Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bethany Revival Center Wichita, Kansas

We started revival at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita on Sunday morning. I am always excited to come back to Wichita where we pastored New Horizon Holiness Church from 1999 to 2003. It is good to see the folks again and spend time in the town we called home for about four years. The best way to describe Wichita is a big city with a small town feel. It really is a nice place.

Revival has been very good so far. Service last night was tremendous. I will try to take some more pictures and post a more extensive update a little later. The first picture is the awesome steak the DiZazzo's grilled for lunch and other pictures are some random shots at Braum's Monday after church.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I hope you are having a blessed Memorial Day. Bro. DiZazzo is grilling for our families today and that will probably be the extent of our Memorial Day celebrations since we are in revival this week. But Memorial Day is so much more than hamburgers, hot dogs and a trip to the lake. Memorial Day is the official day to remember the men and women who gave their lives for us in service to their country. It is a day to decorate the graves of brave solders that made the ultimate sacrifice but has evolved for most folks into a day to decorate the graves of our loved ones as well and to remember those that have meant so much to us when they were alive.

It is a sobering thing to remember those that have protected our nation, defended our freedom and set our course. I am sure that in Miami Cemetery, less than a mile from where I was raised, that they are probably having a ceremony marking Memorial Day as I type this post. I played in the band for that ceremony two years while in Jr. High School and I still remember the solemness that was impressed upon me during those events. In the late 1970s and early 1980s the veterans of WWII were in their 50s and early 60s. They were  the leaders of our community and were still strong and vibrant. I watched many of them as they wiped tears from their eyes as the flag was raised, the guns were fired and the prayers were offered. Strong men holding back tears, putting their hands over their hearts and bowing their heads grabbed my attention. 

There were Vietnam veterans there as well. Although they seemed old to me then, most of them were younger than my dad was at the time and 10-15 years younger than I am now. They didn't tear up as easy as the veterans from WWII and Korea but you could easily see they were affected just the same.

These men, along with my dad who is a Navy veteran, made Memorial Day real to me. We were in that cemetery honoring men that were just real as the men standing around me. They were men with families and futures, hopes and dreams. Those men sacrificed all of that so that I could live in a free America. Their families were left, their futures were cut off and their hopes and dreams vanished on a battle field in France, Iwo Jima, Vietnam, Korea or some other far flung place. How could I not honor that?

The seriousness of that sacrifice has never left me and I pray that it never does. I thank God for those men and for those men who are still giving their lives today in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. Maybe you can't go to a cemetery today and decorate a grave. Maybe you are working today or you will spend it with friends and family with a hamburger and cold bottle of water as we will. But take a moment to thank God for men who are willing to give all and to pray for their families that sacrificed with them.

I could preach a sermon right now on what God gave and what our response should be but no sermon today. Just a reminder to mark this special day and remember... We must never forget...


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Congratulations On Your Graduation Deidre Boggs

Update: Deidre on her big day!

Senior picture May 2011 Taken by Theresa Osborn

Deidre in 1999

Fat DD - Doctored by Steve Boggs

Deidre at my graduation May 2003

Deidre in Kentucky June 2003

Deirdre in Florida June 2008

Deidre in Nashville, Tennessee at the Aquarium Restaurant June 2008

Deidre Christmas 2010

Today Deidre Fay Boggs will graduate from Waynesville High School. For 18 years now Deidre has brightened our world. I am so proud of her! She has worked hard in high school, taking several Honors classes. She even completed her high school classes in 11th grade. Her senior year she attended college classes! So today the hard work is paying off.

I could blog for weeks with just crazy Deidre stories. I will share some of my favorites. Remember these stories are from the " Honors Student". Some of you have met Deidre in her summer travels with us, you all know she is a true blonde!

Several years ago Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen and the kids went on a family vacation to St. Louis. It was the kids first time to fly. Deidre age 6 told me " I am gonna get on the plane open the window and take a picture of the clouds. But I will be careful not to drop my camera." I think she still tries to find the window latch on plane windows!!

In 1997 our whole family went to Gatlinburg for vacation. When they pulled up to the house Uncle Steve opened the van door,Deidre exclaimed Ooooh. When asked what was wrong? She replied " I ALMOST saw a bear"!

