Thursday, February 29, 2024

Odie is Announcing The Return of A Word For Wednesday

Odie is Announcing The Return of A Word For Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. Plus KJo has a little fun with Odie at the end of the video. You do not want to miss that.😍😂

Follow the link in the previous paragraph.

We also want to wish our long time friend Happy Happy Birthday! We have known Bro. Bruce Mayhan for nearly 35 years. Today Bro. Bruce is celebrating his Birthday for the 15th time in his life!

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Thank you for joining us today.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

More Good News-Stepping Up!

Yesterday I posted an update on my recovery. 

Also, I have posted a video with the information in yesterday's post and more good news from today.

Monday was also a monumental day at therapy. During physical therapy, they worked with me for most of the hour on walking without assistance. I was a little unsteady, or maybe a lot unsteady, but they had me walking pretty fast and quite a bit of distance.

Also, occupational therapy was designated to be the day that they would give me cognitive tests to see if I was ready to begin driving again. They had prepared me for this, but this was the day to take all the tests in one hour. 

It is actually a series of cognitive tests along with a speed test to make sure I can get from the gas pedal to the brake pedal and a test to see if I recognize and comprehend traffic signs. I passed all the tests with flying colors and they have approved me to begin driving.

The neurologist has the final say and they can require me to take a driving test from a professional driving instructor, The therapist does not think they will require it. She said there is no doubt my cognitive skills are at the right level.

I have begun driving some, but I have such a good chauffeur, that I do not have much need to drive. ❤️ I will hold off on driving the bus for a little bit, to make sure I feel comfortable enough to attempt it. There is no sense in doing something stupid.

That is the good news for today. We are making progress, stepping up one day at a time. Thank you so much for stopping by. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

35% of Normal, 1000% Better Than My Lowest

I am super glad we made the quick trip to Kentucky on Sunday but I definitely feel the effects of it.

This video has the information from this Mile Marker and Wednesday's too.

I mentioned yesterday that last Friday was an evaluation day in physical therapy and occupational therapy. They need to grade the patients once in a while to justify to the insurance the need to continue therapy or to determine if therapy is no longer needed.

Many of the things that were required, were duplicates or similar to things they tested on the first day of outpatient therapy January 19. They were happy to find that I had improved on every measurable goal. I was pretty happy myself!

Praise God!

Even though I have room for much improvement in my balance, walking, dexterity and speech; all these areas are tremendously better than before. That is a super reason for thankfulness. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

The main areas that need to improve now are the numbness that remains on my entire right side and the strength and quality of my speaking and singing voice.  

Also, even though I am able to swallow and consume enough calories to keep me going. There are many normal foods that I cannot eat yet. I am so thankful to be swallowing but I would love to be completely recovered in that area.

I really appreciate you taking time to pray about those three things especially, in addition to all the other areas. We hear from some of you regularly and we know that you are taking these things seriously in prayer and we appreciate it very much.

I am grateful for the inquiries we receive asking when we might be able to return to our regular schedule on the road. I wish I knew the answer with certainty to that question, but the reality is, there is no way that I can know. There are heaps upon heaps of things I need to do to roll that wagon.

I feel like I am about 35% of what I was when I went to bed on the bus on December 28. Yet I am 1000% better than I was when I transferred into ICU late at night on December 29. 

35% of Normal, 1000% Better Than My Lowest

35% means I am a very long way from being able to do all my duties to keep us traveling, singing and preaching. I have had so much fun the last many years that I have made it look easy, but it does not look easy from where I sit right now.😍🤣

1000% means I am incredibly and amazingly improved from where I was immediately after the stroke. I give the glory to God and the people He used to bring me to this point. Hallelujah! There is no God like our God!🙌🏽🙌🏽

That is an honest assessment of where we are right now. I am here by God’s grace and every forward step I take will be by his grace as well. I know God can pull me through IF I can stand the pulling. 

I have purposed to do my part and I have faith that God will do His part. I am working hard like all the progress depends on me and I am trusting, believing and praying like all the progress depends on God!

I have determined with the wise counsel of mentors and friends, that I am not going to rush this. When I am ready to go there still be work to do.

Thank you for traveling along with us. We need you.


Monday, February 26, 2024

The Weekend Dispatch 3/26/24

Welcome to our weekend. We will begin our story on Friday.

Friday was a day of therapy as usual. It was my 10th day of therapy since being dismissed from inpatient therapy so it was a day of evaluation mostly. 

I was tested and evaluated in both physical therapy and occupational therapy and they were pleased with the results. I will tell you more about that tomorrow. 

