Friday, September 30, 2016

Travel Days - Vonore, Tennessee to Richton, Mississippi

Wednesday and Thursday were travel days. We only traveled about 470 miles over the two days so we obviously did not get in a hurry. In fact, I text Bro. Scott Morris Thursday morning and told him I was only about 210 miles from him and if I could do 70 miles a day, I should be there by Sunday morning.

We left East Tennessee Luxury Coach some time mid-morning and headed south west. Here we are as we prepare to pull out.

It was a beautiful day to travel and once we cleared Chattanooga, the traffic thinned out quite nicely. After all of the activity of the previous few days, I knew I would not drive far but I did want to go at least half way. I made it about 260 miles.

We needed to empty our holding tanks before getting to Richton and the Flying J at McCalla, Alabama was our last chance to do it. We decided to pull in there and call it a day. After snagging a spot among the trucks (The RV spots at that Flying J are always filled with trucks) we settled in and all took a nice afternoon nap!

I mentioned in yesterday's blog that Kelly Jo and I worked most of the evening on our travel visas to Nigeria. The kept us up late and then I could not sleep. I did sleep some in the early morning hours but I was awake shortly after 6:00 again.

I let the girls rest while I had my devotions and worked on the blog. We cranked up the BoggsMobile, emptied the holding tanks and we were soon on our way. We stopped at Dirt Cheap in Meridian after about 120 miles so the girls could get in a few minutes of retail therapy.

When they were finished we pulled over to Walmart so Kelly Jo and I could get our photos for the visas taken. Office Depot was across the parking lot and we went there next to Fedex the whole package to the Nigerian Embassy. We should have the visas in less than three weeks. Then we can finalize our reservations.

Once that was completed we finished the trip to Richton, arriving about 4:00 PM. It is great to be back home in Richton and we enjoyed some time and a great meal with our friends. We love Bro. Scott and his precious family.

Just about bed time, Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe pulled in and it was super great to see him. Once he was half way parked we said good night and got to bed just after midnight.

That puts two travel days in the books.The next two days will be spent preparing to get the tent up and getting ready for City Reach Richton. It feels good to be back in the swing of things!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Getting Ready For Nigeria

Things are staring to come together for our trip to Nigeria in November. I was beginning to get a little worried about our travel visas. You must have a prearranged travel visa to enter Nigeria. You can not fill out the paperwork on the plane or the airport like you can in many countries.

A Nigerian visa is a long drawn out and complicated process involving you or someone else hand carrying your passport, two new passport sized photos, money, application, recent bank statement, invitation letter, copies of the first four pages of your host's passport, travel itinerary, receipt for the amount you already paid online to Nigeria and receipt acknowledgment into the Nigerian Embassy. 

I am not sure they need the certified oil analysis for our last four BoggsMobile oil changes and the results of my third grade California Achievement Test or not but I may send them anyway.

You can not apply for the travel visa more than 90 days away from your trip. We have normally paid a company to go to the Embassy in Washington D. C. for us. That is cheaper than traveling to the Embassy and staying in town 3-5 days waiting for the visa to process. Once it is processed you go back in, wait in line all over again and pick up your visa. 

Since we were in New York about 90 days from our travel date, we decided to try carrying in our wheel barrel full of applications and other paperwork to the Embassy ourselves. This would save us nearly $90 each plus shipping and would be a new experience. (It used to be $35 then $55 and now $89.)

Our first hesitation came when we learned the Nigerian Embassy in New York City has absolutely terrible reviews for customer service. The show stopper was the website. We waded through the pages of visa application for each of us and it kicked us back to the homepage on more than one occasion. ALL of the information was lost so we would start again.

After finally making it through the applications successfully the website would not allow us to pay. I would put in our payment information and hit the button and back to the login page we would go!

There are warnings all over the page about how difficult to impossible it is to obtain a refund if you double pay so the onus is on us NOT to double pay. After getting kicked back to the login page when pressing the payment button I would wait a day or two to make sure the payment did not show up on our statement. 

