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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Odie's Miscellaneous April Fun

Hey Friends,
This is Odie coming to you from the beach house. Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. 

Thanks to all of you who have let me know you enjoyed my pictures from PFYC. If you missed it, those pictures are in the posts from Tuesday and Thursday.

Today, I have a myriad of photos that I have not shared previously. This includes travel, to and from PFYC, some fun with friends and eclipse fun. we are only 13 days into April and this month has already been so full of fun!

We decided to stop at Buc-ee's in Kentucky. My cousin Jonas was also headed to PFYC, and we ended up at Buc-ee's at the same time.

This was Michelle's first visit to Bu-cee's. We were overwhelmed! Every time I pass the Richmond, Kentucky Buc-ee's, it is packed with people.

We were blessed with a beautiful day for travel.

Excited to be on the road to Tennessee.

Lunch on the road.

Once we were settled at our hotel on Wednesday, we rested for a bit. Then, we headed to the Island to meet up with our friend Nicole Estes.

We enjoyed a great night ride on the Ferris Wheel.

The views up there are spectacular!

I love that is easy for me to roll on and off with my scooter. 

Before heading home on Saturday, Michelle and I stopped at one of our favorite stores. We ran into friends while there, and I snapped a few pictures while shopping. It was great to catch up with all of them!

Headed home. We had another beautiful travel day.

Sunday night, Sis. Racheal, Sis. Sharon and I tried out our Eclipse glasses. I think they were great fashion accessories.

Eclipse day came we had a gorgeous day. My cousin Lisa and I viewed the eclipse from my driveway. We had fantastic seats and a clear view.

The eclipse was so cool! It was amazing how suddenly it felt like evening! Then we were back to our sunny afternoon.

Here is one last eclipse picture captured by a family member. Thanks for allowing me to post this one. 

Also, did you see this clip Dad posted to YouTube? I think it's so sweet to see the eclipse from Arlo's perspective!

Speaking of Arlo, he turned 2 this week. Happy birthday to our precious Arlo! We love you, buddy!

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

PFYC Friday April 5th In Pictures

Hey Friends,

This is Odie. I am here with pictures from Friday of PFYC 2024. I will have those below in a moment.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from Thursday. If you missed seeing those pictures, check Tuesday's post here. Monday, I shared my PFYC notes from this year. You can see those here.

No Other Gods was the theme for 2024. The focus of PFYC is preaching God's word! The PFYC board's goal is to encourage people to grow in their walks with Christ each year. 

Every time, I hear of different people who have left the conference with salvation, purpose, encouragement, victory, the Holy Ghost and a new determination. Those are just some of the things I hear about happening. It is truly amazing to see God move in lives that are hungry for more of Him! I can testify that He has met me there with life changing moments at different times!

I am grateful I was able to attend PFYC this year. All four services were incredible! I was happy to experience the service for myself, not just through pictures, videos and audio files. My soul needed the extra encouragement.

A huge blessing of PFYC is seeing so many friends! The crowd is overwhelming and terrifying to some people. I love gathering with so many people that I know to experience God in an exceptional way.

This year, I was flooded with people checking on Dad. They let me know they had been praying for my family. I was genuinely reminded that the people of God have helped carry us through this season of life. Thank God for answering those prayers! Thank you to everyone for each prayer! I am truly grateful to be a member of God's family.

Now it is time for another PFYC picture overload. These are from Friday, April 5th. I hope you enjoy tagging along. 

Friday Morning Fellowship

11:00 AM Service

Friday Evening Fellowship

Evening Service

Below are the pictures I snapped from the stage before the main service.

I was able to get this picture from a video clip.

Sis. Tiffany Blevins sent me this picture of the choir singing. I found the videos on YouTube. Click here and here to hear the 2024 PYC Mass Choir.

I was honored to be part of the PFYC Mass Choir this year. Sis. Ruth Brimm is amazing! She always does a phenomenal job directing a choir. It is a privilege to sing in one of her choirs. 

 After Service Fellowship

Then, it was time to bid PYFC 2024 farewell. This year's conference is a member of the history books. Both days flew by in a bundle of activity and excitement.

You can visit PFYC's home online here, to plan your trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to experience PFYC. Save the dates March 27-28 2025. Also, on the website, you can order flash drives of the 2024 PFYC.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today.