Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kelly Jo Boggs

Over 31 years ago my Aunt Hulda Livingston would pick me up and take me to church with her in Harveysburg, Ohio. I loved to go to church with Aunt Hulda. One of the main reasons I loved to go was one of the "girls" that played piano at her church. Harveysburg had a whole gang of piano players and several of them were very young. There was a lot of talent in that church. In fact a number of those young ladies turned out to be great piano players.

However, only one of them caught my eye. She was blond haired, blue eyed, pretty as she could be and all of 10 years old. Keep in mind that I was only 11 myself. I found out she lived less than a mile away from me down over the hill in Corwin. So I would ride my bike to "town" and see her every chance I could. We would mostly play with all the other kids (she was painfully shy in those days) in Corwin but I loved to be near her.

Several years would pass before the twists and turns of life brought us together but 25 years ago today we stood in my parents living room with our families and closest friends and said "I do!" We had no idea what we were getting in to. We were two very messed up kids but God had mercy on us and here we are 25 years later by the grace of God.

Kelly Jo has stood by me through thick and thin and back to thick again. She is the most kind, warm loving person I've ever came across. She has a servants heart and is ready and willing to serve God by serving others. She has never ask for limelight and has never sought applause. She has never lived for her own selfish motives. She is always a giver and never a taker.

She is prettier than she was at 10 and prettier than she was 25 years ago. She has been an outstanding mother to our daughter, Odie and an excellent wife to me. She is known across this country as fun loving, God fearing, solid Christian woman.

Kelly Jo has been and still is the perfect preachers wife. She has followed me all over this country without flinching and to preach in other countries without one complaint.

She holds me together when my nerves would destroy me. She calms me when I would destroy myself.

She's my very best friend as well as my cook, housekeeper, navigator, travel companion, encourager, helper, buddy and lover. And she still plays a pretty mean piano! I guess there are some things that even 31-32 years can't change!

Kelly Jo, thank you for loving me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for your friendship. I am so sorry about your luck but it looks like you are stuck with me until death parts us!

Wow! 25 years today! What a life! What a blessing from God! I am blessed and highly favored of God and that's a fact!

Oh! And her birthday is July 3rd. So Happy Birthday too, Kelly Jo!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Leah Metzger High School Graduation

Friday night we were honored to be a part of Sis. Leah Metzger's High School Graduation at Sun Valley church. Leah is the forth child of Pastor Mike and Sis. Debbie Metzger. She is a beautiful young lady with a heart for God that really shines through in her life. It was a great privilege to preach and sing on Leah's big day!

Congratulations Leah from all of the Boggs Family!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sun Valley Church, Florence, Montana

Our Welcoming committee standing in the road to welcome us back to Sun Valley Church.

The BoggsMobile parked and washed after a hard weeks work up and down the mountain passes and through the storms!

Sun Valley Church

A brief rain shower pushed us inside for a while. After supper we went back outside to watch the storm pass over in "our" front yard.

Absolutely beautiful!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Thompson River Canyon

These are the pictures I promised of the beautiful drive going East out of Estes Park toward Loveland, Colorado on Hwy. 34 down the Big Thompson River Canyon. The road drops over 2500 feet in the space of 25 miles and the view the entire distance is incredible. The canyon is narrow all the way down with just enough room for the road, the river and a few houses and businesses. I just coasted the BoggsMobile the whole 25 curvy miles with the Jake Brake on pulling over every few miles to let the long train of cars behind me pass by. It was one of the most relaxing drives in a long time. Maybe I was being prepped for the storm later in the day! lol I took these pictures through the windshield.

There are signs posted in various places that say "In Case of Flooding Climb to Higher Ground" Later we found out why. On July 31, 1976 this area received 12 inches of rain in 3 hours and the 2 foot stream became a 19 foot wall of water sweeping boulders, houses, businesses, cars,RVs and homes down the narrow canyon. 145 lives were lost in that flood. If you Google Big Thompson River Canyon you can read all about it. The memories of those that survived moved me to tears. The 34th Anniversary of the flood is July 31-August 1.

The Last Picture was also taken from the windshield of the BoggsMobile headed West on I-90 in Montana. I hope I'm not wearing you out with pictures. We are going to be in the West a few months so there will probably be many more to come.