Thursday, May 28, 2020

Out of Thin Air

First things first. 77 years ago today my dad, Eugene Boggs was born into the world. Happy, Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you so much and praise God for your life, health and strength!

Out of Thin Air
I mentioned the air line breaking under the driver's seat on the way to West Virginia Saturday. Now for the rest of the story.

This particular air line has caused problems before. The line begins at a fitting below the floor and provides air to the air ride portion of my seat while I am going down the road. It is not absolutely essential to moving down the road, but when the air line splits, it is deafening. As long as I am moving down the road and not using breaks, I can keep the air pressure up, but we start looking for a place to get off the road immediately!

This air line first split while going down the interstate in October 2016.

It split a second time in a different section the next year while going down the interstate in California.

It split again late at night while traveling across Texas in October 2018. That time I replaced the line from its source. I tied it into the existing line underneath the seat with a coupling with pressure fittings.

The break in the air line Saturday was beyond the coupling in the old air line. Beyond that coupling was a Tee that I did not see before. 

The 1/4" line goes into the Tee and comes out as two 6mm lines. The seat is German made so it uses European hose sizes. One of the 6mm lines dead ends because my seat is not equipped with air in the lumbar. The second 6mm line goes to the seat itself. 

Look closely at the picture above. Can you tell the difference between the 1/4" line on the right and the 6mm line on the top and left? Me neither. There is only .35mm difference. However, I have been told the 1/4" will leak if I put it on this 6mm fitting on the chair.

Where that line meets the fitting for the seat is where the line broke. There are places that sell the 6mm line and the reducer from 1/4" to 6mm, but nothing near me. I have some options using the old parts and I am considering those options. Keeping in mind though, that if I use the old line, I better plan on replacing it soon, because it is obviously brittle.

OR I can keep the line capped off with Visegrips until I get home, but that means no air ride on the seat through the mountains. I will keep you posted.

That is life on the road and owning and operating a bus. Problems seem to chase me down out of thin air. But, you know, I could be Pastoring a church!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Isaacs' Reunion 2004

I have a few pictures for a Vintage View post from the Isaacs' reunion in October 2004. I am still having trouble loading pictures into Blogger. I have searched the internet, followed all of the instructions and suggestions and they are still a bear to load. These few pictures were loaded one at a time over a period of two hours and many pictures were left in the archives because they would not transfer. UGH!

At least we have a few pictures. Please enjoy!

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This picture below is my Mom with eleven of her siblings for a total of twelve at that time. Three died as infants and two of the children that lived to be adults had already passed. Now there are only 5 total still living.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Follow Up On Mission Food

We had a wonderful service in revival last night. Hallelujah! We purposely turned off the picture during the altar service so that people would have privacy to respond in the altar. We left the audio rolling.

A Follow Up On Mission Food
Two weeks ago today was our 50th night of online revival. For the previous few weeks, people participating in revival by watching or listening had been asking how they could help us financially while we were restricted from our normal work of preaching revivals in churches. Several individuals and churches have helped us and we certainly appreciate it. But I thought it would be a neat thing to direct help to some needs we knew about on foreign mission fields or to inspire people to look around and find others in need of help.

This is the way I described the effort that week on Mile Markers.

Since it was our 50th night, we decided to try something special. We decided to try and help some people that are physically hungry in four different parts of the world.

I sure this same story could be told from all over the world, but there have been four specific areas that have been on my heart, where the coronavirus lockdown is causing people to struggle to have enough to eat. The common economic model in the world is people living from day to day. They work, earn a little money and purchase food for their families. That is impossible to do if you have to stay home. They do not have a week's worth of food stockpiled and it is impossible for them to do that.

Bro. Larry Landress has been sending money regularly to his people in southern Mexico that need food desperately. Most of the churches are in mountainous areas and they have to travel to buy food staples. They are forbidden to travel, but one of Bro. Larry's men has been purchasing the food and distributing it the best he can. There is a great need there. They do not have a Wal-mart or Kroger's down the road.

My dear friend, Bro. Shobanke in Nigeria has been locked down for nearly five weeks. He has received some help and he has shared it with his pastors and his church people. There are many of them going hungry and there is a great need there as well. My heart breaks for my people in Nigeria.

Bro. and Sis. Petit are in the Philippines and have been locked down for nearly two months. Their Pastors and the congregations are struggling to eat as well. The Petit's are trying to help as much as they can, but more money would be a great help.

Bro. Alan Sumner is in Honduras trying to keep the family ministry there afloat during Martial Law. He is feeding the church folks and planning to feed at least 300 more families too. He has a great work to do and he is doing his best to do it.

