Sunday, July 31, 2016

View Out The Front Window July 31, 2016

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We arrived back at the bus very late Thursday night and this has been our view since then out the front window.

I will be looking through the windshield of the Green Machine most of the day today. We are leaving in a few minutes for Hodgenville, Kentucky. We are looking forward to being in service with Pastor David Webb and all the fine folks at Hodgenville Pentecostal Church.

We will come back to Lebanon, Ohio tonight for service with Pastor Bill Lamb at Anchor of Hope. It should be a great day with God's people. I am ready to get started!

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Caricature of a Character

Hello my Friends this is Odie checking in today.

Please check out Dad's post from Wednesday if you missed it. We had a City Reach Schedule change and he details that in Wednesday's post. Also the Friday post was a great tribute to our cousin Mike Kramer.

This week I have had fabulous time with the Morgan side of the family. I stayed all week with them in Hillsboro until they finally asked me to please go home! (I hope not!) I have enjoyed spending time with each family member.

I am incredibly blessed with a wonderful family. Miles and time does break our family bond. We do not get to always be with our family so I try to stock up on family time and memories. This week I have collected new memories and laughed until I hurt from our fun times in the past. I love everyone in my family!

My cousin Morgan Evans is now 13 years old. We always have a bundle of fun together. She has always been artistic. I am not artistic at all. When I draw, even my stick people are hideous. I admire Morgan's talent very much.

This Morgan's latest interest is Caricature drawing. I had the honor of being her second subject. Here I am!

Morgan studied a caricature drawing of herself to learn the basics of caricature drawings. I thought she did a great job on mine. I had to share it with you here. 

I am now back home in Waynesville. It was wonderful to spend time with my family in Hillsboro. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Thank you for stopping by and reading!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Then There Were Sixteen

There were nearly 100 grand kids on the Isaacs side of my family. A few died as infants and one died as a teenager in a tragic accident over 30 years ago. In the last 20 years we have lost several more from our generation. As we all grow older the rate of loss will only accelerate. That is the cycle of life. 

The Boggs side of the family has been a different story so far. There were 17 of us Boggs grand kids. That is a pretty good size family under normal non-Isaacs circumstances. 

As far as I know we have not lost one from our generation...until now. 

Two years ago, during the last tent revival we held in Bristol, Virgina, one of my first cousins came to be with us. Mike Kramer along with his wife Polly and Jessica,  one of his daughters, visited us under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. It was a great night and we were thrilled to see them. 

That night they came to the tent, it had been a few years since we had seen them. It was a special privilege to have them there and to get reacquainted again. 

Mike left Ohio for college in Tennessee many years ago, met Polly and pretty much lived and raised their family in Tennessee every since. They have always attended church. Mike and Polly have a beautiful family including two sons in the ministry today. 

Last week Mike went in for open heart surgery and had complications after surgery. Sunday afternoon he slipped into eternity with his family gathered around him singing "It is well with my soul "

Regular readers know that because of our travel schedule, we miss a lot of funerals. This time we were not that far away. Nashville and Kingsport are pretty close IF you say it real fast. 

So Thursday morning we loaded up in the Green Machine and pointed east. We attended a beautiful memorial service Thursday evening. It was our pleasure to be there and I am glad it worked for us to be able to make it. 

Mike was a super guy with an amazing sense of adventure and humor. He was truly one of a kind. Please pray for Polly and their children in the days ahead. This is going to be rough. 

We are on our way home now and I am typing this on my phone while driving, shaving, eating watermelon and spitting the seeds in the back seat. 

Nah, Kelly Jo is driving. 

Please excuse the mistakes and the formatting mess. I will try to fix it later.

Update: We did make it home about 2:35 AM, capping off a great 675 mile day. I am so glad Kelly Jo helped me drive home. I even napped a little while. I could get used to that. 

Thanks for reading. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

City Reach Washington DC Canceled

On June 15th I posted some disheartening news concerning City Reach Washington DC. After months of trying to secure a location for the tent on the National Mall, Pastor Ken Taylor was finally presented with guidelines that we could not possibly meet. You can read that post HERE.

Since that point, Pastor Taylor has been searching for an alternate location for the tent. He has checked on parks, churches and any other locations that seemed appropriate but with no success. Last night we made the decision to pull the plug on the planning of City Reach Washington DC for this year. I hate it so bad but it is the only decision to make at this point.

I have been looking forward to having City Reach in Washington DC for well over a year. A whole lot of other folks have been excited about it too. I appreciate all the interest and all the prayer for this particular tent revival. It seemed like it was a sure thing for much of the time. I did not anticipate it falling apart at this late date. I am so sorry that we have to cancel. 

I appreciate all the work that Pastor Ken Taylor put into the effort of this campaign. He put countless hours into it. I also appreciate the other Pastors in Virginia and West Virginia that had joined in the effort. I will be talking to them over the next few days to see if they would like to pursue a City Reach another year.

