Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tuesday With Friends, Wednesday On The Road

We were the first customers in Acapulco Tuesday morning but that is nothing strange. I am often the first one in the door when we are in this area. I was not by myself for long. It filled up pretty quick today.

We were at Acapulco Tuesday because it was lunch time and that is what we do at lunch time. But we were also meeting some new friends. 

Nick and Terry Russell

I have been reading Nick Russell's blog for a few years. Nick publishes the Gypsy Journal Newspaper among a myriad of other things he writes to make a living. He has lived a full life so far and is a great writer and conversationalist.

Also Greg and Jan White

Greg also writes a blog that I read  most everyday.

We had a great visit with the Russells and the Whites. They both live full time in their motor homes and write about their travel and daily lives in their blogs. I noticed they were parked nearby so I invited them to my favorite little Mexican place. We had a great visit and we enjoyed their company very, very much.

This picture was taken with Nick's camera.  

We have met a  bunch of nice folks through our years on the road and we are adding these folks to the list.

Wednesday got off to a rough start but we finally left the bus a little after 10:00 AM. We drove about 540 miles total including several hours through the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. The Green Machine performed wonderfully and drank very little gas relatively speaking.

We spent the night in Pennsville, New Jersey in a very nice Super 8. We plan to be in the New York City area until Monday when we move on to Boston.

Odie was taking pictures from the back seat. I think she wants to get in on spoofing "The View Out The Front Window."

I hope you all had a great day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday, Mom!

I am interrupting normal posting for a very, very special day. We will get back to ordinary news another day.

Today my mother Martha Boggs is 70 years old. 

Happy Happy Birthday, Mother Dear! I hope you have a great day and many more healthy years. We love you and appreciate all you do. Thank you for your Godly example as we were growing up and even now.

We were rushing so much to get home Monday because we had big plans that evening. We had planned a small gathering at Dad's barn to celebrate Mom's birthday. I suggested it last week when I realized we could be home and my sister and brothers put it all together. They did all the work and I showed up just in time. It worked out quite nicely. They are pretty gracious that way. 

All the kids and spouses, most of the grandchildren, several aunts and uncles and a few cousins were present and we had a great time.

Dad's barn has become the go to place for all our family gatherings and now I think we make up excuses to huddle in the big red barn.

Here is the birthday girl herself!

Tommy, Holly, Steve, Karen, Theresa, Dad and probably others cooked up some super great food for all of us to enjoy. Mom even cooked up a few tasty dishes. What's up with that? Cooking for her own birthday party? We all protested but we still ate the fresh out of the garden green beans and potatoes. 

We had a lot of fun!

Mom with three of her sisters.

Tuesday was a work day for us. Kelly Jo and Odie worked to pull everything together to leave in the Green Machine. I finished a bunch of paper work and tried to prepare the BoggsMobile to stay by itself a few days. 

We did take time for lunch at Acapulco (of course) with some new friends.

The picture below is from Nick and Terry.

Displaying Boggs group photo 2.jpg

I will have more pictures and news from Tuesday later in the week.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday. We are traveling the next couple of days but we should be posting as normal. God bless you all.