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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Remembering Our Friend Jack Helton

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Florida! I hope this finds you doing well.

I am here today to remember one of our wonderful friends, Bro. Jack Helton from California. Bro. Jack made his move to Heaven last week. He is sorely missed by his dear family and friends! Please keep all of his family in your prayers as they navigate their new normal.

We had the honor of knowing him for almost 20 years. I count it a blessing to have been his friend. They are grandparents to several of our California friends. In fact, Bro. and Sis. Helton were my adopted California great grandparents. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Wilma just is the natural thing to call them.

I found this picture of Dad and Grandpa Jack from the last time we saw him in November 2019. I am glad that I captured this memory.

He was a great person to be around. His smile and laughter lit up the room. I loved to listen to his stories. He always had another story ready to go. I think he was happiest talking about his family.

Bro. Jack and Sis Wilma Helton were sweethearts until the end. They were inseparable. I do not remember ever seeing one without the other.

He would sit beside me and say, "Have you heard mine and Wilma's story?" Grandma Wilma would say, " Oh, Jack, she does not want to hear that story" I always loved to hear him tell it!

Grandpa Jack said his buddy showed him a picture of his new girlfriend, Wilma Weeks. He told the buddy she would not be his girlfriend for long. Grandpa was smitten with the beautiful girl in the picture. He would laugh as he told me that story and say, I won her over. He knew what he wanted from the first time he saw Grandma Wilma's picture.

Their marriage was blessed with 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren, and now a great great grandchild. We love the whole Burris, Helton, and Hilton clan!

Bro. Jack was an excellent singer! It was a joy to hear him sing every time we could. He loved to worship God through singing. I will treasure my memories of being in church with him.

Today He is singing with the Heavenly choir. I know he is in Heaven worshipping God face to face. Grandpa is happy and healed. 

I look forward to seeing our dear friend soon. Heaven continues to get sweeter with each passing day.

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Motivated To Be More Grateful

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another Saturday post from me, Odie. Thank you for spending part of your time with me. This is a travel day for us. The BoggsMobile is Florida bound.

Today I have a little motivation and encouragement to share with you. Earlier this week, I could not get away from thinking about a couple of things that I focus on a lot, and those things help me survive everyday life. 

I decided to write about the thoughts that were swirling in my head. Hopefully, you can find the motivation to be grateful as well.

Firstly, I try to be grateful for the life God has blessed me to live. He has blessed me with an innumerable amount of blessings. Yes, I face challenges I do not enjoy, but my life has been incredible! I strive to Thank God daily for my blessings and show Him my gratitude!

Secondly, my parents have instilled the value of trusting God's plan for me. It is my prayer and desire to be healed completely, but His plan may not be for me to be healed. Dad and I both live by this motto God is in control!

There is one thing that I know for certain. God will always be God. His plan for my life is perfect. I must trust in Him no matter what my circumstances are now. 

Does my gratitude and trust in God's plan improve everything automatically? My answer is no. It does help me be at peace more when my attitude is right. 

I have often shared two things that help me thru my struggles. I pray for others who are suffering too. I   am never the only person that is having a rough time. Then I  look for inspiration from others who must overcome life's obstacles. 

I do not do this to magnify other people's problems to make myself look better. Praying for another brother or sister, no matter their need encourages me. Sometimes it is easier to believe God will move in their needs. Also, someone else's motivation inspires me to overcome more hurdles myself.

Several years ago, I became familiar with  Nick Vujicic Ministries. The life Nick lives is an inspiration to me. Nick was born without arms and legs. Life has not been easy for him. Now Nick travels the world using his testimony to bring glory to God!

 I first read his story in the book called Life Without Limbs. Click here to find the book on Amazon. Since then, I have read several articles about him and listened to his stuff online. Click here to see his YouTube channel.

Below is a clip of Nick that has encouraged me recently. I hope it inspires you too.

God has used many of you to encourage me along the way too. Thanks for being my friends! I pray God blesses you today.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Laugh Down Memory Lane

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Alabama today. Thank you for visiting with us.

Did you catch Dad's A Word For Wednesday yesterday? I know many of you enjoy Dad's weekly videos. It is always good to hear your feedback. Click the video below for this week's episode.

Odie Gets The Shakes

Yesterday I wandered down our YouTube channel's memory lane. One of our most popular videos is a funny one! I figured today was a good day to remind you of this funny church moment caught on camera. It is worth watching again!

This is a classic Odie stunt. I am super jumpy! Yes, I am laughing at myself! Please check it out. You are welcome to laugh with me.

This was at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio, with Pastor EJ Lamb.