This is all in their instructions. They expect you to have problems paying on their website. Once you know the payment did not go through, then and only then, you try again!

This went on for 2-3 weeks long after we were gone from New York City. I have messed with it at least once per week since then with similar results. Last night was the night designated to rise and conquer this thing. It had to be done. We can not book our tickets without our visas in our hands.

Last night I spent more time than I care to remember on the phone with the website company and then much more time with our CC company walking through the steps over and over again until someone flipped the right magic twanger and the payment went through. 

We are paying a total of $305 each to the Nigerian Embassy, $89 each to the company walking into the embassy for us and $60 total for Fedex shipping both ways and we are almost done! All we have to do is get the recent passport type photos and ship it all in. Wow!

When payment was confirmed, Kelly Jo and I spent the next hour+ printing duplicates of most of the documents listed above and then collapsed into bed very late with a satisfied grin that we were finally on our way.

That is when i discovered I was so hyped up that i could not sleep! Oh well, at least we are going to Nigeria!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture In Place of Post

No post today. And this pictured drawn over a year ago by Devin Heath explains the reason. Great job, Devin!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BoggsMobile in Vonore, Tennessee

I had hoped to be on the road toward Richton, Mississippi by this morning but we have had a change a plans. We are not hard pressed to be down there today Or tomorrow so we are OK with that. There are worse places to be "stuck" besides beautiful east Tennessee!

We stopped here to have something on the BoggsMobile checked that has been acting up and can be a serious problem. I wanted to get to the bottom of it before it had a chance to get out of hand. I will fill you in later with details. 

I know the BoggsMobile is in good hands here with Jeff Rowe. He has proven it several times. The bus has lots of good company too.

That fact does not keep me from being nervous, though. Prayer from my friends and family helps with that. 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

#37 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We have a lot of pictures in this round up from the weekend. I hope you enjoy them all. It was a great weekend.

Friday we were tying up loose ends trying to get ready to leave. Thursday I had unloaded the tent trailer but Friday all my tools had to be sorted and put in the bus. Mom and Dad took us out for a great meal at lunch time. We enjoyed the meal and visiting with our family very much.

Jimmy pulled out Friday and it sure looked empty with him gone.

Here we are going down the road Saturday. I am eating salami rolls while going down the road thanks to our neighbor Sue. Thank you, Sue!

Before we could get on the road, we pulled into Dodds and loaded up our sound equipment. It was easy with all the help. We love our holy roadies!

Our drive to Vonore, Tennessee was uneventful just like we like it. We found out that UT had a football game in Knoxville in the afternoon so we timed our trip through Knoxville right at game time. It can be a mess otherwise but we sailed right through at the perfect time.

Saturday evening Kelly Jo made me this sugar free desert. Perfecto!

Sunday morning we drove about and hour and twenty minutes to be in church with our friends at Beechfork Holiness Church. Pastor Herman Woods, his wife Sis. Margaret and the whole church have been so dear to us for many, many years and it is always good to be with them.

We had a good service and a wonderful visit. Several of us went to Shoney's and enjoyed a great meal and even more good visiting with our dear friends. I was so glad to spend time with all of them, with no pressure to rush away. We did not get back to the bus until nearly 4:30.

Today we are at my friend, Jeff Rowe's shop. I have some problems with the bus that at least need some diagnosis. If anyone can get to the bottom of the complications, he can.

Once we are finished here we will mosey toward Richton, Mississippi.

I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for reading.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

View Out The Front Window September 25, 2016

I want to spice this Sunday post up a bit so I am dedicating it to my favorite sister, Theresa Osborn. She said my Sunday posts are too short so she does not like them as much as the rest of the week. 

How do you like me and my Sunday posts now, my sweet Sis?

Check out our posts from the last week at the links below. 

This is our view today out the front window at our friend's place, East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee.

This is our view out the front door. The coach next to us is a beautiful Vouge. The conversion was done in Oklahoma. We have several friends that worked at that plant when it was open and probably worked on this conversion.

