Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Blog (of 2010)

Here we are...the last day of December...December 31, 2010.
"Yesterday" on January 1, 2010 we woke up in a parking lot in Nashville and left for West Plains, Missouri to start revival for Bro. Dwain Galiher and Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. Then Miami, OK, Weir, KS, Morrow, AR and on and on...until now in the woods in Alabama. 

From that first day we had a huge year planned and honestly a big part of it seemed a little overwhelming. 

I had made commitments to revivals and other meetings here, there, every where and a few other places.

I had made promises to my family about taking some time off from preaching and singing every night for a few weeks in the summer. (Although we had been planning and saving for that it still seemed financially impossible)...

We had made plans for a live recording in Riverdale, California in the fall (The money needed for that was no where in sight)..

Our ministry and family had made extra commitments toward mission projects in Nigeria and other places. 

Plus, nobody knows all the challenges, pressure, worries and expense day to day life will bring. Who can know what one day will bring much less a year. Driving toward our first revival 365 days ago, 2010 looked impossibly hard. How do you face a tough year ahead?

First of all you do it one day at a time. God's word says, " thy days so shall thy strength be" Deuteronomy 33:25
God has promised enough strength for today! When tomorrow becomes today He will provide strength that day. 

He has also promised enough light for your next step. We want God to illuminate the whole next year with bright light but David said, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalms 119:105

Just keep walking one step at a time and God will give you enough light to see where to place your next step. You can make it one step at a time. 

Secondly, you face the long year ahead by remembering God brought you through the long years in the past. The fact that I am standing in Victory at the end of 2010 is proof to me that God will see me through the difficulties of 2011. 

I have one more service to preach in 2010. When service is over tonight I will have met all my obligations that looked so daunting 365 days ago. The miles have been driven, the diesel has been purchased, the preaching and singing commitments kept, the promises to my family delivered, the live recording made, our bills have been paid, our commitments to missions and other ministries have been honored and the sickness, heartache and trials of 2010 have been conquered!

We survived and thrived all year with the day by day help and grace of God.  God's faithfulness in 2010 assures us of His faithfulness in 2011! Turn around and look where He has brought you from and what He brought you through!

You think He's going to let you down now? No sir! He is more than enough to face the twists and turns of life ahead. 

So square your shoulders back and face 2011 head on! By the grace of God you AND I are going to make it.

God Bless You Friends!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hettie Floyd 130 years old!

This is interesting. We saw this in 2008 and put a picture of it on our website then. Walking around the cemetery in Zoar, Alabama Wednesday we found the marker again and took these pictures.

Here it is a little closer.

It says:
In Memory of Hettie,
Wife of Wiley Floyd.
Age 130 Years,
Died May 30, 1900

Gone But Not Forgotten.
Honored, Beloved and Wept,
Here Mother Lies.

Isn't that amazing? I guess it could be a hoax but if it is then it is an old one because the headstone looks just like all the other ones around 1900.

If the dates are accurate...
-She was born a British subject (France had given Alabama to England 7 years before she was born)
-She was 6 years old when the Declaration of Independence was written and died when the USA was 124 years old..
-She was 19 when George Washington became our 1st president..
-42 during the War of 1812..
-49 when Alabama became a state. (For most of her early life Alabama was passed back and forth between England and Spain)
-91 when the Civil War started..
-95 when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated..
-She was 39 when Lincoln was born and lived 35 years after he died..
-She lived to see 25 presidents, she died in the last year of William McKinley's term. 
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt the 32nd president was 18 years old when she died... Dwight Eisenhower the 34th president was 10 when she died. Ronald Reagan the 40th president (He left office just 22 years ago) was born just 11 years after her death. 
-If she had a child at 20ish and each succeeding generation had children at 20ish she would have easily known her great great great great grandchildren. 
-The average life expectancy in the American colonies is estimated to have been between 25-45 years old. Infant mortality is thought to have been between 30-40%. If she was born in the wiles of Alabama the statistics were probably worse. Hattie lived to be 130 against terrible odds. 

