Friday, July 30, 2010

Surprise Candlelight Dinner for Two in the Mountains

You have time for a short story? It is a story of what a family here in Montana did for Kelly Jo and I in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary!

The Lockwood family attend the Sun Valley Church near Florence, Montana. They are a great family that we have been acquainted with for a few years and we love to be around them. They invited us over to their house for dinner this week and we were glad to go. When we arrived Sis. Lockwood met us outside and told us to get back in the Jeep and follow her.

We followed her out Hwy. 12 toward Lolo Pass and then up Elk Meadows Rd (which is gravel) for several miles. We turned off Elk Meadows onto another gravel road for a couple of miles and then one more turn to an absolutely beautiful place overlooking the mountains. We arrived to a most wonderful surprise.

The Lockwoods had set up a dining tent with a candle lit table set for two.

Bro. Gary Lockwood (King of the Grill, according to his chef hat) was cooking up the everybody else was scurrying around with all the final preparations...

They prepared salad, steak, baked potato, green beans, cheesy bread, black olives, carrots,peppers, flathead cherries, a slice of orange, peanuts, sparkling apple cider and a fabulous desert. I am sure I missed a few things because their attention to detail was amazing.

The whole family presented this fabulous meal with impeccable service and it was wonderful! I hated to eat without them but they insisted that this was our special day so I forced myself to eat every bite of food they offered. Everything was delicious!

The Lockwoods also provided the after dinner entertainment. They had prepared an elaborate skit based on a blog I posted on our Anniversary in June. (Link to that post) They presented our lives from kids in Harveysburg church all the way to our marriage. It included comedy, action, drama, romance, an actual church service and even a wedding ceremony. It was hilarious! I laugh till I cried or cried till I laughed, I'm not sure which.

This is Blake and Rachel as Davy and Kelly Jo (Notice the Big Blue Eyes) riding the first Boggs Mobile!

The whole cast from left to right. Blake-Davy, Sis. Lockwood-Aunt Hulda Livingston, Bro. Lockwood-Narrator, Ben-The Preacher, Joseph-stage hand, Rachel-Kelly Jo

The place they presented all this is amazing. The road dead ends at a flat spot and then a cliff. It is on public land but it is a spot that have become special to the Lockwoods through the years. They have had lots of family times up there camping, cooking and hanging out with extended family. We appreciate them including us in their family memories and sharing that extraordinary place with us.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the beauty but we were really overwhelmed by all that was going on. It was a surprise after all. I did take a couple of pictures of the surroundings that I can post.

In this one Sis. Lockwood is pointing out some of the beautiful scenery. I was trying to get her to back up about 6 more feet for the perfect picture but the drop off is pretty severe! You can't see it but her foot is right on the edge.

This is Joseph posing on the rocks for me.

Thank you Bro. and Sis. Lockwood, Rachel, Blake, Ben, and Joseph for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity you have shown our family. We will never forget that night on the mountain. May God bless you for blessing us!

That's all for now.

Davy and Kelly Jo

Happy Birthday to Mama Bear!

I realize that Odie already posted a birthday message for our family earlier this month but today is my Mother's birthday so I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mama Bear!

I love you very much, Mom, and I hope you have a great day! You have been a great Mother me. Thanks for not pinching my head off when you should have when I was a boy!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Pictures of Montana Scenery

Here are a few more pictures taken on our drives in Montana.

Sunrise just north of the town of East Glacier Park on the crooked Hwy 49

A foggy and gorgeous morning at Many Glacier in Glacier National park. There are Grizzly spotted regularly in this area but not by us!

Yes, Ashlee, we are bundled up and cold on July 27th!

Next nine Pictures - Taken on the Going to the Sun Rd. in Glacier National Park. The Park was prettier than we have ever seen it! It was foggy on the East side and as we crossed Logan Pass which is on the Continental Divide the clouds began to roll back to reveal the dazzling sunshine on the West side.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is in Missoula. These are the people responsible for reintroducing Elk in Kentucky and several other states the last 25 years. This is an awesome place!

The most awesome mount! It is just inside the front door of the visitors center.

