Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

We had a great weekend, but it started with a semi-stressful day. We had planned for a few weeks that Friday would be our day to work on our 2019 IRS forms for Boggs Family Ministries. The due date for 501c3 filing is May 15 but the date was extended by the IRS to July 15 because of the coronavirus.

Friday was the day to put our nose to the grindstone and get it done.

We applied to the IRS to be a 501c3 many years ago and it has been a great move for the business side of our ministry. However, even though Boggs Family Ministries enjoys some of the same tax exemptions as a church, we are required to file an IRS form each year even though churches do not have that same requirement.

The form starts as a 990n, but we moved into the territory of 990EZ a few years ago. I can assure you that the 990EZ form is an overachiever and it definitely NOT Easy! It is a bear!

The first time we filled it out, we stopped at a truck stop and KJo and I took two full days to gather the information, learn as much as we could about the forms and then get the forms completed.

The next time we did it, we were done in about 5-6 hours. Friday I gathered the information for about an hour and then KJo and I were mostly finished in less than 4 hours. Our eyes were tired, our brains were hurting, but we were done! Hallelujah! I went to bed early afterward!

I think the tacos helped!

I am so thankful that Kelly Jo is willing to wade into the mess of the IRS and help me. My original hard drive is full and moves slow. I tried swallowing a memory card or two, but it did not help.

Saturday morning we cranked the BoggsMobile and finished the drive to Trinity Assembly in Lucas, Texas without major incident. It was only 140 miles and it took us about two hours and forty minutes. 

We have never preached revival for Pastor Tom Goodwin and his congregation, but we did preach a Sunday morning for them in 2016 at their old location. We are looking forward to five great services.

They have relocated since we were here in 2016 and built a beautiful building. They pretty much finished just in time to shut down due to the recent pandemic.

Here we are getting parked.

After we set up the bus, we had lunch and loaded in the sound equipment and did a quick soundcheck. 

While finishing soundcheck, we set the camera up for a few minutes on YouTube.

Then we followed Pastor Goodwin and his wife to Abuelo's for a great supper and fellowship.

After supper, we went back to the church and hooked our system into the church sound system with the help of Bro. Goodwin. We also toured their new church. It is beautiful.

We enjoyed both services on Sunday. Praise God for His blessing and help for His people. Hallelujah!

It is super duper great to see Bro. Bob Goodwin and Sis. Claire. We love these two people so very much and we have missed them terribly.

We also enjoyed two great meals on Sunday.

That just about wraps up our weekend. We did add a song video to our YouTube channel Sunday too. I hope you enjoy. Please share it with others.

Thank you for stopping in for a Mile Marker today.


Monday, June 29, 2020

35 Years

Normally on Monday, you see a description of the weekend. We did have an exciting weekend with lots of pictures to show you, but I am pushing that off until tomorrow. Today I have a short glimpse back to June 29, 1985.

35 years ago today!

All those many years ago, Kelly Jo pulled the most brain dead stunt she has ever attempted. She committed to spending the rest of her life with me, come what may. 

Wow! What a crazy move, but a good thing for me!

Some of you may not take much convincing, but let it be known, KJo was not marrying Mr. Lots-Of-Potential. I was not the best pick of the litter.

I had just graduated high school, I had no plans to go to college, my earning potential was minimum wage, my prospects for improvement were lousy, my character was questionable, my history was sketchy and my personal experience with God was shaky.

I did have a big smile and lots of hair.

That was about all I had. Well, I did have a 1974 VW Bug with a payment book.

Kelly Jo really was a good young lady with a heart for God. She was talented, friendly and beautiful. Why in the world did she marry a loser? Why did she jump off the proverbial cliff? It may be that I was the first one to ask her and she thought her options were limited.

I praise God on a regular basis that she married me. 35 years ago, she said the words, made the commitment and she has kept her end of the bargain perfectly.

Grace and love. Grace and love brought us to this point 35 years later. God had so much grace on me and extends his love to me over and over. And Kelly Jo's grace and love should not be discounted in the equation. She poured her life into mine and made me the man I am today.

This woman is amazing! She loves God, she loves God's work and she loves God's people. AND she loves me and is devoted to me in a way that I can hardly believe and could never describe properly.

She loves our daughter. She has taken care of a special needs child for 34 years and over 20 of those years she was doing that while living on the road. Kelly Jo has never shirked her duty but has always risen to the occasion.

35 years! It sounds weird to say it. When did we reach the age when any part of our lives could be 35 years in the past? Yet the numbers do not lie. Here we are.

Thank you, Kelly Jo, for staying with me. Thank you for following me around the USA and to other parts of the world. Thank you for being ready for adventure at a moment's notice. Thank you for inspiring me to be a Godly man and a better husband and father.

I am privileged to have spent the last 35 years married to you. I look forward to many more years by God's grace. I love you KJo

Thank you for joining us, friends.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

The View Out The Front Window 6/28/2020

If you like a changing view, you are in the right place today. This was our view Tuesday night in Central City, Kentucky.

This was our view Wednesday night in Paducah, Kentucky.

This was our view Thursday and Friday nights in New Boston, Texas.