She must have been quite a woman. Wouldn't it be cool to know her story. We know she was married and had children. But how many children? Were any of her children alive when she died? How long was she a widow? Did she live in Alabama her whole life? How did she finally die? Did she live all those years and die from a cold or spider bite? Was she a Christian?

I guess I'll never know but her life reminds me that no matter how long we live we still have an appointment to keep. It is appointed unto man to die and after this the judgement. I would have to live until 2097 to match Hettie Floyd. Do I have 87 more years to live? Problably not. Do I want 87 more years here? Nope! But I must be prepared for that divine appointment whenever it comes. Whether we get 20 or 130 years we must not neglect to prepare to meet God.

I don't know Hettie Floyd's spiritual condition when she died 110 years ago. I didn't have a chance to influence her at all. But I do have a chance to influence you. Are you prepared to meet God? Is Jesus Christ Your Savior and Lord? These are questions that have eternal consequences.

You can find more information about salvation here or send me a message and we can talk. In spite of Hattie's long life we all know you don't have to be old to die. Now is the time to repent and prepare to meet God.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zoar Holiness Church

We started revival Tuesday night at Zoar Holiness Church and we plan to be here through Friday night. We love these folks so much and have been looking forward to coming back.

Bro. Jon Isaacs is the Pastor. He and his wife Heidi have a new little baby girl. She is so beautiful. Maybe Odie can post a picture this week.

Kelly Jo, Alayna & Alivya

The church is in the country and we love it out here. It is so quiet and peaceful with a beautiful old cemetery right beside us. We always enjoy parking here. Our last revival here Kelly Jo and I walked all over this place.

It may be a little chilly for much walking right now but it sure feels a whole lot better than we have had at home the last two weeks. It was in the 20s last night but it is supposes to be much warmer as the week goes on. Feels like a heat wave already.

We will be on our way to Oklahoma and Kansas in about two weeks so we plan to enjoy all the warmth we can. Y'all stay warm too.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in the Studio

Monday we were back in the studio for the beginning of the mixing phase for our new project. We were at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. Mark Capps is doing the mix and he is a genius in the studio. (He has Four Grammys to prove it.) He is also a very nice guy and really put us at ease. He has worked with some of the best talent in the world but he treated us the same as he would anybody. We had a super day and it was great to meet and work with Mark Capps. I appreciate real people!

Mark Capps & Odie

We have had some hiccups in the process the last few weeks. Plus we had to work around everybody's Christmas schedule. That means we were only able to be there one day of what will be a three day mix. Mark is working on it today and tomorrow so that should bring us back on schedule. It is sounding good to us (The miracle of modern technology) and we are excited for everybody to hear it.

We had to leave late last night and now we are set up to begin revival tonight in south Alabama at Zoar Holiness Church. Bro. Jon Isaacs is the pastor here and we are looking forward to see what God is going to do for His people. Please pray for us.

More pictures below. God bless.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 is almost history. We had a wonderful holiday! It is always a privilege when we get to be with our family!

I plan to do a better Christmas recap soon but here is a little update. Christmas Eve found us in Hillsboro, Ohio with the Morgans. Christmas Morning we had a BoggsMobile Christmas. Later in the day we were with the Boggs family. Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

Here are a couple pics. My pic was taken Christmas Eve at my Gran & Papaw's house. Our family pic is from the Boggs Christmas.

The third pic is me and my cousin Courtney. December 26th is Courtney's 17th birthday. Happy Birthday, Courtney!

Courtney is a wonderful friend and cousin! When we are together people ask us if we are sisters. Sometimes they think we are twins. She borrowed my hat Friday for pictures. For this pic she borrowed our aunt's glasses so we could be "twins".
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleepover 2010

Sunday night I stayed with my friend Leah. For several years she has had a party at her house. We look forward to it every year. This time it was me, Leah, Jacqueline & Amy. We had a blast!

Leah's mom, Sis. Debbie, is so sweet she takes good care of us. Thanks for everything, Debbie! Bro Jeff and Nathan always put up with us too.


