Friday, January 31, 2014

Travel Day - Weir, Kansas to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Thursday was a pretty busy travel day. We were up late Wednesday night visiting with the folks from Weir, getting the blog ready for the next morning and preparing things ready to ride. Then I rolled out of bed early Thursday morning so I could drive to Joplin, Missouri to see Pastor James Link before we left for Oklahoma.

It took me about 40 minutes to drive to St. John's Mercy Hospital in Joplin. I visited with Bro. and Sis. Link for a while, had prayer and then headed back to the BoggsMobile. I appreciate all the prayers for Bro. Link. He is doing quite well with his recovery even though he mostly feels like he has been ran over by a truck. The surgeon said Bro. Link was just days away from major trouble without surgery. Thank God for His help.

By the way, Savanna Coffman is doing well too. The doctors closed her up from the heart transplant Wednesday. Her dad said the ventilator will come off soon. Thanks for praying for her too.

By the time I made it back to the BoggsMobile the wind was blowing about 30 MPH. We were not in a big hurry and I was tired from the short night so I laid right down on the couch and took a nap. Too soon it was time to hit the road.

The wind beat us up all the way to Broken Arrow (Tulsa area) but we made it just fine. We only made one stop other than toll gates. We stopped at Flying J on the east side of Tulsa to empty our holding tanks and to fill up with diesel. 

This was our 5th travel day since our last fill up. That is a whole lot better than what we had been doing. I filled up the BoggsMobile on 5 consecutive travel weekends, the last one being on our way to Oklahoma the last of December. That is a killer. Once every 5-6 weeks is MUCH better.

We arrived a few minutes after 3:00 and parked without any problem. We are excited to be back at South Mission with Pastor Leon Rich and his family and church.

We had a nice relaxing dinner at Los Cabos with Bro. and Sis. Rich and their two fine sons, Derek and Dilan. While we were there my brother sent me a picture of some of my family eating Mexican at Acapulco at home. Even though I forgot to take pictures of our great Mexican meal, here is one of my Dad drinking the salsa at Acapulco! Awesome.

Today (Friday) we hope to rest. The girls will probably shop some because that is relaxing to them. I may not leave the bus all day!

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Revival In Pictures - Weir, Kansas

Another revival has come and gone at Faith Tabernacle Church in Weir, Kansas. Pastor James Fellers and his great folks have been our faithful friends through the years and we absolutely love coming to be with them each year. We have enjoyed the services and all of the wonderful fellowship.

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the young men from the church is getting married in Oklahoma Saturday. We closed revival last night (Wednesday) since most of the folks will be involved in the wedding. I am sure some of them will be leaving today and others on Friday.

We plan to leave here this morning and mosey toward the Tulsa area for our next revival. We all have managed to avoid colds and flu so far this winter so we feel pretty good in our bodies. I know we will benefit from a few nights of rest for our voices. If we can avoid any loud fights among ourselves the next couple of days that will save our voices, I am sure.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from revival in Weir, Kansas!

God bless you all.


We celebrated Jason and Brittany Fellers 10 year anniversary after church Wednesday.