Monday, August 22, 2016

#34 Weekend Woundup and Weview

It has been a great week and a super great weekend in New York. This is our second trip here since February and all of it came about as a result of City Reach. We met several Pastors last visit and many, many more this visit. It is a pleasure to meet such fine folks and to be privileged to minister to them and among them.

I appreciate Pastor Sunny Philip for inviting our family to Gateway World Christian Center. He took a chance on us and we are very thankful for that. God met with us in each service and I believe we will hear testimonies of future blessings as a result of His presence.

Pastor Sunny Philip and Davy

Kelly Jo and Sis. Mercy Philip

Our last service was Sunday morning but by the time the dinner was completed and we had visited with old and new friends, it was very late in the afternoon. We checked the traffic between here and New Jersey and decided to stay put a few hours and hope it clears out some. Since we can not drive on the Parkways we are relegated to several miles of city streets before we hit the interstate. Both the surface streets and the interstates have been clogged all evening.

I am writing this and putting some of this together Sunday night about 9:00 and we are still waiting. I did have a very good two hour nap in the mean time! That is what I am talking about!

Most of your week in New York was spent with friends and in church. Here is a picture from Brooklyn Tabernacle and you will see many pictures from friends later in the post.

We visited the 911 Memorial and Museum in August of 2014 but as I was walking away that day I knew I would be drawn back there again and perhaps again. There is too much emotion in that place to absorb it all in one day or one visit. I will never be able to explain the way that place makes me feel but I imagine it is the same feeling for many thousands of people.

We purchased our tickets online in advance as we did the last time and that seems to be the best way to do it. The advanced tickets are timed so you bypass the big line and walk right to security. This week we walked through all of the Museum again but concentrated on parts of it that impacted us the most last time and exhibits that we were not able to spend much time in our first visit.

We only snapped a few pictures this week but you can look at our full post from 2014 HERE.

We walked all the way around the footprint foundation of the North Tower. I do not have a handle on all of my emotions yet but viewing and reading about the foundations of these buildings moves me to tears.

Odie had to have a Philly Cheese Steak even though we were in New York. (For the record, she said the ones in Philly were better.)

Thursday evening right before dark I gave the BoggsMobile a much needed bath.

Thursday I had lunch at an Indian Buffet with Pastor Sunny Philip and Friday I took Kelly Jo there. It was excellent. This restaurant also catered the special meal after the anniversary service Sunday.

The Gateway Christian Center has been in this building for 8 years this weekend. This meeting is celebrating that 8 year anniversary. It has taken a series of miracle to bring them to this place and it so interesting to hear the stories of God's direction and provision.

This was a Jewish house of worship before Pastor Sunny Philip and Gateway purchased it 8 years ago. You can see they have room for more pews.

They have a beautiful fellowship hall.

The Anniversary Meeting began Friday night and we had four services. Friday night, a Baptismal Service Saturday Afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday morning. Each service was outstanding.

Davy and Bro. Winston. Winston  plays guitar at the church and drives a bus in Queens. My hat is off to anyone that drives a bus for a living in New York City!

Bro. Paul Hardyal and his wife and Pastor Ivan Hardyal and his family took us to eat after church Friday night.

Pastor Victor Ramlall and his wife with Davy

The candidates for baptism were seated in the front row Saturday afternoon.

I did not get a picture of each of them but Pastor Sunny Philip had each one of them testify.

This is some of the folks that were baptized along with Pastor Philip, Pastor Ramlall and their wives.

Pastor Timothy Ofoha from Nigeria and Davy.

Odie and Pastor Gee. We met and preached for Pastor Gee in February.

This is Vinoj and Nitha and their son Nathan. They are recent immigrants from India and Pastor Sunny is her Uncle. They live in North Carolina and came up for a visit and especially this meeting. We should get to see them under the tent in Fayetteville, North Carolina in October.

Pastor Gege Paul and his family along with our family.

This little mother is from Nigeria. She is originally from Abeokuta which is our adopted hometown in Nigeria. It was so sweet to meet her.

Pastor Ivan Hardyal and his family came to be with us in service Friday night, Saturday night and then came for a visit Sunday afternoon following their Sunday service. We love this family. Bro. Ivan was the very first Pastor in New York City to invite us to sing and preach and I will always honor him for that.

We enjoyed their fellowship and the wonderful meal they provided Friday night after church.

That pretty much wraps up our week and weekend in New York. This whole trip, Boston, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut will be cherished in our memories for a very, very long time. Thank God for opening this wonderful door of ministry to our family.

Thank you for reading.


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