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saturday With Lisa & Deidre

Saturday night I had a chance to visit with Lisa and Deidre. When I'm home we always try to find time to hang out. Our time together always includes food, shopping and lots of laughter!

Skyline Chili is one of our favorite restaurants. I was excited to eat there, I hadn't been there since August. Our favorite dish at Skyline is a 4-Way. It consist of spaghetti, chili, cheese and onions. Saturday I was done eating before I thought of taking a pic of my food.

Then we visited a couple stores. Shopping is always an adventure when we are together! We love to have fun!

Even though the temperature was in the teens we headed to Friendlys for ice cream! We also ordered hot chocolate to warm us up LOL!

On the way home we spotted a live nativity. We pulled into the church parking lot for a closer look. Then we drove by our favorite Christmas lights in Waynesville.

It was a wonderful evening. Thanks girls for the fun! We missed you, Lauren!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2011

The Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2011 is April 8 & 9, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. It will be held again at the Kentucky Exposition Center in the South Wing A.  Some of the scheduled preachers are Pastor Joey Hight, Pastor Tim Brimm, Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft, Pastor Shad McDonald, Pastor Dwain Galiher and that is just a sampling!

I highly recommend taking your youth to this conference. They will be blessed by the holiness preaching, the singing, worship, altar services and fellowship with so many other holiness young folks.  Please make plans to attend. It will be worth every dollar you have to scrape up to make it to Louisville. Pastor Jimmy Munoz brought a group from Arizona and California in 2010 and his son when home with the Holy Ghost! They drove a bunch of miles but it was worth every one!

We posted several pictures from last year.  You will find a few on our blog here and  here. And then 88 more on our website here.  Just looking at the pictures builds excitement about the 2011 conference. We are making plans to attend again this year and hope to see you there.

You will find information about the meeting, lodging, the speakers and much more here.

God bless you all...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

On The Road Again - Newsletter - December 14, 2010

It is time for Odie's Newsletter again.  This is the Christmas edition of the On The Road Again Newsletter. You find lots of news, our schedule and information on pre-ordering our new CD.  Let Odie know if you like the Newsletter...

Published by Odie Podie Music
Volume 8 Issue 5
December  14th, 2010

Boggs Family Ministries
 P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH  45068

Odie's View From The Back
   This time of year our thoughts are turned to the celebration of Christ’s birth!  I am so thankful our Savior came to earth that we might be saved!!  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

   Now for all the news.  We were thrilled to be apart of a surprise Pastor Appreciation for Bro. Jared Burris in Atwater, California.  The surprise was a total success!  It was one of the sweetest services I have ever been in! The congregation at Amazing Grace Tabernacle definitely appreciate their pastor!!!
   I spent the next week with the Burris Family while Mom and Dad went to Kentucky and Alabama.  Thank you all for putting up with me!  I love my California Family!
   My parents were able to catch a couple of days of campmeeting at Bond, KY.  They said our pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland, preached awesome!  I missed out on getting to see Pastor John Gabbard and all our friends at Bond Holiness Church but I made up for it later.
   In Dothan, Alabama Dad preached the new church dedication and Pastor Appreciation services at Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle.  We are so happy for Pastor Dewayne Watson and congregation!  They are now in their new church!  There have been a lot of “Miracles at Mt Sinai” in just five years!!!
   While in Alabama Dad also preached one service for Pastor Jon Isaacs at Zoar Holiness church.  We will be with them again very soon.
   When my parents touched down in California we met up and a busy week began.  So many hours went into preparing for our live recording.  Many people worked hard to make everything perfect. Thank you all so much!  When the big night arrived everything went smoothly!  We are so grateful for everyone who attended!  Most of all we are thankful God showed up!!!  A BIG thank you to Pastor Charles Spencer and Riverdale Assembly for hosting the recording!
   Then it was revival time at Riverdale Assembly.  We enjoyed being with all the wonderful folks in Riverdale, California.  They know how to make us feel at home!  We love and appreciate you all!
   During and after revival we spent many hours in the studio with Bro. Chuck and Bro. Dale Spencer.  They worked so hard  on our recording.  Thanks guys for all your hard work!  It was a blast to work with you!  Y’all are “The Beast!”
   Next the BoggsMobile journeyed toward Arizona.  Along the way we stopped in Bloomington, California.  We enjoyed being in service with Pastor John Deatharage at the Pentecostal Church of God.  It is great to get acquainted with more of God’s people!
   Finally, we made it to Desert Cove Assembly in El Mirage, Arizona. It is always our pleasure to be with Pastor Jimmy Munoz, his family and fine congregation.  We have great friends at Desert Cove and we get the greater blessing from our visits there!!  Of course, we enjoy all the home made Mexican food too!!!!
   Our travels then took us to Keller, Texas.  This year marks 20 years since our first revival at Keller Holiness Church.  Pastor Kenneth Rowe and all the folks there have been faithful friends to us.  It was good to be with them for another revival!
   While in the area Pastor Ben Shaw invited us to visit Victory Tabernacle for a service.  We had a great time with them!
   After Thanksgiving we started up revival with Pastor R.G. Logan and our friends in Gainesville, Texas.  God met us in every service at House of Prayer!  Bro. Logan has had several health problems the last few years, please pray for Bro. and Sis. Logan.
   Then the BoggsMobile traveled to Bond, Kentucky.  Despite winter weather we had revival at Bond Holiness Church.  It was so good to be with Pastor John Gabbard and his dear folks!  It is so much like being at home when the services start and they begin to worship.  We love it!
   Currently we are home for the holidays!  It is great to be in Ohio with my family!!!!!
   Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again.

