Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Sprayer Saga Continues

I missed a few of Odie's pictures yesterday. At the bottom of this post, you will find her pictures from Saturday.

The Sprayer Saga Continues
If you see me selling Hose Spray Nozzles online OR on the side of the road, you will know why.😍

Several of my friends were laughing at me after this January post. I told about owning five good sprayers, yet driving all the way to Texas without one.

Well, the Sprayer Saga continues, with a twist.

We arrived at East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Tennessee on May 7. Early Monday morning, May 9, I hooked my sprayer to Jeff's hose and cleaned out our plumbing bay a bit. We had been having a black water problem and I wanted to clean it up some before Jeff's guys had to work in there.

I distinctly remember removing it from the hose, but the sprayer went totally AWOL after that.

We noticed it was missing while the BoggsMobile was still in Tennessee. I looked all through the compartment where we store such stuff and through another compartment where such things might end up, even though they do not belong. KJo searched the inside of the bus.

After several searches, we declared it lost. Ouch!

We did not need a sprayer until we arrived out here in Phoenix. The Jeep and the front and back of the bus needed to be cleaned something fierce! While at Lowe's, I bought another one while smacking myself upside the head.

Very early the next morning, I opened up the bay that holds the sound equipment. Can you guess what was laying at the edge of that bay? I am sure you can guess and guess correctly!

Right there in front of my face, was the lost sprayer! 

Nothing water related EVER goes in with the sound equipment. I guess I should say almost never. Ugh!

Here they are together. The new one that we purchased in January is on the left and the BRAND NEW one we bought just now at Lowe's is on the right.

This is getting ridiculous! 😢😍

KJo and I used both of them while washing the Jeep and Bus, just to make it seem like I MIGHT not be wasting money. I reckon I need to invest in this company.

It was 100-105 degrees the first three days we were here. Wow! Evidently, we had a cold front move in Sunday. It has been way down in the mid to upper 90s for three days but it is going back up tomorrow.

If we need to work outside, we do it very early in the morning. We washed the front and back of the bus and the front of the jeep between 5-6 in the morning.

Here is KJo washing the Jeep at 5:30 AM.😍😎

Now, here are Odie's pictures from Saturday as promised.

Thank you for reading today.


Monday, May 30, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 5/30/22 El Mirage, Arizona

Today's Mile Maker is picture heavy. I sure hope you enjoy the them. KJo took this great one Saturday evening.

Odie let me know that our cousin and faithful Mile Marker reader, Glendon Lamb is sick this week. Will you join us in praying for him?

At the bottom of this post, I have posted a bunch of pictures from Odie's week and weekend. I think you are going to like those.

Meanwhile, out on the road...😎

This was my early morning task Friday.

This was our early morning task Saturday. KJo is washing the front of the Jeep at 5:30 AM.

We did not wash the whole BoggsMobile. We only knocked the bugs off the front and the oil and road grime off the back. It had accumulated at least 2300 miles of bugs and oil going all the way back to Elkton, Virginia.

Later Saturday morning, we took care of our soundcheck and enjoyed singing a while with Sis. Carla Martinez. Then it was on to Golden Corral for lunch.

Look who showed up Saturday night! Yep, Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma! It is so good to see them again! We had burritos from Humberto's waiting for them.

Sunday was the fifth Sunday of the month so we kicked off revival with service Sunday at 11:00 followed by an unbelievable dinner and fellowship! Wow!

Bro. Bruce Mayhan took these pictures for us during church.

Odie submitted some pictures from her week and weekend! It looks like she is doing well!

That wraps up our weekend. I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures. Thank you for joining us.