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Friday, March 19, 2021

March 19, 2020 Was A Whopper of A Day!

One year ago today, because of the coronavirus, the vacation portion of our vacation/evangelistic trip to Australia and New Zealand ended two days early and we left the ship in Sydney. Not only was the vacation portion ended early, but the evangelistic portion was scuttled altogether.

The Australian government had given us two options upon leaving the ship. We could go directly to the airport and leave the country or we could go directly to a hotel and quarantine 14 days at our own expense. That would leave us 5 days in the country after quarantine and that was useless.

Since we were originally staying another three weeks, we did not have a flight scheduled for the early departure until right before we left the ship. I had spent hours on the phone the last two sailing days talking to the airlines, the cruise lines and the travel company. 

All three companies told me it was one of the other company's responsibility to rebook the flights. I kept calling and kept talking until someone did something and the reservations came through.

With flight reservations in hand, we left the ship one year ago today at 8:20 AM

We walked a few hundred feet and boarded a nearly empty train car. We rode that directly to the airport and stayed as far away from folks as we could at the airport. Although we were worried the last minute airline reservation might prove to be good to be true, it went through without a glitch or a hitch.

We left Sydney at 1:00 PM one year ago today and we landed in Dallas, Texas about 1:30 PM one year ago today. I will let you figure the timing out.

We went through customs, caught our plane to Knoxville, picked up the Green Machine and drove 20-30 miles to the bus in Vonore. We entered the bus about 6:30 PM one year ago today.

Wow! March 19, 2020, was some kind of day.

It was great to be in the USA, but we were sad about missing out on visiting new churches and meeting brothers and sisters and exploring a bit of Australia. We had walked away from some great opportunities and adventures that we had saved for and planned on for years.

There was no time to cry over spilled milk, we had a job to do. Several days before, when it looked like our trip would be cut short, I told Kelly Jo that I felt like we should keep right on preaching revival in the only way we could, online.

The plan was for businesses and churches in the USA to be shut down for two weeks (We know how that worked out, right?😁). We figured we would preach a week online, get things ready to roll again and hit the road.

In reality, we would have 61 consecutive nights of online revival!

Friday, March 20, 2020, we researched all day in Tennessee trying to learn enough about Mixlr and YouTube so that we could Livestream the services. This is a one minute test video that I put up that day. It is a timelapse of tent revival in Richton, Mississippi in 2019.

Saturday we drove home. Saturday evening, all day Sunday and most of Monday, we were still trying to understand the technology and Monday night we began revival.

We knew nothing about video. The angle was wrong, the distance was wrong, the sound was wrong, but we had church in the garage like there were a thousand people in attendance. It was the beginning of one of the highlights of our ministry.

Here is the very first night of 61 consecutive nights of online revival. 

You will hear Odie's voice, but you will not see Odie's face. KJo and I were under request from Australia to quarantine 14 days, so Odie stayed in the house, used her in-ear-monitor and cordless microphone and we had revival in the garage. 

I have many more memories and information to share from that week, but I will save it for another time. This Mile Marker has gone on long enough.

Thank you for joining us.


Friday, January 29, 2021

A Week of Revival

I received this picture this morning of little Charlie, our great-nephew watching revival with his Aunt Selah and I want you to see it!

It was been a week of work, rolling and revival. We traveled Sunday night, Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, but we have been in revival all week long. 

Here is the Thursday night service

Yes, our scheduled revival was postponed because of COVID, but KJo, Odie and I have been having ourselves a time each and every night in the BoggsMobile. We have had tangled mess of technical challenges, but so far we have had church each night.

Tonight will be the last night of online revival and then we will begin another "in person" revival Sunday morning in Bernice, Louisiana by God's grace. We are excited to be with Pastor Michael Brandon and his folks again.