When it happened, I forgot the moment was online for the world to see. The next day Mom told Dad what happened. He immediately pulled up the Anchor of Hope YouTube channel and found it. 

Dad created our video to forever have it in our memory bank. We laughed for hours then. Now those hours have turned into years, and we will never stop!😂😂I was showing it to friends just last night after a kid accidentally made me jump.

Below I posted what Dad wrote in the video description. I think it sums up the "Odie Get's The Shakes" moment well.

"At the end of the service, Pastor EJ Lamb is calling people to the front for prayer. (Socially Distant Prayer, of course)
His microphone is not in Odie's ear monitor, but mine is. She is sitting there listening and when I say "Yes" in my microphone it is directly in her ear and she nearly jumps out of her wheelchair. I have been telling people for years how easily startled Odie is. Now you have visual evidence over and over and over again. 🥰 🥰 This is posted with Odie's complete permission. She said, Laugh away!"

Our dear friend Bro. Kelly Rogers informed me last year that their family often has fun with this video. I am happy that I can help them laugh. I am also glad we can laugh about our good memories.

Hopefully, this helps you smile today! See you next time.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Martha Boggs Update

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie writing for this post on Tuesday. We are having a wonderful time this week in Elba, Alabama. God has blessed us with three great services of revival at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church. There are four more services this week. I am excited to see what God has planned for the rest of this revival.

I know many of you have been helping us pray for my Dad's Mom, my Mamaw Martha Boggs. Mamaw fell at home six weeks ago. God has answered many prayers for her. We are so thankful for how He has helped her!

She broke her right arm and gashed her left leg in the horrible fall. We know her injuries could have been much worse. God has been with her all the way through her long recovery!

A couple of weeks ago, things started taking a turn for the worse. The gash began showing signs of possible infection. It looked horrible! The change was sudden and terrifying to us. Below is a quote from my post from March second.

"Please keep praying for my grandparents, Martha and Eugene Boggs. Four weeks ago, Mamaw fell, and her recovery process has not been good this week. I am hoping and praying for God to turn things around! We had a really good prayer for her last night! I believe God can heal her completely!"

Later that morning, she went to the doctor again. The wound looked drastically better, and the doctor said no sign of infection! God turned things around! Friends, He answered our prayers. The doctor said it is amazing how 24 hours can turn things around. No, it is awesome how our God can make things better right on time.

Mamaw did undergo a skin graft to help her leg wound heal properly. The Lord helped that surgery and recovery go smoothly! We have been praising God for answering prayers for our family one more time!

Mamaw has been a trooper. Her whole recovery time was predicted to be six weeks. Four weeks in, the Orthopedic doctor told them that her arm had not healed correctly. Now he thinks surgery will be necessary to fix the arm. 

The leg wound had to be fixed first. Hopefully, we can know more about the arm in a few days. My prayer is for the arm to now be healing properly and for no surgery to be needed. God is more than able to fix her arm too!

My Mamaw has told me God has brought her thru this far. I know He will see her all the way to the end of this trial. She is rejoicing in His goodness to her.

She wants me to thank our many friends that have prayed for her! I told her early on that all of my friends loved her because she is important to us! We all appreciate your prayers and concern for our family!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. See you next time.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Odie’s Allentown Campmeeting Notes 2023

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from Alabama. I hope you are having a good weekend.

We are looking forward to beginning revival tomorrow in Elba, Alabama. It will be great to be with Pastor Jon Isaacs and our friends at Grace Fellowship!

We had a fantastic time this week at the Allentown March Meeting in Semmes, Alabama. Campmeeting was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We were able to attend the meeting on Wednesday and Thursday.

The services are always a spiritual recharge to our spirits. We get to have wonderful fellowship with friends along the way too. Campmeeting is a fabulous place to make memories.

Dad posted our 2023 Allentown pictures on Thursday and Friday of this week. Below are my notes from the service we attended. I hope you enjoy just a glimpse into the campmeeting.

Thank you for visiting with me.

Allentown Campmeeting Notes 2023 

Wednesday 3/8/23

Morning Service

Bro. Luke Beets from Texas
1 Peter 3:15
Proverbs 26:4-5
"How Do You Know"

Bro. Jon Isaacs from Elba, Alabama
Psalm 77:7-15
"Rediscoveries That Lead To Real Revival"

Bro Ronnie Wheeler from Missouri
Luke 15:17-19
"The Prodigal's Progress"

Youth Service

Bro Titus White
Matthew 24:36-44
Matthew 25:31
1 John 2:15
"It's Not Worth The Cost"

Bro. Ben Cheek from Amber, Oklahoma
1 Samuel 15:1
"King Me"

