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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Thankful He Came

Hey Friends,

This is Odie, checking in with you today. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I appreciate you spending a moment of your Saturday with me.

We are in final prep mode around the BoggsMobile. Early Monday morning, I am flying home to Ohio. On Tuesday, my parents are scheduled to fly to Nigeria. Prayers are appreciated for all of us this week. Especially for my parents as they embark on their mission trip to see our precious Nigerian friends! 

This is the final Saturday in November. I have used this month of Thanksgiving to express extra gratitude for just a few of my blessings. God has blessed me abundantly, and I will forever be thankful! I have covered HeavenVeterans, and My Friend AmandaToday, I wanted to close out the month with one more thing that comes to mind when I think about things to thank God for.

Christmas time is upon us! I love this time of year and the reason we have Christmas. Jesus is the reason for this season every year! December is the month we set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was born so we could have a Savior and hope! Today, I am thankful for the birth of Jesus! 

When God sent Jesus into the world, He sent His only son to come to change our world! Jesus gave up Heaven for you and me! He had never experienced the pain and hardships of life. Jesus and His life are the greatest gifts given to mankind!

The birth of Jesus, His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave changed my life! He is still changing lives in 2023! Jesus Christ came into this world with a purpose: to save sinners. I am reminded of a scripture my Dad often quotes. It is now one of my favorites.

This is a faithful saying, worthy of all acceptations, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.
1 Timothy 1:15

While pondering this topic, I remembered the song Until He Came, which my parents wrote many years ago. Click the video below to hear the song. The message in this song wraps everything up nicely! I am extra thankful He came and for His sacrifices just for us!

See you next time.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Thankful For My Friend Amanda Hasty

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from West Plains, Missouri. We are thrilled to spend this pre-Thanksgiving weekend with our friends at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. This weekend, we will add many wonderful memories to our collection with the Galiher family!

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in America. Happy Thanksgiving 2023! 

We will be spending Thursday together with our little family. I am so thankful for my parents and the life we get to live! God has blessed us abundantly! I will forever be grateful to Him!

In November, I have used my posts here to be extra thankful. The first Saturday was about Heaven. Last week, I focused on our Veterans. Today, I am thankful for our friends.

Right now, we are with some of the best people I know! I am thankful for our friendship with the Bro. Dwain, Sis. Brenda Galiher and their entire family. They are amazing people! I am grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and connect! I will forever treasure their love, encouragement and friendship! It does not matter where we see them; they are our friends. We can pick up where the last visit ended.

God has used Bro. Dwain's preaching to help all three of us through the years! He is a man of God who is not ashamed to preach the truth. I count it an honor to know him as our friend!

Dad and I often write about many wonderful people God has placed in our lives. We would not be where we are today without the countless people who have stood by us, prayed for us and encouraged us along the way!

Looking back over my life, I am amazed at how many childhood friends are still my friends today. I was homeschooled. One question I received from people sometimes was, "How did you make friends growing up?" I did not have trouble making friends.

We were always going to different churches. My friend group has always been a bright spot in my life. Many of you have been our friends for the long haul. Some of you may be new friends, but we are always excited to add new friends!

My Friend Amanda Hasty

There is a special lady I want to feature right now. One of my long time friends is Amanda Hasty. We were toddlers when our families met. Therefore, my life has mostly included memories of Manda! We grew up attending the same church at Dryden Road. We spent many hours together for Sunday school and children's church. Oh, the fun we had together!

Then, our families were neighbors for over two of our preteen years. Amanda and I spent many hours playing together during that time. We played house, church, school, cowboy and Indians and went to many places in our imaginations. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories!

Amanda also loved talking on the phone back then. She would call me, and we talked on the phone whenever we could not be outside. The daily phone conversations continued when I moved to another house in Ohio.

Things changed when we moved to Wichita, Kansas. Amanda was heartbroken. I kept being her friend! Amanda was upset with me for moving! I could not convince her that moving was hurting me, too!

The funny thing was she was always Dad's friend! She was thrilled to see him when we came home to visit! I got the cold shoulder. It was hilarious. Dad was the reason why I moved away. Somehow, to Amanda, I was the bad guy in the scenario! Our family just had to laugh about the situation!