Our days have been full of bookwork this week. January is the deadline for a lot of the financial side of Boggs Family Ministries and it has to be done. I am waiting for Odie to marry a CPA math wizard so I can give him her hand and the ministry books!😍

A Lost Service
We really did have revival service in the BoggsMobile Monday night. It was on our YouTube channel Monday night, all day Tuesday and at least some of Wednesday. It disappeared sometime Wednesday and it has not been seen or heard from since. The rest of the nights seem to be fine.

I have no idea where it went OR if it is coming back. 🙄

I do not know how things like this happen, but if I understood computers and the internet, I would probably be in a basement somewhere typing and hacking and developing the next big internet search engine, Boggle.

The audio from the lost service Monday night is on our Mixlr page. I suppose that I could learn how to post the audio on YouTube and restore at least that much, IF I need to, but the video seems gone forever.

We only have a very few pictures from the week. We did not eat out, we did not go to town and we were not in personal contact with anyone else. This is all you get for Revival In Pictures this week. Maybe you will have better luck next Friday.

From Sis. Renae Smith joining revival from Kentucky.

Our friend Ken Connell joining us from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Thank you for checking on us today. May God bless you with a super great weekend.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Oops! A Glitch!

I had a post ready to go up today, but it will save. We had a hiccup last night at the beginning of the revival service. We always turn on Mixlr first and make sure it is live and then turn on the YouTube feed. That is where the trouble began.

I am using a third party App on my iPhone. That is what you must do in order to Livestream on YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers. We are less than 300 subscribers from that plateau.

Last night the third party App said the Livestream was on, but when I checked YouTube on my laptop, there was no Livestream. The third party App would quit recording after about 45 seconds. Ugh!

I tried it multiple times with the same result. I tried closing the App and even tried cycling the phone off and back on. No difference. After about 12 minutes of fiddling with it, I decided to record the service and post it later. About an hour or so after service, I had the video posted.

We disappointed a lot of folks that were ready to have church and we are sorry for that. I hate it so bad! Last night I had to shake myself, step up and have church and I believe the Lord helped us to do so.

We are trying to get to the bottom of the glitch and find out what we must do to prevent a reoccurrence. Pray for me IF you will.

Here is the clip from last night. I hope you enjoy. Please share with others, since folks that missed it may not know to come here to look for it. This is the sharable link, Boggs Family Wednesday Night.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, April 13, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

Prayer Request
Our dear friends in Ellisville and Richton, Mississippi had some very rough weather yesterday afternoon. Some of them did have some property damage, but praise God, our friends are safe. Others in their area were not so fortunate. Please pray for the folks there and other places in the south that were hit with tornados and high winds.

What's Up, Weekend?
We had a super great Easter weekend filled with good food and wonderful services. We had revival services Friday night and Saturday night, Easter Sunday morning Livestream next door at Dodds Pentecostal Church and Sunday Night Singalong Sunday night. We also sang and testified on the Livestream at London First Pentecostal Church and Pastor Vernon Jarvis.

Yes, it was a wonderful weekend.

KJo keeps knocking it out of the park with her tacos!

Friday Odie invited us over for a scrumptious lunch!

Saturday was lawn mowing day. I wanted the yard to look great on Easter Sunday for all of the people that would normally have parked next door for church. Unfortunately, the people could not come, but the yard looked good anyway.😅😅

I have been preaching for 20 days to Kelly Jo and the four walls of the garage. Sunday morning my congregation grew by leaps and bounds. Pastor Kelly Rogers was there and my sister Theresa and her husband Jay were in the service as well. Jay was teaching Sunday School the hour before so they stayed for the service and kept their distance. It was great to preach to three people!

We appreciate Pastor Kelly Rogers inviting us in for Easter. We had other invitations after his invitation, but he was first. He was also the closest, but it seemed to take way too long to move our sound equipment over there Saturday night. We must be getting soft or losing our edge by missing our normal routine.

I tried to Livestream the service at Dodds this morning, but it kicked off after one minute and I did not know it. It is in our Mixlr archive. You can view the service on the Dodds YouTube Page.

