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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Odie's 2024 Travel Day To Florida

Hey Friends,

One week ago today, my long-awaited vacation ended. I never look forward to going home day, but all good things must come to an end. This was my first vacation since January 2020. 

I plan to spend the next several Saturdays letting you peek in on our fun. It will take me a while to compile everything. I spent the first few days home quarantined to my room with a cold. I did not have much brain power to use for blogging or editing pictures.

Singing at Sea 2024 was worth the wait! My awesome friend Nicole Estes joined me for the adventures this time around. We had an absolute blast together for the week.

Travel Day To Florida 2024
Today is focused on Saturday, January 27th, my travel day to Orlando. My friends Nathan and Emily Roberts came and picked me up on Saturday Morning. They made sure my stuff and I arrived safely and plenty early at the Cincinnati airport. Emily helped me get inside and checked in for my flight. 

Somehow, I neglected to get their pictures when they picked me up or dropped me off for the trip. Nathan and Emily were a massive help to me. I can never thank them enough for their help!

This was my first time flying on Southwest Airlines. I was able to get a nonstop flight, and the check-in process was easy. I only had to answer some questions about my scooter and get it appropriately tagged.

Security at CVG was very easy. They did not ask for my iPad or liquids bag to be removed from my carry-on. I was on the way to my gate in no time. Flying with a scooter makes navigating airports much easier.

I had time to sit back, relax and enjoy some Starbucks before boarding the plane. I was in vacation mode.

Once the plane was fully ready, we were bound for Florida. 2 hours and 25 minutes later, after an extremely turbulent flight, we arrived. It was bumpy the entire flight. The flight attendants could not offer their full service. I was so thankful to be on the ground safely!

I could see my suitcase being loaded on the plane.

Ready to go!

Mid Flight.

Hello Orlando!

My suitcase and scooter both arrived. I was so happy when their AirTag locations were updated on my phone. I breathed a lot easier then!

Once I retrieved my suitcase from baggage claim, I called the hotel to request a shuttle. I journeyed outside to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while I waited. It did not take me long to shed my vest! 

The first Shuttle arrived to pick up me and two other Ohio passengers waiting to go to the same hotel. The van was almost full, and the driver did not have room for the scooter. 

I waited a while longer for the next shuttle driver. He was extremely friendly and accommodating. He was getting calls for more people to pick up before we left the airport. I told him I did not mind if he stopped to get them. He said no, you have been waiting long enough. I am taking you straight to the hotel.

We stayed in a room we booked through Templeton Tours. They put us in the Hilton Garden Inn by the Orlando airport. This hotel is newly renovated. It was beautiful! We had a gorgeous big room with two queen size beds. That is hard to find when booking a handicapped accessible room.

The Beds

Room number 423.

The accessible bathroom.

Coffee, microwave and fridge station.

Closet area.

The View from the 4th floor.

I had time for a nap and to get a little settled before Nicole arrived. Her flight was delayed. I was so glad to see her arrive. We had anticipated this day for many months. Vacation time was finally here!

The first vacation meal together was Chicken strips and chips from the hotel restaurant. It was a yummy way to start the vacation meals.

That wraps up the travel day to Orlando adventures. Stay tuned for more next week. Thanks for dropping by!


Friday, December 29, 2023

Nigeria Road Pictures

While in Nigeria, we seem to spend our fair share of time riding in a car. Each day and sometimes twice each day we are taken back and forth to church. We always snap some pictures from the back seat and the pictures seem to be popular on Mile Markers.

With that in mind, here are the pictures we took on the road while in Nigeria 2023. Most of these are from the city of Abeokuta except for two or three on the road from Lagos to Abeokuta.

I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for dropping by today.


Zoom it in. Four people on the motorcycle taxi.