Note From Davy:
   Several churches have preordered our new CD and we appreciate it very much. This allows us to continue working on the project without debt and that is always a good thing.  Everything seems to be on schedule so we are hoping to ship by March 1.
  Preorders are $15 each with Free Shipping.  Orders of 10 CDs or more are discounted to $10 each with Free Shipping.
  Please mail preorders to us by January 15, 2011.  Thanks and God Bless!     Davy

All These Dates Are Subject to Change (Like Maybe Tomorrow)
For Our Full Schedule Please Check Our Website

· December 28-31 Elba, AL Zoar Holiness Church, Pastor Jon Isaacs
· January 2-14 Pine Prairie, LA, Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle, Pastor Barry Gautreaux
· January 16-21 Miami, OK, Faith Pentecostal, Pastor Mike Stephens
· January 23-28 Weir, KS Faith Tabernacle, Pastor James Fellers
· January 30-February 4 Tulsa, OK, Hilldale Holiness Church, Pastor Nathan Conner
· February 6-11  Tulsa, OK, House of Prayer, Pastor Bill Parks
· February 13-18 Midwest City, OK, Calvary Holiness Church, Pastor Kenny Searcy
· February 20-25 Purcell, OK, New Mission Holiness Church, Pastor Steve Moore
· February 27-March 4 Richton, MS, First Assembly Pastor Scott Morris
· March 6 Wilmer, AL, Tanner Williams Holiness Church, Pastor Apostle Donald C. Williamson

Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Time

Tonight we had dinner with Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen,Deidre, Victor and Isaac. This is annual dinner we have with their family. We ate at Acapulco tonight. It was very good! This local Mexican restaurant has the best salsa!

Uncle Steve takes care of our mail and our business at home. He makes staying on the road a lot easier! Thanks, Uncle Steve, and the rest of the family for all your help! We love you!!

Now Mom and I are in Hillsboro visiting Gran and Papaw. I am glad to have Courtney and Hunter with me tonight.


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dryden Road Christmas Dinner

Saturday night was the Christmas dinner at home church. Most of the time we do not get to be home for church dinners, so this was a treat for us.

This was a special dinner for Dryden Road Pentecostal Church. It was the first dinner in the new fellowship hall. A new fellowship hall has been needed for a long time.

They have been building it for a while now. It is so nice! Everything is not totally finished, but they worked hard to have it ready for the Christmas dinner.

I am already looking forward to using it during campmeeting 2011!!


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