24 years later, we are past it all. This year, she proudly introduced me as her best friend again. I was thrilled to have the official friend status back. 😎 I never quit loving her, but it took her a long time to recover from losing me to another state.

Amanda's parents, Bro Mith and Sis. Mary Hasty pastor another church in the Dayton, Ohio, area. We do not get to see them often. I was glad to see Amanda a few times at church this summer.

November 16th was her 37th birthday. Happy belated birthday, Amanda! I love you, my sweet friend! Thank you for being my friend. You are precious! You always bring a smile to my face!

Amanda is a beautiful person, and I am so glad we grew up together. Everybody loves Manda! Across the country, people who have met her in the past never forget her. We have people asking about her frequently.

Church is her favorite place to be! She is happiest working at the altar, helping others pray! I am thankful for her prayers! I know God hears her prayers!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Amanda today! Thanks for spending a moment of your day here. Thank you to all of you for being my friends! See you next week.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

High and Lifted Up!

Bethany Revival Center in Wichita has an elevator outside to assist people getting inside. They added it when they moved to their current location and it is a great help to Odie.

This weekend we encountered a first for us, a church with a lift onto the platform! We have been to churches that have ramps to the platform and a ramp is a super great help. 

 Landmark Tabernacle in Sand Springs, OK has a lift! Wow!

I think the church was required by authorities to have either a ramp or lift and for various reasons, they chose the lift.

The lift is in a room next to the platform.

And you exit the lift onto the platform behind the back wall.

Odie put it to good use, for sure! So cool! Anything that makes Odie's life easier and our life easier is Way Cool!


Saturday, November 11, 2023

Thankful For Our Veterans

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from the BoggsMobile. I hope you are having a great Saturday. We are doing well. 

On Saturdays in November, I am focused on being extra thankful. Last week, I was thankful for Heaven. This week, I am thankful for our Veterans.

Today is November 11th on the calendar. It is the Official Veterans Day here in America. Most businesses celebrate the holiday this coming Monday.

Thank you to everyone who has served our great nation! It is because of the sacrifice of you and other great humans that we can enjoy our freedoms today! 

It is impossible for me to personally thank all of our family and friends who either are serving or have served our country! Our servicemen, women, and veterans are extraordinary people! I admire and honor you today! I am proud to call you my friends and family!

The words thank you can not adequately convey my gratitude to you! I wanted to express my thankfulness from the bottom of my heart! I pray God gives you an extra special blessing today!

Our Family Soldier

My youngest first cousin on the Boggs side is Lucas James Osborn. He currently attends college in Morehead, Kentucky. Luke has already enlisted in the Army and has committed to serving six years upon graduation.

Last month, Luke rang my doorbell. I answered the door to see a soldier dressed in his dress uniform. I am proud of our soldier! I am already praying for his safety!

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. Please take a moment to thank someone for serving our nation.


Saturday, November 4, 2023

Thankful For Heaven

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie; today is a travel day for us. We are changing states this time around. The BoggsMobile is headed toward Wichita, Kansas. We anticipate a great week with Pastor John DiZazzo and the Bethany Revival Center church family!

It is November, our Thanksgiving month in the USA. I decided to write about things I am thankful for this month. This week, I have been thinking a lot about Heaven. I am so grateful that I can look forward to Heaven! 

We have had several friends finish their earthly lives this year. Lately, we seem to get sad news far too often. It has been hard to think I will not get to be with them again here.

The person who has left this life gets to leave this crazy world behind. Now, they forever live in a perfect place. They have finished their race. Heaven was their ultimate goal! They are winners! Once they have reached Heaven, they are healed, happy and whole. Most of all, they have met Jesus face to face!

Part of me is happy that they completed their life's journey. Then my heart aches for the family and friends left behind! I wish I knew what to do or say to help people in their time of pain! I always feel extremely inadequate in this area.

Saying goodbye down here seems so final. Nothing ever fully prepares you for those sad days! I do not care if it is an expected event or comes as a complete shock. The finality of that friend or family member taking their last breath on earth never gets easier.

There is a song Titled Better Off There by The Browns. It was released in 2020. I  have loved the message in this song for years. Earlier this year, I pulled it up to play for Mom. That is when I discovered Sonya Isaacs Yeary, her husband Jimmy Yeary and Wayne Haun co-wrote the song. No wonder the message is strong in the lyrics! Sonya and Jimmy are two of my favorite writers!

