Tuesday, August 31, 2010

California Food & Fellowship!

Wow! We have been eating good this week in Atwater, California. Sis. Cindy Burris (Pastor Jared Burris' mother) fixed taco salad & bean burritos for everybody after church Friday night. Then she topped that off on Sunday night by inviting all of us over for a big breakfast of biscuits & gravy with all the usual trimmings. She fed about 50 people on Sunday night and much more than that on Friday night. It was awesome. Thanks Bro. Cliff & Sis. Cindy and thanks as well to all the folks that helped you.

Sis. Valerie Burris and several others have provided meals and it has all been good. Most of the time I am almost finished eating before I even think about taking a picture. Here are are a few pictures of Friday and Sunday's meals.

The first two are of the taco salad being prepared and the others are of the breakfast on Sunday night.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures 1-5 are from the flight to California. Number 6 is a sidewalk chalk Pic of me drawn by Gunner Burris. Number 7 is Emily Burris and I at Jantz Cafe & Bakery


 I am back at the BoggsMobile.  It is great to be back in my home!!!!!  As Dad posted earlier We flew into California on Monday afternoon.  I had good flights!  From Cincinnati to Denver it was smooth, I was able to sleep most of the flight.  Then I had a three hour layover in Denver.  My flights were only five gates apart, so I had plenty of time to eat lunch, visit Starbucks, and listen to my Ipod.  The flight from Denver to Fresno was a bit bumpy at the beginning.  I had a window seat so I managed to get these pics.  I love when we are above the clouds!  It was a good flight and we landed safely in Fresno.  Thanks to Benji Burris for picking me up at the airport!  When we pulled into Bro. Benji and Sis. Laura's driveway the BoggsMoble was a welcomed sight.

Now we are getting back to our normal, if we have a normal.  Revival at Amazing Grace Tabernacle is going great.  It is so good to be with the Burris family and all our friends.  Dad has pics from this week on his phone.  Most of my pics are on my camera.

We love our California trips!  I am sure there are several exciting days ahead for us.  Please keep our family in your prayers!!!!


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Friday, August 27, 2010

All You Can Eat Prime Rib

Before revival started we went to the Branding Iron in Merced for All You Can Eat Prime Rib. Bro Jared, Sis. Valerie, Bro. Benji, Sis. Laura, Emily and myself all had the Prime Rib and it was awesome. I don't know how many steaks we ate between us but I'm pretty sure they didn't make much money on us. Kelly Jo and Odie ordered off the menu and their food was good as well.

Revival is off to a good start. We have had three nights so far and the altar services have been very good. I will try to get some pictures posted from revival in the next few days.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One of our favorite places to eat in this area is Jantz Cafe & Bakery in Atwater, California. We met Joey & Kisha Sweeney there Tuesday for great soup, sandwiches and wonderful pie. As usual the food was very fresh and tasty. I am sure we will make our way back there on Cheesebuger Chowder day!

Kisha is the daughter of my dear friend Pastor Barry Gautreaux in Louisiana. Joey & Kisha also base out of Louisiana. They are preaching close by so it was good to see them. They only brought one of their four little ones to lunch but she is so cute.

God bless all.


Ohio to California

Saturday we spent some time with part of Kelly Jo's family. We met them at Frisch's in Wilmington for good food and a great time. When we are home for campmeeting it is pretty much church all the time so there is not much time for visiting unless our family is able to come to church. So it is great when we have time to be with them.

Saturday night we drove down to Sharonville, Ohio in the Cincinnati area. Bro. Randy Brown pastors the Free Holiness Church of God in Sharonville. He asked me to preach Saturday night so down we went with my parents, my cousin Lisa and my niece Deidre. We had a great service and good fellowship. Bro Randy and I went to school together so we have known each other all of our lives. It was so good to preach in his church.

Sunday we went to Homecoming at Dodds near Waynesville which is the church I was raised in and my parents still attend. We had a good service, great food and it was great to see everybody.

We were up at 5 this morning and off to the Cincinnati airport. Odie flew out at 8:25 and we flew out about an hour later. We landed in San Fran and Odie landed in Fresno but we are all united as one big happy family again in Atwater, California. Bro. Benji Burris was working in Fresno and picked Odie up at the airport and we sure do appreciate it.

Speaking of Bro. Benji we went out to eat tonight with Bro. Benji and Sis. Laura, Bro. Jared and Sis. Valerie and Emily. I will post some pictures of that wonderful dinner tomorrow.

God bless and goodnight.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dryden Rd. Campmeeting - Friday Night

It is about 1:00 AM and we just arrived back at the motel from the last service of campmeeting. It is hard to believe that it is over. The days have flown by. We had a tremendous service again tonight. Bro. Webster went searching for the lost and backsliders and the Lord sent conviction upon the congregation. At least one prayed through and the altar service was glorious.

The crowd was very good again tonight and it was wonderful to visit with all the folks that we could. I was so busy visiting that I forgot to take pictures. I did snap a few along the way.

God bless you all.

Davy & Amanda Hasty

Having Fun!

Davy & Pearly

Bro. & Sis. Justice

Bro. Jeff & Bro. Kevin

Bro. Johnny

Bro. Lloyd, Bro. Heath & Bro. Webster

Renae & Kelly Jo


Friday, August 20, 2010

Dryden Rd. Campmeeting - Friday

A few pictures from Friday at Dryden Rd. Campmeeting.

Bro. Wendell Winkler
Enjoying Breakfast.


Bro. and Sis. Burris and Grant


Rachel & Miriam

Sis. Angie


Sis. Whitley

Bro. Kurt & Bro. Jared

Bro. & Sis. Webster

Bro. Clay

Jen and Alison

Jen, Alison & Jenifer