Deidre was about 6 when there was a family garage sale at Uncle Tommy's. Deirdre answered the phone and went into garage telling Aunt Theresa there was a phone call. Theresa went to get the phone but could find it. She asked Deidre where's the phone? Deidre replied I had no where to put it so I hung it up!

Summer of 2009 Deidre was in Virginia with us. Dad was having her sing one night. He got brave and asked her to testify. Deidre said "I NEVER want to thank the Lord" Mom said Deidre try again, so she repeats herself. " I NEVER want to thank the Lord". Dad just shook her blonde curls and said, " folks this blond hair is real! Sing, Deidre"!

She want trying to say I never want to FAIL to thank the Lord. The next night Dad gave her another chance this time she said it correctly. I asked her why in the world did you start your testimony like that again? She said to prove I could get it right!

This one tops the cake as the best story! This happened the week before Mothers Day this year. Deidre drove to pick Victor up from a class. While waiting in her "locked" car for Victor her car battery went dead. Deidre frantically calls Aunt Karen, here's something like how the conversation sounded. MOM MOM MY BATTERY IS DEAD I DON'T HAVE POWER IN MY CAR. THE DOORS ARE LOCKED HOW WILL I GET OUT? Aunt Karen calmly tells her, Deidre, calm down! Look at the door see the handle? Pull that handel and your door will open! Deidre had no idea she could manually unlock the door. I don't know how Aunt Karen managed to stay calm. I was heehawing before Aunt Karen could finish telling us the story!

So today I am here in Ohio to watch my "book smart" cousin receive her diploma. I will be beaming with pride as she walks across the stage.

I was the only grandchild for nearly 7 years before Dee came along. I will never forget Christmas Day 1991 Aunt Karen told me that I was getting a cousin. I was so excited!! August 26th 1992, my world changed. We have had many fun times together. We are not only cousins but we are sisters and best friends!! Love you, Deidre!

Over the years Deidre has garnered many nicknames. Dee,DD, Derman Ed Ed, Deider, and Detroit. One night we stopped by a Church Of God in North Carolina. A lady asked Deidre her name, Deidre clearly pronounced her name. The lady said "Egypt that's a pretty name!" So Egypt has stuck around too. The Shuecraft boys in 2008 tagged her as "Dramatic Deidre" that is very appropriate for her.

Yesterday was Deidre's Open House. We had a great time celebrating. I will do picture recap when I get back to my Laptop on the BoggsMobile.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eugene Boggs- Happy Birthday

May 28, 2011

Carter Caves in Kentucky

Happy Birthday Dad! My dad turned 68 years old today. Odie is with him in Ohio and took the first picture at Deidre's graduation party today. The picture of him in the creek is awesome. I love that picture. It was so hot that day and we sat in the cold, cold creek and ate Kentucky Fried Chicken! What a day! What a Dad!
I love you Dad! Can't wait to see you again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hale Station Pentecostal Church

Bro. Joseph Snow in Davy's coat

We have been in revival at Hale Station Pentecostal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week. We started Monday and closed last night. We had great faith building services each night and ended tonight with a great altar service.

This was our first visit here and Pastor Joseph Snow and his wife treated us so well. Bro. and Sis. Snow both come from ministry families and it is very evident that they are totally dedicated to ministry as well. They are hungry to see a move of God in their church and in their community. I believe God will bless them at Hale Station.

We are off today so we are trying to rest some because once we head toward Wichita on Saturday it will pretty much be nonstop until the first week of August.

Please continue to pray for the tornado survivors.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

The TSA .. Looking in the Wrong Place?

TSA at Tulsa Airport

I have refrained from spilling my thoughts about the aggressive pat downs by the TSA for a number of reasons. The fact that plenty of others were expressing my feelings so well that I didn't see a reason to chime in was one of the main reasons.

The second was the fact that we travel enough that drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves didn't seem like such a great idea. Especially as reports began to surface that the TSA was singling out those that complain for their most invasive tactics.

I am still not going to throw stones but I did observe something today worth passing on.