I have found this song coming to my mind many times over the last several months. I will forever miss all of my family and friends that have gone home before me. I know they are Better Off There! We will meet again someday soon!

I am so thankful that I have Heaven to look forward to. Do not get me wrong, I love my life now! I am blessed beyond measure and eternally grateful! When God says, my time is here is finishedI am looking forward to Heaven.

We all have a set time to live. God has numbered our days. Once a Christian has left this life, we get the reward of Heaven. If we have received Christ as our Savior and lived according to His word in the Bible. We will see Him and our Christian loved ones in Heaven! Oh, What a blessed hope we have!

Most of you reading this post are looking forward to achieving your goal of Heaven, too! It will not be long until we are all there together with Christ! We can praise Him for the first million years for all of His goodness to us! Then, meet me on the streets of gold. I will be running, catch me if you can! We will all be Better Off There!

There is one more thing I have to get out today before I sign off. Friend, if you are not a born again believer in Christ, I pray for you! Life here without having God to guide you is miserable. When this life is over, without Christ, hell and torment are all you have to look forward to. I do not want one more soul to have to experience hell. There is nothing fun or beautiful there! It will be a place of utter pain! Please do not go there!

I encourage you to find someone to talk to about Christ right now. You can always reach out to us if you need help finding Christ! We love to show others how to get to Him! Contact us here.

See you next week!

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Still A Work In Progress

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in one more time from Oklahoma. We have had an excellent visit on this trip. Revival just ended last night at House of Prayer with Pastor Bill Parks. From the first service last Sunday, God showed up so sweetly.

We will be in Oklahoma next week. Revival begins tomorrow and goes thru Friday in Claremore. Being with Pastor Jimmy Milikin and our friends at Westside will be great.

November begins in a few days. I always tend to reminisce during this month and thank God for all the blessings in my life. I always try to express my gratitude for Him daily. It just gets turned up a few notches during this month of Thanksgiving.

I am starting a few days early this year. Time and words fail to give God all my thanks and praise. I am blessed abundantly and forever grateful. Today, I am rewinding 17 years to return and praise God again.

We have shared this testimony numerous times in the past. Guess what? I will share it again in the future, too. God deserves all the glory for His Marvelous acts. Thursday, November 2nd 2006, changed my life, and I will never forget the miracle that happened to me that day.

The day was meant to be a regular travel day. Our new friend, Bro. Shobanke needed a ride. His destination was on our route. God worked it out for us to be his transportation.

We were unaware that God had spoken to Bro. Shobanke, before the travel plans were made. He was supposed to pray for me that day. See, God was already working in the background.

The conversation turned to faith on the truck ride from Missouri to Oklahoma. Bro. Shobanke testified to us the entire ride. He told my Dad, I want to pray for your daughter when we arrive. His destination was the Westside Holiness Church in Claremore, Oklahoma.

When we arrived at the church. Dad helped him find his lodging and get settled. Then, we had a Heavenly prayer meeting. I do not think I had ever experienced feeling God that near to us. Awesome does not adequately explain the prayer meeting.

The whole thing lasted for nearly an hour. It was not inside the beautiful church building just a few feet away. This took place in the parking lot. Just more proof that God is everywhere.

I was confident that I would walk at any moment. We prayed, read scripture, sang, praised, shouted, prayed again, and Bro. Shobanke preached to me about healing. Bro. Shobanke was leading me around the parking lot, helping me walk. Dad often says he got distracted, wondering who he would call first when I completely healed. I am sure the neighbors thought we were crazy.

When the Spirit lifted and we finished the prayer meeting. My faith was soaring, but I did not feel any different. My pain and stiffness were still there. I had to have help getting in the truck. 

We loaded up and completed our journey to Purcell, Oklahoma. Our family was sitting in the living room, our fifth wheel, that evening. I was on the couch, and Mom was on the floor. My Mother, wanting to pick on me, picked up my leg and held it out even with the couch. Mom did this twice before we realized something was different!!

Under my normal circumstances, I would have been screaming in pain had she just randomly picked up my leg. My legs, because of the tightness of my muscles, worked as a unit where one leg went, the other one went as well. The pain was unbearable most of the time.

This time, I was able to only move one leg. The other leg stayed on the floor. There was absolutely no pain with the movement. It indeed was a miracle!

