Friday, May 31, 2019

Tent Revivals In Colorado, Oklahoma and Ohio!

Our tent revival season is fast approaching and we are excited about it. In past years we have had many tent revivals in March, April and May, but we are very glad we have not had the tent up anywhere the last two months. Between rain, hail, and tornadoes, we would be nervous wrecks even if the tent was not a wreck.

Weather is always something we pray much about when the tent is going in the air. I would rather err on the side of caution rather than lose the tent in a storm or watch it wrap around a house or church. With tornadoes striking the US every day for the last 14 days straight, It has been difficult enough keeping the bus from being a target, much less the tent.

Colorado Springs, Pastor Thomas
Our first three tent revivals are just around the corner. Two weeks from tomorrow we will set it up for the first time this year at Souls Harbor Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The first service will be Father's day morning. We are really looking forward to it.

The tent revival in Colorado Springs will run Sunday through Friday. You can see a PDF of that tent revival HERE. If you have never been to Colorado in the summer, you need to see what you have been missing all your life.

Amber, Oklahoma, Pastor Russell Cheek
Hopefully, we will take down the tent in Colorado Springs on Friday night after church. Then we will drive about 700 miles or so Saturday and Sunday to Amber, Oklahoma for our second tent revival of the season. We plan to set the tent up on Monday evening and run tent revival Tuesday through Sunday morning, June 25-30. You can see a PDF of the Amber tent flyer HERE.

We need to take down the tent dry in Amber. Hopefully, that can be done Sunday afternoon and we can hit the road Sunday evening. We are preaching the day services of Elco, Illinois Camp Meeting the next week. The meeting begins on Monday night and our first service is Tuesday morning.

Middletown, Ohio, Pastor Kevin Allen
By the end of the next week, we plan to have the tent in position to set up in Middletown, Ohio. We are doing a City Reach type meeting for Pastor Kevin Allen. He has secured the use of a city park close to his church and in a great neighborhood. We are very excited to set up there.

Pastor Allen does not have many folks in his church plant and we are praying for soul saving revival. We really need help during this revival. We will need help setting up the tent at 8:00 AM Saturday, July 13 and help taking it down Friday night July 19 or Saturday, July 20 depending on the weather.

But even more so, we need help during the revival meeting. We need people under that tent, having church, praising God and allowing God to move. When people do those things, God will inhabit our praise and begin to work in a mighty way in the neighborhood. We need you and we would love for you to come and be a part of tent revival in Middletown, Ohio July 14-19.

HERE is a PDF of the flyer for the tent revival in Middletown. The revival will be at Damon Park, 1500 Pershing Avenue, Middletown, Ohio. I can not tell you how pleased and bless we will be if you will join us.

For those of you that can not join us, will you pray for us? We know God is able to save, bless, heal and deliver. We expect Him to do all of that and so much more.

Thank you for reading today.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Way To Independence

It is difficult for people and nations to obtain independence and even harder still to retain independence. Getting to Independence, Iowa, however, should not be near as difficult.

I remembered the drive to Independence, Iowa to be hard and long. Tuesday I was looking back at the last time we were here and I found out why the memories of the drive were so awful. I put us in a horrible place with my scheduling!😀

In 2011 we closed revival at Beechfork Church northwest of Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday night. We drove 35 minutes to the RV Park in Harriman after church, then loaded up and drove 825 miles to Independence to begin revival on Sunday.

When the revival was over Friday night, we drove almost 600 miles straight home and then flew out Sunday morning to Montana. No wonder I have dreaded this trip. That does not even look good on paper!

This time we took our time getting here and except for some wind, rain and a little trailer trouble, it was a smooth ride, until the last 100 miles. We had stopped to allow some storms to pass and when I cranked the BoggsMobile again, the voltage was doing weird things. I knew what to do for a temporary fix, so I did that, checked in with my friend Jeff from Tennessee and finished the trip.

I was going to do some troubleshooting after we arrived, but it was cold and stormy. After getting parked with the help of the Pastor and then hooking up the electricity, we called it a day. I have since made some progress diagnosing the bus issue and I will bring you up to date a little later.

So between dodging storms and dealing with issues, we took our sweet time to get here. We will have to make a fast exit when revival finishes, but we can not be wimps all of the time.

On the way here, we stopped again at Odie's favorite truckstop. The TA at Walcutt, Iowa is billed as the World's Largest Truck Stop and we can not pass it up. Our poor deprived little girl is well familiar with the Iowa 80 World's Largest Truck Stop. She has been a radio junky since she was very small and has listened for years to the overnight trucking shows when nothing else was on the radio. 

She has heard the Trucking Bozo on 700 WLW and countless others broadcasting live from this place all her life. My baby knew more about the price of diesel, trucking regulations, speed limits, speed traps and truck stops by the time she was 10 years old than any adult I know! It is hilarious!

We had been to Iowa 80 before and I had written about it, but since we were passing right by, we stopped in again.