We plan to be in service this morning with our dear friends at Beechfork Holiness Church near Wartburg, Tennessee. We can hardly way to see them all.

I hope you have a good Sunday. Thanks for reading.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs - Holiness Heroes

Note From Davy: I added a two pictures to yesterday's post.

Odie's Saturday Post

Hello, Friends this is Odie reporting in on Saturday. Later this morning I will climb into the BoggsMobile and we will start making our way south. Our time at home has come to a close this time around. I sure do appreciate my grandparents for taking such good care of me while we have been close to home. It has been wonderful. I must admit that it is good to be rolling again. 

I want to say thank you to all of you who left comments or let me know my post last Saturday encouraged you. I love hearing feedback from blog readers!

I have written posts in the past about different Holiness Heroes that have impacted my life for the good. I am very thankful to have been exposed to so many good people in my life. 

Today I am writing about two very special people that left a Godly legacy for me even though I was born too late to know either of them personally very well. I never got to know Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs but their lives have influenced me greatly.


The were my Great Grandparents, the parents of my grandma Martha Boggs. Sadly Grandpa Godfrey passed away the summer before I was born. I wish I could have known Grandpa! I love to hear my family tell stories about him.

Grandma Bessie was Holy Ghost filled saint. I did get to meet her and I have two vague memories of Grandma. Here she is holding me when I was a small baby.

She passed away when I was two years old. She was a very precious woman. I wish I could have known her better. 

They lived in the mountains of Kentucky and raised their family. Life was not easy for them. They raised their own food and worked hard for everything they had but they held on to God and served him faithfully to the end. The log cabin where they lived is still standing in Jackson County Kentucky. 


Seventeen children was born into the family. Fourteen children lived to be grown and have children of their own. Those fourteen children produced 98 grandchildren and my generation of great grandchildren is still growing. 

We were left with a wonderful heritage. I wish I could have heard them pray. Some of my favorite stories Dad tells are of prayer meetings at Grandma and Grandpa"s. I am proud to be a member of their family. I am looking forward to the day I get to see them in Heaven. 

I enjoy looking at pictures and seeing videos clips of my Great Grandparents testifying and singing. I remember listening to Grandma Bessie sing on a cassette when I was a little girl. 

While researching for this post I found a blog post about Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs from 2009 written by Sonya Isaacs. I think you will enjoy reading it.

Have a fantastic weekend. 


Friday, September 23, 2016

GoodNews In Abeokuta, Nigeria

Update with two pictures 9/24/2016 12:01 AM

I only have a moment to write just now so I today's post will be brief. Bro. Shobanke called this week with super great news. The new classrooms for the GoodNews Christian School in Abeokuta are nearing completion. The school had 160 students at the end of the school year and they were expecting more growth. They were completely out of room.

Bro. Shobanke told me in May of their need to build more classrooms and we immediately jumped on board. The school is very near and dear to our hearts and God is using it to touch many young lives And their parents. We, along with others, sent money to get started and the project has snow balled since then. Bro. Shobanke was praising God for the progress and we are as well.

They are lacking some funds to finish. I am not sure of the exact amount but we would like to help supply it. When we go to Nigeria we are taking funds for other commitments we have made to the school and in other areas and we always take extra to put in the right places as the Lord opens doors. In addition to that, we would love to take whatever is needed to finish the school when we go in November.

We also plan to take at least one suitcase and possibly two, loaded with school supplies that can not be purchased easily there. If you would like to help with these projects, please let us know. Whatever you designate for the classrooms or school supplies will be used 100% in those areas. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Revival In Pictures - Dodds Pentecostal Church

We closed revival Wednesday night after five great services with Pastor Kelly Rogers and the Dodds church. We appreciate the fine hospitality and the kindness of the folks and we especially appreciate God moving in the services. It has been a wonderful week!

Odie snapped several pictures the last three nights and I think she had some help from my sister Theresa as well. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.

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