From that moment on, my pain level went down about 80%. I have been able to relax my leg muscles from the knees down by thinking about it. It has made my life so much better!

We stayed up for hours crying and praising God. My miracle began on November 2nd 2006! I still look back on this day as a turning point. I knew at that moment that I was going to walk.

God did a miracle in my life on that day. This is the first year we have been back here on November 2nd. I was surprised when I looked at the calendar a few weeks ago and realized I would be here for this particular date in my life’s history.

In the blink of an eye, 17 years has passed. We are still waiting for the completion of my miracle. God's power has not changed. I know that I can walk any second.
I am looking forward to that day more now than I was in 2006!

Has every day since then been pain or trouble free? No way!! I have some really bad times. My good days way outnumber the horrible days! My life has been much better than it would have been. I am bawling like a baby as I type this post. God has been so good to me! I truly thank Him for the miraculous touch that He gave me that day.

Many of you help me pray through those rough patches. Thank you for going to God on my behalf! Recently, I had a really bad spell. God helped me one more time! Oh, I am so thankful for His mighty touch! In those moments, I can look back and say if God touched me before, He can do it again.

Right now that I’m typing this, I am pain free. I thank God for every pain free moment that I get to experience! They are all a miracle! My full miracle is still a work in progress! One day, it will be completed!

I will walk, either in Heaven or here on Earth. I am waiting, believing and trusting God to work in my life, as He sees fit. Ultimately, He is the one in control. Today, I wanted to take a moment to thank Him for being so good to me and giving me a miracle that changed my life!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today! I am not here with a sad song today. I want to sing God‘s praises!


Saturday, October 21, 2023

Odie's Birthday Recap and Bethany Notes

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from Oklahoma. We just finished the second stop on our four meetings in the Tulsa area. It has been wonderful to be in this area again! We have so many incredible friends here! It is always a blessing to be in service and visit with every one of them!

Birthday Recap
Thank you to everyone who made me feel extremely loved last week on my birthday! I sincerely appreciate your love and friendship! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comments, cards, texts, calls, emails and gifts!

I spent my birthday with my extraordinary friends, The Cummins Family. Several years ago, they adopted me as their family. They ensured I was spoiled way more than I could ever deserve! I love you all more than words can express, Cummins Family! 

Thank you for making my birthday extra GREAT!

I also had some special visitors I wanted to mention. My Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen came to see us. It was wonderful to have them with us for two services! I had been missing them terribly. My heart and face smiled when they were with us. We will see them again soon!

One of my birthday buddies is Sis Jessa Bond Detherage. We first discovered we shared a birthday back in 2006. Since then, we have always wanted to be together for our birthday, but it never worked out. 

This year, Jessa and her husband, Bro. Shamgar and little Leah came to the fellowship meeting at Bethany. We finally were together on our birthday! Love you, Jessa; thank you for spending your birthday at the fellowship meeting with me!
Odie's Bethany Fellowship Meeting Notes
Last weekend, we were in fellowship meeting at Bethany Holiness Church. We love being with Pastor Darrell Toliver and the people at Bethany! They always welcome us with open arms. 

We were there to do the special singing. It was a blessing to hear some wonderful preaching. Pastor Randy Webb was the night speaker. God helped him challenge our hearts to be ready for revival! All three nights were outstanding messages! 

We heard from visiting ministers the two morning services and Saturday youth service. Below, I included my notes from the services. I hope you enjoy a peek into the meeting.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.


Bethany Holiness Church Sand Springs, Oklahoma 
49th Annual Fellowship Meeting 
October 13-15 2023

Friday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 
1 Chronicles 21:15-18
"The Price Of Revival"

Saturday Morning 

Bro. Edsel Young-Georgia 
Job 6:25

Bro. David Eldrige- Kentucky 
Acts 2:12-16
"The Last Man Standing"

Saturday Youth Service

Bro. Brent - Ozark Bible Institute 
Psalm 96
"A Reason To Worship"

Bro. Shamgar Detherage- Sterlington, Louisiana 
1 Sam 17:37
"Characteristics Of A Giant Killer"

Saturday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 
2 Samuel 6:2-4
The Hindrance To Revival"

Sunday Morning 

Bro. Rick Binkley - Hodgenville, Kentucky 
Philippians 1:6-7. 13
"I Can"
Bro. Nathan Tinsley- Maine 
Acts 8:1-3
"Rejoicing Through Our Tears"

Sunday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richland, Virginia 
Psalm 68:9
The Promise Of Revival 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Odie's Archives

Note From Davy: Kelly Jo and I want to wish a very happy birthday to our beautiful and lovely daughter Odie. Happy, Happy Birthday! We love you much and we are thankful God placed you in our lives. We are blessed, but sorry about your luck!