Odie is flying home today in order to be home for my niece Deidre's high school graduation. She was going through TSA security before 5 AM in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They normally go over Odie, her wheelchair, canes or walker with a fine tooth comb and this morning was no exception.

We have no complaints about that really but it does seem a tad excessive since instances of 25 year old female, handicapped, American citizens hijacking airplanes are pretty rare.

I saw something else while watching them take Odie through that blew me away. (Bad pun obviously intended) A family was going through the scanners while Odie was taking off her boots and jacket and placing her things on the conveyor.

TSA chose one of the boys (maybe 10 years old) to go into the full body scanner. I didn't notice which line the rest of the family went through.

The young man stepped right into the machine and raised his hands and placed his feet in the proper position. It was then that the TSA agent noticed the boy had his ball cap on. She asked for the cap and he handed it to her. She was standing on the gate side of the scanner.

The scan was over in a couple of seconds. The boy stepped out, the TSA agent handed him his hat and off he went to join his family on a flight. The hat went on that flight without going through Xray at all!

I have seen agents hand an item back across and run it through Xray but this TSA agent had that boys hat in her hands for all of 3-4 seconds. No hat check at all. (I know, another bad pun)

Now I am sure that boy is as innocent as any 10 year old. I am also confident that his hat was not concealing a bomb, any explosive material or an Muslim jihadist.

But the point is, it could have been! They are so focused on shoes, liquids, box cutters, belts and explosives hidden in underwear that they are looking past the obvious. They rely on full body scans and aggressive pat downs to catch what a little common sense could plainly see. They allowed a potential terrorist to give his bomb to the TSA to hold while he was scanned for explosives hidden on his body.

Ridiculous? Maybe, but the moment a Muslim extremest (Let's be honest, they are the only ones trying to blow up our planes) is wrestled to the ground by passengers as he tries to light his hat, all hats will be banned within three miles of an airport. Turbans will be the only exception to the ban of course.

Just something to think about. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Tornados - What Devastation!

The devastation in Joplin is unbelievable. When I see the pictures of the damage my mind struggles to take it all in. We have been near or in storms all year and I have been moved by the destruction and suffering of the people that are affected. But this storm feels different.

Maybe it is because we are so familiar with the area. We have been in the Wal-Mart, Lowe's Home Depot and many other of the businesses that were destroyed and where real people lost their lives. We have slept many nights in the parking lot of the Flying J that was hit. We have eaten in many of the restaurants that now are only rubble.

Or maybe it is because we know so many people that live in Joplin and very many more that live close and work or do business in Joplin every day. Their lives will be shaped for months and years by the tornado that lasted only a few minutes Sunday night.

Maybe this one feels different because we have friends who are there assisting in the recovery and clean up and we are hearing first hand, real time reports of the destruction and suffering.

Or maybe this one feels so different because the death toll has risen so fast and so high. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said this morning that number had risen to 117. Others are reporting that is the highest death toll from a SINGLE tornado since 1953.

Very many moms, dads, spouses, brothers, sisters and little children will never forget May 22, 2011 because their loved ones were ripped away from them that day.

My guess is that all these things combine to make this tornado different in our hearts and minds. I know this much, I have been compelled to pray passionately, give liberally and do anything else I can to encourage those that can certainly use the boost right now.

Please join me in praying and giving. We never know when the tragedy may come to our door and then it is certain we will reap what we sow.

God Bless,


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Tornados-Oklahoma & Joplin, Missouri

Update: Added Pictures From Joplin Tornado Damage:

Yep, that's right more tornados. While we were in church tonight there were severe storms and tornado warnings all through this area. Several small towns here in eastern Oklahoma were hit hard and Joplin, Missouri took a direct hit as well with reports of several lives lost. Many folks are injured and life will be terribly disrupted for thousands of people. Please pray for the people in Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri.

We are fine here. There are reports of damage close by but we had church and all went well. This was the last night of revival and are sad to leave. We have enjoyed ourselves so much. We travel to Tulsa in the morning and start revival tomorrow night at Hale Station. Below you will see a few more pictures of the folks from Iron Post Church.

Pray for the tornado victims.

God bless,