to Chelino's (Some of my Favorite Mexican food) tomorrow for lunch! I'll let you know how it goes!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ron's Double Big Daddy!

Here are three pictures of three different Double Big Daddy's from Ron's Hamburgers in Tulsa. These all came from the location at 71st and Mingo. The first picture gives you an idea how big it is placed along side their regular hamburger. For a full description of this great greasy mess see my very first entry on this blog on November 7, 2009.

If you like a good greasy cheeseburger you have to make a trip to Ron's. If you will click on the title above it is linked to their website.