This is our view out the window in Lucas, Texas now.

Sunday Morning Sanity
They say if you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced.
That must be why people with no sense of humor have an increased sense of self-importance.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless you with a great week.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Little Cuteness

Hey Friends,

This Odie Checking in with you on Saturday. Thanks for spending some time with me today. It is great to have visitors to Mile Markers.

We all need some good news. Let me give you a reason to smile. Below is a picture of our wonderful friends Kevin and Abbey Frazier. We took this picture in November 2019 on our last visit to Montana. Abbey and Kevin surprised everyone with an announcement, during our revival. They announced that their family would be growing in the summer. We were thrilled with their exciting news and celebrated with them!

Abbey is one of my adopted Metzger sisters. She is one of my sweetest friends. I am so excited that God has blessed her with a husband and child.  Now I get to see her be an excellent mother!

June 2020 was the time predicted for baby Frazier's arrival.  We all waited and prayed for this blessing to come. Titus David Frazier was born in mid June. He is a handsome fellow!

I could not believe how precious this bundle of joy was when I saw his pictures.  I thank God for blessing Abbey and Kevin with this sweet baby boy!

Abbey sends me the cutest pictures of this little guy.  He will not be a little guy when we get to meet him in person. It is wonderful to see pictures of him now and I look forward to meeting him in the future. We love you, Titus David!

Are you ready for a little more cuteness? This is one of my favorite little boys and he melts my heart. Say hello again to Charles Ray Shoemaker! He is growing and changing almost daily. He will soon be walking everywhere. I am so proud of him! Auntie loves you, Charlie!

Deidre sent this picture recently, of two Charlies. We bought him this little Charlie Brown for Christmas. I am so glad that he loves his stuffed Charlie Brown. I had to share this picture with you all.

There you have some sweetness to brighten your day. Precious children make the world a better place! The smile of a child lightens my mood. I am thankful that God is blessing my family and friends with the blessing of children. They definitely make Auntie O happy!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great weekend? Who or what helped you smile today? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


Friday, June 26, 2020

This Week So Far 6/26/2020

We have driven 925 miles since we left home and I am writing to you from Walmart parking lot in New Boston, Texas.

 Unfortunately, those miles did not magically disappear under the wheels of the BoggsMobile and Green Machine. We started preparing early Monday morning, we drove Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and here we are.

We had one more dose of Acapulco salsa Monday for lunch. Yes!

Monday evening we pulled the bus out of the barn, did the work of the evangelist, pulled up to Odie's to load up the sound equipment and then parked outside the barn. Later I hooked the car up to the bus. I also backed the tent trailer into the barn.

Cousin Lisa took this picture as I was getting the bus turned around.

We left the ranch (The First Time) at about 9:35 AM Tuesday morning. Yep, you read that right, the first time. We drove about 5.5 miles and smelled brakes. The passenger side front brake was dragging every so slightly. The temperature was only a few degrees higher on that wheel, but brakes dragging is a bad thing.

I drove 2.5 miles more to Rural King and pulled into the parking lot. I talked to Jeff Rowe in Tennessee several times and he helped me determine it was not a bearing problem and that I had plenty of gear oil in the wheel. Thank God Jeff still takes my calls.

I disconnected the car and backed the bus over the width of the parking lot twice to give the slack adjusters a chance to back off the brakes. We drove 4 miles toward home and the temperatures were good. We drove 4 more miles the rest of the way home and the temperatures were good again.

Then we drove to Waynesville, Corwin and back home for a total of 9 miles and the temperatures were good. When we left home the final time, almost three hours had elapsed and we were zero miles toward our goal. UGH!

8 miles later at Rural King all was well so we hooked the car to the bus. Every time we checked the temperatures the rest of the day, I found more of the same good story. Hallelujah!

At the 5 hour mark I snapped a picture of the GPS. We had only driven 163 miles and we were less than 140 miles from home. At least we were rolling and we rolled into Trinity Pentecostal Church in Central City about 4:30 PM central time.

We had a great evening with our friends at Central City. Pastor Alan Harris and Sis. Tammy and all their folks have been so good to us for many years. It was great to see them again. I appreciate them being willing to have their midweek service on Tuesday and allow us to stop in on our way through! It was a special treat for us.

We saw this in Central City. "Yep, we're open!" And "Store Closing". Talk about mixed messaging.😀

Brand new concrete entrance!

We were blessed to eat lunch with Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy Wednesday before we left. Very Good!

By 2:30 we were pulling into High Point Pentecostal Church In Paducah. It is a long convoluted story, but we were very glad it worked out for us to be there Wednesday night for service. We loved being with Pastor Doug Stevens and his family and all of his folks.

We hit the road before 8:00 Thursday and drove 520 miles to Walmart in New Boston, Texas. We thank God for great weather, light traffic, the bus running well and strength drive all day. Praise God for his help. 

We drove about 30 miles further than we planned, because the place I planned to park overnight did not work out. Sometimes you have to keep rolling a bit.

We are less than 150 miles from our destination, but we will not finish the trip until tomorrow. We have some important paperwork to complete today. We have planned this day for that task and we are praying that it goes well.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless you.