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie reporting in from Odie reporting from Oklahoma. We are thrilled to be part of the fellowship meeting at Bethany Holiness Church again this year! It is a joy to be with Pastor Toliver and the wonderful congregation of Bethany.

We have three more stops before we leave this state. It is so good to be back in the Tulsa area again. I am excited about seeing many friends during our time here. Remember to check our schedule page to see where we will be in the future. It is the third tab at the top of the page, or click here. Come be in a service with us! 

Happy Anniversary
Today is Mom's parents, Danny and Betty Morgan, anniversary. Happy 56 anniversary, Gran and Papaw! We love you both so much! I wish you were in Oklahoma with us today to celebrate. It was good to see you for a little while last weekend.

38th Birthday
Today is also my birthday. I am thankful for another year! God has blessed me beyond measure in my 38 years of life! I have so much to thank God for! My heart is full of gratitude!

I know 8 friends across the country who have a birthday today. They are from Florida to California and several states in between. Happy birthday to each of my birthday buddies! October 14th is a great day for a birthday!

Click here to see a post from a couple years ago. Each year, I like to look back and remember a little about my birthdays. In the future, I will have to update and repost my birthday memories again. That particular post stopped at year 36. 

Last year, for number 37, we were back here at Bethany's meeting. My friends made me feel so loved! I have now spent four of my birthdays here.

Odie's Archives
My Mamaw, Martha Boggs, brought a bin to my house last year. She had saved some items from my younger days. I love baby clothes, but knowing these were mine is extra cool. I took pictures of some of the things to share with you. 

The first set I wore going home from the hospital at 27 days old and to my first church service the following Sunday! I remember seeing photos marking both of those momentous occasions. Everything was so tiny. I was a preemie baby.


This is another one of my cute baby outfits.

Mamaw said this was one of my Christmas dresses.

A bib from my childhood. If you are new to the blog, my name is Andrea. I go by my nickname, Odie.

This is a very special dress. I remember this one. It is a size 4T. I believe this was a gift from Papaw Bill and Mamaw Darien Houston. There was a store here in Oklahoma that sold Bryan dresses. I had several dresses from that store. I loved all of them! Most of them came from Papaw Bill and Mamaw Darien.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed a look back at some of the things from my childhood archives. See you next week.


Saturday, October 7, 2023

Odie’s Bond Campmeeting Notes 2023

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting on this first Saturday of October. I hope you are having a fabulous fall season so far. I love this time of year. I have already enjoyed a few pumpkin flavored treats this year. 

We have had a full week. Due to a schedule change, we were able to take in three of the four days of the Bond Campmeeting in Kentucky. It was wonderful to be with Pastor Kevin Lloyd and all of our precious Bond friends again!

Probably some of my earliest campmeeting memories are from Bond in the late 1980s. Since then, I have grown up, but God's power has not changed! I am thankful to have experienced the power of God for myself. Campmeeting has always encouraged me to get more of God in my life. 

Bond Campmeeting was always a highlight of my year. I learned to appreciate preachers, preaching and the moving of God's spirit as a girl from the services at Bond. 

In recent years, we have been unable to attend the meeting like we wanted. It worked out for us to be there for most of the meeting this time! God met me around the altar! Words can not completely tell about the goodness of God's help for me during this week.

Below are my notes from the campmeeting services. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the services of Bond Campmeeting 2023. We put up all the campmeeting pictures on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's posts this week.

Thank you for reading. See you next week. 