Friday afternoon we visited with dear friends and Saturday Kelly‘s parents came.

Sunday was a little busier than we would have liked, but it was a necessary busy. The morning began with Sunday school and church at Dryden Rd. The service included communion and we enjoyed it very much. 

After church we went home, had a quick lunch and then we were off to Richmond, Kentucky for my Aunt Madaline's visitation. 

We arrived a few minutes ahead of the official start time, hoping to beat the majority of the crowd, but we did not. The crowd was already huge. It is amazing how many people were there to honor Aunt Madaline. Wow!

To my surprise, the Director took us to the front of the line and I visited with my aunt's immediate family. My heart was broken for my cousins. I sure wish I could be with them today,

Then we made our way toward the back greeting cousins as we went. I visited with my brother and dad outside and a few other cousins for a few minutes and then we made our way toward Ohio. 

It is two hours to Richmond and two hours home. That is the longest I have been in a car by far since my hospitalization and I was not sure that I could make it. KJo did the driving of course and I seem to have tolerated it OK. I will know more about it in a few days.

Today is another important day at therapy and I am excited for it. 

Thank you for joining us today.


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Morning Sanity

Sunday Morning Sanity
Preacher, it's not your job to make the message acceptable, it's your job to make the message available! Vance Havner

I hope you have a super great Sunday.


Saturday, February 24, 2024

Singing At Sea 2024 Recap Roundup

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in for this Saturday. I hope you are doing good.

I appreciate all of you who have let me know you are enjoying my vacation recaps from the last two weeks on Saturdays. Click here and here to see the previous posts. Today is the final recap for this year. 

Singing At Sea PSA. 

Several people have contacted me in the past, interested in the Singing at Sea cruise. I highly recommend this cruise chartered by Templeton Tours! We are planning to go next year! 

2025 is already booking up fast for the 49th annual Singing At Sea. Several categories are already sold out. Next year, it will all take place on the Carnival Freedom again. The dates are January 27-February 1st 2025. 

The ship sails from Port Canaveral, Florida, on Monday. Tuesday is spent at sea. Wednesday is a port day at Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. Thursday is also a port day at Grand Turks. Friday is another sea day sailing back toward Florida. Saturday morning, the ship arrives back at Port Canaveral. The bars and casinos are shut down on the ship for the week. You are surrounded by fantastic food, fellowship and great Southern gospel music for your time on the ship.

Contact Templeton Tours here for more information. You can put down a deposit to reserve your spot today. The remaining balance is due in November 2024. The Southern gospel groups on board get credit for every passenger who signs up with their group as your tour host. You can choose any group from the list of entertainers for the week. 

11th Hour was our host this year. They were great to sail with, and we highly recommend them as a host group. It will not give you any special perks, but if you sign up for the 2025 cruise, tell Templeton Tours that  Andrea Boggs recommended it! 😆

Thanks to Jeff Templeton and Templeton Tours for making an excellent cruise available for the Southern gospel enthusiast and cruise fan! All the groups work hard to give us the music we love! The Singing at Sea is my favorite vacation.

Singing At Sea 2024  Final Recap 

I hope you are ready for an extended photo trip on the Singing at Sea 2024. Warning: this is a picture overload! This was  5 nights and 4 days packed with fun, food, beautiful scenery, music and fellowship.

Monday Afternoon

Anthem Edition singing the sail away concert.

Lunch with a view.

First of several Guys Burgers that I  enjoyed.

Some of my cousins from the Boggs side were also on the ship. It was excellent to see Edith, Rhonda and their spouses!

Welcome Aboard with Karen Peck Gooch and Mark Bishop

Gold City


Nicole found some friends from Mississippi that she knew.

Karen Peck and New River

This large theater spans decks 3,4 and 5. The stage is on deck 3, and we were sitting on deck 5. My iPhone zoom capabilities worked well!

Odie and Nicole enjoying night one of the cruise. This is when we started planning for next year.

The Whisnants

Our host group 11th Hour.

Carolina Band

Pizza for a late night snack.

Tuesday Sea Day



Soul'd Out

Doug and Kyra McKinney with Odie.

Odie and Trynda

Nicole and Odie in cruise mode.

My favorite view.

The Whale Tail of the Carnival Freedom. Last year, this ship went several months without a tail. Due to a fire in the ship's funnel, it took a while to replace it.

Sterling C. Sample

Parade of Pianos

How many piano players can play one piano?

Elaine Wilburn introduced special guest Eddie Crook.


The Sound

Voices of Lee

11th Hour

Levi Mills of The Sound and Odie.

