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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Travel Day and Wisconsin Dells

Today (Thursday) was another travel day. We started early this morning to try to beat the heat. It has been much hotter and much more humid in this part of the country than normal. When I went outside about 6:30 the humidity was tolerable but by the time we pulled out of Washington about 8:00 the air felt like water.

We drove about 255 miles to the Wisconsin Dells area. This is our first time is Wisconsin so we have not been in this area before. An acquaintance on a Prevost forum suggested stopping here and since it is right on the way it was perfect for our first stop. It seemed for a while that we would not be able to find an RV Park that we could get into but we finally found one. It is Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park and it is only about 1/2 mile off the interstate.

We had made plans to ride the Ducks and it turned out to be a lot of fun. There are ducks all over the country but this place is the original. These are old army amphibious vehicles used extensively at D-Day and on most of the island invasions in the Pacific in WWII and also in the Korean War. In fact, the one we road was made by GM in 1944.

This area is absolutely gorgeous and the hour tour was really nice. We drove through some beautiful country on private roads and then into the Wisconsin River and a lake.

The Ducks tour the lower Dell and other boats tour the Upper Dell. That boat is a two hour tour and since we were able to get a special deal on both we took that one too. The Upper Dell is even more beautiful than the lower dell if that is possible.

Our boat captain started driving the boats in college. After college he worked for the company as an accountant, then operations manager and then finally manager of the whole company. He retired 3 years ago and went back to driving part time. It think he told me he has worked for them 57 years. That is pretty awesome. He was a very interesting man to talk too.

The pictures can not capture it all but I think you can see that it is beautiful. The town of Wisconsin Dell is a tourist town similar to Branson and Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. It has all kinds of shops and places to eat along a strip that is easy to walk and it has all the rest of the usual tourist stuff too. This area also claims to be the water park capital of the world.

If you are looking for an alternative to Branson and Pigeon Forge you might think about researching this place. It is probably not near the same in the winter. One of the boat captains told me the river freezes 1-2 feet every winter. That is not for me.

We decided to have dinner out before returning to the bus and KJ spotted Paul Bunyan's. It is all you can eat family style and it was good. They serve different entrees each night but tonight was pot roast and fried chicken. It was fabulous. It may be best roast I have every had. The fried chicken was great too. Wow!

You know how Kelly Jo is with celebrities. She posed with big Paul Bunyan on our way in.

I told the host that John Bunyan was one of my favorite writers but he did not seem too impressed. If you do not know who I am talking about then you need to look him up. Everybody should read Pilgrim's Progress. I did not know he was an excellent cook as well.

Our sprint in California, the whirlwind trip back to the BoggsMobile, today's travel and busy evening have finally caught up to us. We are staying two nights here to recuperate. I am going to bed soon and I may stay in bed until 2:00 PM tomorrow. Well, it sounds good but I had a latch break on the trailer so I probably need to tear into that tomorrow. We will see.

Thanks for reading.