We are already checking on the possibility of moving another City Reach into the late August/early September slot since that is prime weather for tent revival. I will keep you posted right here on any further developments.

From the very beginning of this adventure we have asked for prayer about the schedule. We desire to be in the right place, at the right time, preaching the right message to the right person. God is able to guide us in that. I know that for certain.

Thanks for reading today.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Salsa, Petty Larceny and Getting Inked

Here is a funny.

One day recently we went to eat at our favorite little Mexican place, Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio to eat lunch and to drink a little salsa.

While I was paying the bill, Kelly Jo and I were talking to Rigo since there was no one else in line. Rigo was in charge that day and was running the cash register. We always have a great time talking to our friends when they are not too busy.

We left the restaurant and pulled across the parking lot to make a deposit in the ATM. When we were finished with the deposit Kelly Jo tried to hand me the ink pen she was using to fill out the envelope. She thought it came from the ATM but it did not. Then she thought I must have picked it up after signing the credit card receipt for the meal at Acapulco. But, I did not use a credit card, I paid with cash.

Where in the world did the strange pen come from? I have no idea. or I should say I HAD no idea at the moment. Now I know.

While we were driving later Kelly Jo was shocked when she looked at her arm and found it marked with ink all over and several indentations from the point of the pen.

It took us a while to figure it out. She remembered putting her arm on the counter while we were checking out at Acapulco and talking to Rigo. She figured she pulled the pen off the counter with her arm and it was trapped between her arm and her purse and coat. While there it was poking and marking her arm.

So an afternoon that started innocently with some salsa progressed into my wife stealing a pen and getting inked. We do not believe in stealing or even that Christians should get tattoos. I guess when we get back to Ohio I will need to take Kelly Jo back to Acapulco to confess and return the pen. The ink is already gone.

Maybe we can drink some salsa while we are there!


Monday, July 25, 2016

#30 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We are looking for guidance the next few days in Nashville. I have admitted over and over that the whole process of City Reach is so much bigger than I am. Finding locations is a huge part of that. I appreciate all the folks praying for us. God certainly knows where we need to be.

Odie spent part of the weekend in Waynesville with my family and the rest of the weekend with Kelly Jo's family in Hillsboro. Kelly Jo and I were at the Lazy OD Ranch Friday and Saturday and by Saturday night we were in Nashville. That pretty much sums up the weekend. We have pasted some pictures below after a few details.

Friday was another work day at the barn. We intended to drive to Nashville earlier in the week but we were getting so much completed, we put the trip off until Saturday. After tidying things up and mowing the grass Saturday we hit the road in the early afternoon.

We arrived in the Nashville area in time to get a pretty good night's rest. Sunday we revisited a few potential City Reach locations and found a couple additional possibles. We might have made some progress. We will continue to follow some leads over the next few days. I believe we will have some good news to share with you soon. I hope so.

We visited a church Sunday morning and enjoyed making some great friends. We love going new places, meeting new folks and worshiping in new environments. We have been doing that a lot this year and Sunday was a great experience.

Here are a few pictures from Odie in Hillsboro Sunday.

We tried a nice little Mexican place in Nashville Sunday. They had pretty good salsa but not as good as Acapulco. I have one question for you today. If tomatoes are fruit, is salsa a smoothie?

The poblano's were huge!

The fajitas were tremendous!

And that wraps up the weekend. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

View Out The Front Window July 24, 2016

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This was our view out the front window most of the week. We were parked outside the barn because we were working in the barn.

Saturday morning we moved the BoggsMobile back into the barn and this is the view from the front window now.

Kelly Jo and I drove the Green Machine to the Nashville area Saturday evening and this is our view out the front door.

This is our view out the front window. Pretty much the same.

We are in Nashville to try to nail down a location for City Reach Nashville. This is our third trip to town for this purpose and we are not the only ones that have been looking. Help pray that God will guide us as He has in other cities.

Have a great Sunday.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Morgan Crew Visits Columbus Zoo

Hello this is Odie checking in again today from Ohio. This has been a great week. My parents have been busy on projects at the Lazy OD Ranch. I have enjoyed soaking up time with family. We were gone this time about six months so I am way behind on the spoiling I normally receive from both sets of grandparents. Let's just say I am making up for lost time!

Last weekend I spent some time with the Morgan side of the family. Saturday we went to the Columbus Zoo. This was my second trip to Columbus Zoo. The last time I went was in June 2013 with my mother and my dear friend Regan Morris. We had a lot of fun that day and we had a blast again on Saturday.

Saturday was beautiful day to visit the zoo. The weather was  perfect. I had a fantastic day with family. This zoo trip was to celebrate my cousin Kayla's birthday. Kayla Jo turned 20 this week. Happy Birthday, Kayla Jo!


I will end today's post with more zoo pictures. Maybe you will be able to tell the difference between the zoo and our Morgan crew!

Thanks for reading today!  Have a wonderful weekend.