Kelly Jo said this must be the rainbow capitol of the world. I lost track of how many rainbows we saw that day including at least two double rainbows.

Day Trips in Montana

The weather out here in the great Northwest has been beautiful! Kelly Jo and I have been taking advantage of the weather and the great scenery here during the day. We have taken several day trips to see the sights. Some trips we have taken with the Metzger's and some we have taken by ourselves.

In the last several days we have been to the Big Hole Battlefield, Skalkaho Falls, Flathead Lake, in and around Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Here are a few pictures of some of the awesome beauty in and around Montana! I'll add more tomorrow! (Edit: Or maybe later today)


Beautiful Skalkaho Falls

The Metzger's

The KBoggs's

Flathead Lake - The biggest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi and the prettiest lake I have ever seen!

Next four pictures - Hwy. 2 around the southern edge of Glacier National park. It is an awesome drive.

More Pictures to be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Note From Ohio

I've now been home a week. I am still having a wonderful time with family! The weather has cooled a bit. Yesterday was a gorgeous day.

Saturday night I went to church with Mamaw and Papaw at Dodds. I was glad to see some friends from other states. Bro Matthew Stephens and family were there to talk of their mission trip to Germany. They are from Bro. Dwain Galiher's in West Plains, Missouri. It wonderful to hear them tell of their German friends and how God is working in their lives!!! Bro. Matthew and the children, Brooklyn, Boston and Britain sang and quoted scripture. The kids are growing and doing so well with their music!

Cody Shaneyfelt had been in Richmond, Indiana for the INHIM conference. He came with the Stephens family to church Saturday. I was surprised to see a friend from Hokes Bluff, Alabama.

Sunday I made both services at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church. I love my home church!!! Sunday Morning Bro. Bill Houston preached. Sunday night my Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland preached. Thanks, Aunt Holly, for the rides to church!

On the home church note, we have many in need of prayer. Our dear friend Bro. Shannon Baker is recovering from surgery. He has a long road of recovery!!!!! Please pray for Bro. Shannon, Sis. Tammy, Braden and Reagan Baker in this tough time!!!!!!!

Monday evening I spent with my cousin Lisa. We enjoyed dinner at Skyline Chili. Then we hit the local Goodwill, Cato and Walmart. Before heading home we decide to try a Mocha Frape' together. All my family here is bragging on the Frape's. Neither one of us is a coffee fan. But by the time we finished the Frape' we had decided that we liked it. The weather was so nice we enjoyed riding with the windows down and the sun roof open. To my cousin Deidre, who is in Arizona, we missed you !

In May we visited Central City, Kentucky. Sis. Tammy Harris is my "Physical Therapist". Sis. Tammy had me try walking with a walker. I really liked how it felt! I had been kind of looking for a walker since then. Last night at the Goodwill I found a good one for $6.00! I am so happy! I'm enjoying getting to use it.

Today I am home with Mamaw. Mamaw has been canning tomatoes.


-Mamaw working in her kitchen
-Bro. Mathew & Sis. Jenny
-Bro Mathew and Children
-Cody Shaneyfelt and Lucas
-Frape' Fun
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Loving Home But Missing Montana Friends and Weather

Hello from Hot Ohio!!!! I am having a great time so far. We are trying to stay cool! Yesterday the heat index was 105 degrees and the humidity is high.

I am spending time with my Mamaw and Papaw today. We are enjoying a quiet day at home.

Friday we also were home in the air conditioning. Several of the family stopped by. We had a good time visiting. I am blessed with a great family!

Thursday afternoon I was reunited with my big camera. I missed the Canon badly! It seems to be back to normal now. Also Thursday night thanks to my, Cousin Lisa, I made to church at Dryden Road! It was great to be at home church!!!! My Pastor, preached awesome! I am looking forward the services Sunday!

I do miss beautiful Montana and the Weather! And my great friends at Sun Valley Church!!!! Thanks to the youth group for adopting me! You all are awesome! Thanks for encouraging me!!!

Before I post picture from home. I decided to do a few more from Montana.
-The Girls
- Rebekah
-Metzger girls and me
- Rachael Metzger
-Rachel Lockwood & me
-Me and Leah
-Clown Leah


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