I ask the viewers and listeners last night to help these mission efforts OR find someone nearby that needs help and help them. There may be someone right on your street that needs food or diapers for their baby. You may not have abundance, but if we wait for abundance to give, we may be waiting a long time.

You can read the whole post and have access to the direct contact information for the missionaries on that first post.

We have no way of knowing how much was sent directly to the mission efforts. I hope it was a bunch. We do know the amount sent to us coupled with our offering was $2160. This was divided to each of the mission efforts in the specific amounts that were given through Boggs Family Ministries, but each one received at least $400.

We distributed those funds that very week to the three missionaries with addresses in the USA. Getting the money to Nigeria was a little more tricky. Mailing money and wiring money there through conventional means has never been reliable due to fraud and negligence. Bro. Shobanke had told me of a way to wire it directly to a special account at his bank. I was very hesitant to try it, but it worked.

We paid the transfer fees out of our own funds and they received the money safe and sound. We sent the money for food and money we had set aside for the school and it all arrived! Hallelujah!

Bro. Shobanke sent people that were allowed to leave their homes to different parts of the city to purchase beans, rice, onions and other food. The prices have skyrocketed and the food is very expensive. Others from the USA had sent money and they purchased $1500 worth of food.

They packaged all of the food in the main church in Abeokuta and on a certain day last week they distributed food to 300 people within their churches. When Bro. Shobanke called me that day with the news, he was so happy. That put a big smile on my face and a big praise on my lips!

He had someone send me a few pictures and they make me smile with tears running down my face! He has more pictures and videos that he will try to have sent to me later.

Thank you for joining us for a few minutes today. May God bless you all.


Monday, May 25, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 5/25/20

The activity meter definitely was trending upward for us this weekend. It almost made us long for the last several weekends when all we had to do was mow grass, work in the barn, spray weed killer on the gravel, watch preaching on Sunday AND have three or four online services.

Hey, but we must get cranking at some point, right? Friday was laundry day and final bus preparation day for Kelly Jo. I spent the day getting ready to ride too. That included emptying the holding tanks, cranking the bus, getting it turned around and hooking up the Green Machine late in the day. I also checked all the bus tires and added air if needed. The bus tires are big job any day, but the mud made it much more fun.

We also took a while Friday morning to pick up flowers and spend some time at the cemetery. I wrote about that Saturday.

We wanted to be on the road by 8:00 Saturday morning and we were rolling at 7:50. Yay!

Before we left I took a picture of my lonely Bible Stand in Odie's living room.

It is great to have Odie back on the bus.

Romney, West Virginia is not really that far from home. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of mountains in between. It is only 287 miles as a crowbar flies, IF you could through a crowbar that far. You would have to throw the crowbar way up high to get it over the mountains.

No one has built a big bridge over the mountains yet, so we went north to Columbus, Ohio then west on I-70, south on I-79, east on I-68 and then the fun drive on cow trails to Romney. It was not that simple though. Just as we were exiting the interstate a 1/4" air line broke beneath my seat and KJo had to lay down on the floor, find the break and squeeze off the air line while I drove.

While she was finding the deafening air leak and I was trying to keep from stepping on her, we exited the interstate into immediate construction. The road divided to the left and to the right and I chose the wrong side of the division in the two lane road. Our next turn was only about 200 feet down the way on the other division choice. Oops.

Then I had to navigate through city streets and residential streets to a turn that would correct my route. However the simple turn led under a railroad trestle that I could not go through. I saw that beforehand and kept turning on little roads until I could find my way back to the interstate.

Once on the interstate I went back one exit and went south until I could find a wide spot to pull off and put vice-grips on the broken air line. All this time, Kjo was laying on the floor, with her hand in a bind, keeping the air line pinched so that the bus did not lose pressure and lock up the breaks in the middle of the road.

I told you we were having fun.

After all of then confusion, the route we were on was our back up route to Romney and an hour or so later we were pulling in. We had driven 401 miles in about 8 hours. Pastor Bob Jeffreys and his wife and son met us at the church when we arrived and it was wonderful to see their smiling faces and to enjoy their virtual hugs!

They helped us get parked, hooked up and load in our equipment. Then we enjoyed a great evening of fellowship with them including a few minutes of Sound Check Church online. I embedded that video in yesterday's post.

Before I get into Sunday, Odie had a few pictures from Friday and Saturday.

We rested good overnight and enjoyed two great services with our new friends in Romney, West Virginia. We already knew the Pastor and his wife and Sis. Tonya in the church, but all the rest were friends we had not met yet. We are looking forward to the rest of the week here at Safe Haven Tabernacle.

These are the services from yesterday.

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