We finally made it to Independence and we had a great first night of revival! I hope that it gets better and better! Thank you for reading today.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Vintage View Wednesday - Independence, Iowa 2011

We are in Independence, Iowa and we do have a little phone signal. A little is better than none at all! Hopefully, this will post.

Since we are beginning revival at Calvary Evangelistic Center in Independence tonight, I searched our archives for pictures from our last visit there. It is hard to believe that it has been over seven years! Shame on us!

We loved being with Pastor William Hill and his family and church and these pictures bring back some great memories. Pastor Hill is now in Heaven and we will surely miss his kind and gentle spirit. This first picture is of the Hills.

I hope you enjoy the Vintage View this week. Thank you for dropping in.


This is the current Pastor, Bro. James Ganze and his wife Sis. Mindy.

The Wapsipinicon River flows through Independence.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Circle

Dayton Area Tornado Update:
Yes, as many of you have heard, tornadoes ripped through the western and northern outlying areas around Dayton. There is significant damage in Brookville, Trotwood and other areas.

One family from our church had structural damage to their home and they have already faced some terrific challenges in the last few years. As far as I know right now, (10:00 Eastern Tuesday) no one else from our church is directly affected. Most of our family live south and east of Dayton and they are fine. There is a possibility of more severe weather today.

Happy Birthday
First, I would like to say a great big hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, Eugene Boggs. We love you very much and we are thinking of you today. We hope you have a terrific day.

Phone Service/Internet
The last time we were in Independence, AT&T had not discovered that part of Iowa and we had no phone signal. I am confidently hoping that things have changed since then. We plan to be there through Sunday and if you do not hear much from us until next week, you will know why.

Another Circle
Our short visit home last week to get the tent trailer and to attend the party for graduation completed another circle in our long series of circles traveling from place to place. We left The Lazy OD Ranch April 13, returned May 20 and traveled 3,296 miles in the bus.

In that time and distance, we preached five revivals in Kentucky, Indiana and Oklahoma, along with services in Texas and Tennessee. It was a relatively short circle time-wise, but we put on some miles. The circle we began Sunday will only be about five weeks, but it will be filled with a lot of driving too.

This is the first part from home to Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and back to OKC.

The second part is from OKC to Paden, Claremore and then toward home.

We sure praise God for taking care of us all those miles and for giving us the favor of the people in churches along the way. It is a pleasure to spend our days traveling this country and preaching the message of hope and salvation to all that will hear.

One of our greatest pleasures is that people receive us so well. They receive our message, they receive our singing and they receive us personally. We are living the good life!

Can you imagine a life of staying in one place all the time? It would be a life of no circles! 

I suppose that most of you reading can imagine that life just fine and you are glad that it is us and not you traveling in circles. Well, it takes all kinds to make the world go round!😀

It is time to drive some more! God bless you all.


Monday, May 27, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 5/27/19

The resting trend that began Thursday evening continued into Friday morning until lunch, then Kelly Jo and I hit the ground running between visits for salsa and more salsa. KJ disposed of a vast accumulation of cardboard and I mowed the grass at the ranch. Each time I mow, I am more and more thankful that my Dad takes care of this task the majority of the time.

Saturday was reserved for the graduation celebration of my brother's son Jonas. He graduated Sunday, but we gathered early on Saturday for an all day affair. Tommy and Holly laid out a big spread and I would say a few hundred people were there to enjoy it. Congratulations, Jonas!

Jonas has studied hard and done well all through school. He is enrolled in college to study engineering in the fall.

Saturday evening Kelly Jo went to the laundry and I moseyed over to the Dodds Fellowship hall for Pastor Kelly Rogers son's graduation party for a few minutes. The only truly productive thing I did was used my Dad's truck to pull the trailer out of the barn and get it in position to easily hook to the bus on Sunday. Kelly and I finished that just as the rains came for the evening.

Sunday we went to our home church on Sunday morning. We had a wonderful service and it was great to be home.

When church was over, we dropped Odie at her house to prepare to roll and then we began the same preparations with the bus, the tent trailer, the car and the barn. We pulled out about 2:00. This was the view from Odie's front door when I walked over to make sure it was locked.

We drove 233 miles before we gave up and pulled into a rest area in Illinois. This is the first trip with the tent trailer since December and I wanted to get some miles behind me and determine if there were any problems with it. I only had one small problem.

When I stopped, I noticed the little cap was missing from the centerpiece of the front left wheel. On closer inspection, it was knocked off by the dust cover on the hub. I just had that dust cover off, so that was a surprise. 

I had to jack up the trailer at the rest area and remove the tire to get the dust cover back on. With Kelly Jo's expert supervision, the job was completed in a few minutes.

There is a possibility that I did not get it back on correctly last week OR that I bent it while taking it off and it will not stay on. I will watch it closely today while we travel. I think I may have a spare.

That is the whole reason I left a day early. We have some built in time for delays. I have learned from experience to allow a little extra time.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for reading.