This is the Mixlr page for Boggs Family Ministries. Once you are on the page, look for showreel and that will take you to the archived services.

Pastor Jarvis and his technical folks did something really neat during the Easter Sunday Livestream at London First Pentecostal. They incorporated a slideshow of all their church people so that everyone could "see" everyone on Easter. I smiled all the way through it. You can see the service HERE. It should start as the slideshow is getting started.

The weekend ended with the 21st night of revival and our Sunday Night Singalong. How in the world can this be so much fun?

We are praising God for His help and we are rolling on in revival all this week. Tell someone about revival and let's have church!

Thank you for stopping by for a few minutes today.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

View Out The Front Window 4/5/2020

We have concluded our second week of online revival and we are having a wonderful time. Thank you for joining us IF you were able. If not, all the services are archived for watching or listening at any time. You can go to the YouTube channel of Boggs Family Ministries by clicking on the link. You can find the Boggs Family Ministries Mixlr Here.

Here is our Revival In Pictures.

Our view out the front window is still the back wall of the barn, so not much to look at, but KJo's tacos are a beautiful sight! Wow! I never get tired of that view.

Sunday Morning Sanity
Out of all the things I received this week, this one takes the prize.

I think that came to me from Bro. Evan Binkley.

I hope you have a super great Sunday. We will be having a Sunday Night Singalong online tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Revival In Pictures Waynesville, Ohio Second Week

We have some great pictures from revival and many of them came from you. Some of these are from late last week, over the weekend and the rest are from this week in revival. I love getting these. Thank you so much for sending them in. Y'all are really great sports!

From Sis. Hope Simpson McCoy- Georgia 
Tuned in. Enjoying the cool breeze here in south GA.

From Sis. Zandy Martin- Oklahoma. Listening in around the campfire!  

From Bro. Jason Morris and Family- 
Amen!!! We got y’all on our big screen in the living room. Lol!! 

From. Bro. Larry Landress - Oklahoma. 

From. Sis. Ambria Snell- Riverdale, California sent in Sunday afternoon. Getting us some extra church today ♥️♥️♥️♥️

The Zerble’s- Neosho, Missouri. 
Love the Coronavirus Campmeeting! So needed this. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS ❤️

The Woods- Harriman, Tennessee. 
From Sis. Margaret, Herman watching. 

From Derrick Haddox.

Becky Bowman in Tennessee. 
Great job!!! 
Love y'all. 
Praying for y'all!!!

The Seth and Celeste Holm Family- Fresno, California. Enjoying revival again tonight!!! 😍

The Shiflett’s in Virginia. 
Frankie listening to the Revival, what a blessing each night. Stay safe!  

From Odie

Shane and Shelby in Oklahoma

Michelle in Ohio 

Adrianny and her brother have been listening in Brazil.

My cousin Delmer

The Henderson's in Mississippi

Andrew and Bethany Holm from California sent these.

The yard was in bad need of cutting, so we tackled that Thursday. This is definitely a picture you do not see much in Revival In Pictures.

This is a behind the scenes look at revival in the garage. An iPad that is recording for Mixlr and a laptop that is monitoring the picture on YouTube sit on a case about 4-5 feet in front of the Bible Stand.

My iPhone is placed on a stand just to the left of the case above. It provides the YouTube feed.

On the Bible Stand is another older iPad that I use to control the sound system and my newer iPad I use for a songbook and preaching notes.

The sound system with an old iPhone with a spider web screen. I use this phone to play music through for the beginning of the Mixlr feed.

Our little temporary church.

I am using one speaker for a monitor and another speaker for ambient sound.

Thursday evening was the official end of our 14 day isolation quarantine. We are going to continue to isolate from our family and everyone else for a few more days, but we did feel the liberty to slip out to the laundromat for a late night visit. Trust me, it was essential!😉

Thank you for joining us for Revival In Pictures. Did you enjoy all the pictures that were sent in? I sure enjoyed them.