Bond Holiness Campmeeting October 3-5 2023

Tuesday, 10/3/23

7:00 Evening Service

Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft- Fouke, Arkansas 
Judges 15:8-20
"Refreshing The Thirsty Warrior"

Wednesday 10/4/23

10:00 Morning Service 

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri 
Exodus 14:10-15
"When Your Faith Is Challenged"

Pastor Bill Finley- Louisville, Kentucky
Luke 17:26-29
2 Peter 2:5-8

Pastor Bruce McGuire- Germantown, Ohio
"The Power Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ"

6:00 Youth Service 

Bro. Will Garner- Douglas, Georgia
1 Kings 18:30
"Repair The Altar"

Bro. Zac Coffman- Seaman, Ohio
Hebrews 12:25-27
"What Culture Can't Cancel"

7:00 Evening Service 

Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft- Fouke, Arkansas 
Matthew 4:17
"Jesus' Message Of Repentance"

Thursday 10/5/23

10:00 Morning Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri 
James 1:1-14
"Four Tests Of Spiritual Maturity"
1. How Do I React To Trials
2. How Am I Doing At Resisting Temptation
3. How Do I Respond To The Truth

Bro. Davy Boggs- Waynesville, Ohio
1 Peter 4:12
"This Trial Could Be Worth While"

Bro. Andrew Blevins- Waynesville, Ohio
Acts 24:27
"There Is Never Another Now"

6:00 Youth Service

Bro. Jacob Cain- Kentucky
I missed his scripture reference.
"Compromise Is On The Rise"

Pastor Ben Brock- Claremore, Oklahoma
1 Kings 191-18
"It's Just A Cave, It's Not A Grave"

7:00 Evening Service

Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft- Fouke, Arkansas
2 Chronicles 29:27
"Sacrifice And Song"

Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 2023 Fun With Saylor Brooke

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Alabama. I hope you are doing well! We have enjoyed our time this week with some dear friends! It started with an unplanned visit with Pastor J.R. and Sis. Teresa Alexander. God's planning is always good.

Being with some of our church family from home is always a blessing! The Alexanders have been friends of ours for a long time! We enjoy getting to catch up with them wherever we can. 

Wednesday was the start of revival with Pastor Donnie Williamson. Tanner Williams Holiness Church has been on our favorite church list for many years! The kind church family always welcomes us into their family with open arms! It is such a joy to watch God encourage our precious friends! 

We have one more service to wrap up our visit for this time. Tomorrow is Homecoming at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. We have been blessed to participate in many special days here! We love seeing this church minister to their community! It is our happy privilege to be here for Homecoming 2023!

September  2023 Fun With Saylor Brooke

The topic for today's post is one of my special little friends, Little Miss Saylor Brooke Walters! I looked back at a post from last year and had to smile. Click here to see that particular post. It was fun to compare pictures from then until now.

2022 setup day picture.

Last year was her first tent revival. What a difference 12 months makes? Princess Saylor will be two in just a few weeks. She is growing up so quickly! 

2023 setup day picture.

Here are a couple more pictures that show the change from year to year. First, we have a 2022 picture of Saylor with her Mama, Regan Morris Walters. Then, a 2023 version of the picture. I feel like she is growing up before our eyes.

2023 tent revival, Saylor was on the move and involved in every aspect of the week! I had a blast with my little friend from set up, the services, lunchtime and tent take down. 

Below are some more pictures that I captured last week. These are in no particular order. I will pop in with some commentary for context.

This was taken after the tent was down and put away. It was time for a goodbye, for now. I find it hard to leave when she is finally used to me being around again! 

Saylor with Aunt Kelly. Kids always love Mom! 

I can understand. Mom is very loveable! Here, they were reading and singing.

I think Saylor's favorite thing about last week was to push me! She would push on my chair and say beep beep.

The beautiful princess of Richton, Mississippi!

She would take me all over the place! Guiding me, saying beep beep and then saying go, back and round.

She even led me to her playroom. That means I have officially achieved friend status! Only some people get invited to the playroom. I was honored!

I could not go out to jump with her on her little trampoline like she wanted. She came and grabbed my finger and said, "jump". I said, "Baby, I wish I could go jump with you." One day, Saylor Brooke, I want to jump with you! 

Helping with tent setup

Time for a snack!

Watching the tent go up with Aunt RyRy

Tent setup is hard work. It was time to rest!

Papaw James and Saylor.

Trying to play the drums, like her Mama.

Well, there you have a glimpse into our September 2023 fun with Miss Saylor Brooke! We love this little girl so much! I am thankful to be with her a few days out of the year! I am already anticipating my next visit with her!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today! I appreciate you spending some time with me.