Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Little Closer to Nigeria

We are now back in Ohio and Bro. Jimmie is here too. We are working on tent stuff today and possibly tomorrow. I will tell you more about our travel days later. Today I have exciting news about our upcoming trip to Nigeria.

We finally received our travel visas yesterday from the Nigerian Embassy. Since we are not supposed to make flight reservations until we know the visas are issued, it was getting pretty late. When we received the email Tuesday night telling us the visas had shipped, we jumped on finishing our travel plans.

The flight prices had been amazingly low a few weeks ago. Since then they have bounced up and down $7-800 at a time. That is enough to give a guy a heart attack. Although we were not able to take advantage of the lowest prices, we were very pleased with the price we found.

Several airlines were offering great deals on multi-city destinations and that opened up opportunities to travel other places to visit and maybe preach on this trip for about the same money. This is a big old world and we have seen so very little of it. We are always excited to hit the road or sky or water or space ship and zoom off to some place new!

I have talked to Bro. Shobanke several times the last week or so. They are having prayer revival the whole month of October. He called Wednesday and said, "We are gathered here  in the church praying for you and your family and your coming to Nigeria. We are believing God for great results." That is super encouraging!

With earnest prayer like that, I believe that God will give us great results. We will be preaching three specific meetings plus individual services as well. Here is a picture of a flyer for the Gospel Crusade in Abeokuta. 

In addition to that meeting, we will also preach the Minister's Conference at Bro. Shobanke's church and a campmeeting in Iwo, Osun State for Pastor Isaac Adewale. Bro. Shobanke said Pastor Isaac has been asking for us to come for quite a while and we are all glad that it worked this year for us to preach the campmeeting.

Another highlight of the trip will be visiting the GoodNews Christian School in Abeokuta. We are looking forward to taking school supplies to the children and seeing first hand the progress on the new classrooms. I fully intend to be able to deliver an offering that will get them very close to finishing the new building, if not completing it all the way.

I love the kids and I love the burden that Bro. Shobanke, his daughters and the workers have to carry on the work of the school. It is a huge task any where to keep a school going but especially in Nigeria. It is so very needful and we are extremely thankful that God has allowed us to be a small part of it. We are anxious to spend some time there.

We still have quite a bit of preparation that must be completed before we leave but with visas in hand and travel reservations made, we are much closer.

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