Tuesday evening was Captain's night. Here are a few pictures we took before dinner.

We got to meet the Captain.

Captain's Reception

Todd, the Cruise Director

Captain and Officers


Pictures with Hope and Gracie Bowling.

Bill Shivers and Odie.

Brian  Free and Assurance

The only seat available for Nicole for this set was the drum stool.

This is me with long time friends Tamara and Lesley.

Troy Peach Hoast of Southern Gospel Mid-days on Singing News Radio was this venue's MC for the weak.

The Kingdom Heirs closed out Tuesday night.

One of the daily ice creams we enjoyed from the trip. This is usually how we would end the night.


The Taylors


Bro. Steven,  Abby and Sis. Trynda

Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

We met the Parsons Family from Goshen, Indiana, on the cruise. This is Bro. Parsons and one of his daughters. It was neat to find that we know many of the same people.


Time for coffee

I found friends from Georgia even while shopping in Amber Cove.

Nicole said this cup was made for me since I love ice cream.

Wednesday Night

Kelly Crabb and the Bowling Sisters

Carolina Band


Kenneth was one of our waiters at dinner.

Tanner Duckworth

11th Hour meet and great.

Garrett and Amber's son, Vinny Saunders, 17 months old, was the star of the show.

We got to hear some of their new music coming out soon.

Amber's Dad joined her and Victoria for part of a song.

It was great to get to chat with Amber Saunders for a little bit!

Nicole and I loved sailing with 11th Hour! Garrett, Amber Saunder, and Victoria Bowlin were so nice to us all week!

The legendary tenor Danny Funerburk.

Karen Peck and New River

Lowie was one of our sweet tablemates at dinner. Karen Peck and New River is her favorite group. I captured this moment of Lowie enjoying Karen's singing.

Tribute Quartet joined Karen Peck and New River on stage for their final song.

Tribute Quartet closed out Wednesday night.

Bro. Darren and Sis. Tammy Mize


Bro. and Sis. Long

Grand Turks


Thursday Night

Mark Bishop singing with 11th Hour

11th Hour

Troy Peach

The Erwins

The Matthews Family

Brian Free and Assurance

Sis. Carol from Georgia and Nicole


We had wonderful tablemates for dinner. It was great to visit with Lowie, Sue and Don from Pennsylvania.

Karen Peck and New River

This little boy in the picture had to come to see Karen Peck after he was in his PJs.

Tribute Quartet

Jeff Tolbert and Primitive Road

Special Guest Larry Riddle

I met Joseph Reed. He is the Morning Show host for Singing News Radio. I am listening to his show as I type.

Night Owls Diaries Live with Grant Gibson and Matthew Gooch closed out Thursday night. I was glad to be there for their first live show in front of an audience. 

Night Owls Diaries is a weekly show online. It comes from the bus late at night while Matt and Grant drive the Karen Peck and New River bus.

Grant Gibson and Odie

Odie and Matt Gooch

Nicole Odie and Tamara 

Friday Sea Day

Breakfast with my favorite view.

Hymn singalong with Wesley Pritchard.

Amy Lambert Templeton

Wesley Pritchard and Odie

Jonathan Wilburn and Odie

Jeff Easter and Odie

The Whisnants

2 Whisnant brothers and 2 Erwin brothers sang together.

Katie Erwin and Carter Whisnant

11th Hour

Amber's sister and Dad joined her for a song.

Becky Mathews and Odie

Mark Bishop was the MC in this theatre all week.

The Browders

Sis. Carol and Odie

We met the Cruise Director and the Assistant Cruise Director.

2 of our 3 fantastic waiters for the week.

The dining room staff sang for us.


Troy Peach and Jeff and Sheri Easter

Levi Mills jumped on the drums for Jeff and Sheri's set.

C.T. Townsend joined them for Party Time.

One more picture with our dinner tablemates.

Odie and C.T. Townsend

It was great to see these ladies and their families on the cruise. Stephanie, Lesley, Tamara and Odie.

My final ice cream of the cruise.

Saturday Go Home Day

Andrea was our room steward for the week. She took great care of us!

Final cruise breakfast for the year.

Off the ship, waiting for the shuttle to the airport.

Time for one last vacation selfie at the airport with Nicole before we went to our separate flights.

See you later, Florida... 

 and hello, Ohio.

I came home Saturday night to this warm welcome.

Singing at Sea 2024 was a success! We had so much fun! We got to see most of the groups that sang during the week. We heard many of our favorites sing multiple times. Nicole and I are looking forward to next year. Until then, we have countless happy memories to relive.

Thanks for joining for this week's recap. See you next time!