Evening Service

Bro. Ronnie Baker from Kellyville, Oklahoma
2 Kings 1-7

Thursday 3/9/23

Morning Service
Bro. Steve Jackson from Rover, Missouri
Gen 1:1-4
"God Divided The Light From Darkness"

Bro. Tracy Holden from Joplin, Missouri
Luke 15:11-16
1 Samuel 3:11-13
"What's Wrong With Our Children"

Bro. Matthew Wilson from Bristow, Oklahoma
Zephaniah 3:17

Youth Service

Bro. Cameron Keith from Ozark Bible Institute
Mark 10:46-52
Psalm 34:6
"Signal Sent Signal Received"

Bro Will Gardner from Douglas, Georgia
Luke 10:17-20
"He's Still A Loser"

Evening Service

Bro. Ryan Ralston from Savannah, Georgia
Isaiah 54:1-3
Genesis 26:22
"God Shall Make Room For Us"

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Fountain of Life By The Meadows

Hey Friends,

I hope your Saturday is off to a good start. Thanks for visiting with me.

Tomorrow is Friends and Family Day at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. We look forward to being with Pastor Donnie Willamson and our precious friends!

Three years ago, I wrote a post here about excellent music by The Meadows. They released their first recording in the spring of 2020. It is titled One Song! It is still a fantastic project today!

The Meadow are back with a new project! It is titled Fountain of Life. I have been anxiously awaiting this new music! The moment I discovered it was available, it was added to my library!

Every time I listen to it, a different song speaks to me for that day. They recorded great songs by some fabulous songwriters. Probably my overall favorite song on the record is, The Me I'll Never Know.

Both of their projects are produced by the incredible award winning singer, musician and producer Gordon Mote. Gordon's musical influence can be heard throughout this record! His talent leaves me speechless!

The talent and hard work of The Meadows paid off! This new project is outstanding! I am so proud of my friends! Fountain of Life receives a five-star rating from me!

You can find it on all streaming platforms. Click here and here to see their online homes. There you will find their latest updates. 

Below is the contact information for The Meadows.
Phone: 918-924-6272
The Meadows
PO Box 1264
Bristow, OK 71010

The Meadows consist of siblings: Shalaysa, Courtney and Drew. They live in Bristow, Oklahoma. They have grown up working in ministry. Their parents Bro. Douglas and Sis. Cecley Meadow, pastor Bristow Holiness Church.

Shalaysa Meadow Eldridge

Last month she married Stephen Eldridge. Congratulations, Stephen and Shay! She works in ministry at their church 
and teaches at Bristow Christian Academy.

Courtney Meadow Maxon

Last fall, Courtney married Titus Maxon. She also works in ministry at their church and teaches at the Bristow Christian Academy.

Drew Meadow

Drew is a high school student with big dreams and plans. He is a great drummer!

All three members of this trio are wonderful young adults! I am thrilled to see them using their abilities for God! I hope you enjoy their wonderful music as I do!

Thanks to Shay for allowing me to use their photos for this post. When you leave a review or order a CD, tell The Meadows that Odie sent you! It will not get you any special treatment☺

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Happy Birthday Pastor Kenny Morris

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for this post on Thursday. I hope you are having a wonderful week. We have been blessed with a super great week.

The revival services at Ellisville First Assembly have been refreshing to our souls. God has allowed us to experience His sweet presence in each service. My heart is full and running over. We still have two more services this week. I am expecting great things to happen! I wish you could be here too.

Prayer Request

Please keep praying for my grandparents, Martha and Eugene Boggs. Four weeks ago, Mamaw fell, and her recovery process has not been good this week. I am hoping and praying for God to turn things around! We had a really good prayer for her last night! I believe God can heal her completely!

Happy Birthday, Pastor Kenny Morris

Today is a very special day on our calendar. Pastor Kenny is 73 years young today! We have been privileged to celebrate several birthdays with him through the years.

I am so thankful God allowed us to connect with Bro. Kenny several years ago. We gained a precious friend when we met Pastor Kenny Morris and quickly became like family!

Now it is hard to remember life before the Morris family was part of our life. Bro. Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris are my  Grandmama and Granddaddy! We are incredibly grateful for their love and friendship!

Happy Birthday, Granddaddy! We love and appreciate you more than our words can express! I hope you have a fantastic birthday full of many blessings from God! We are thrilled to celebrate you today.

Thank you for reading. Come back tomorrow for a revival in pictures post. I have collected some good photos this week.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Praising God For The Beauty Of A Sunset

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in with you from Ellisville, Mississippi. Revival is going really good this week. I am proud of Dad. He is preaching great. God has been anointing him! 

Several of you have texted or called to check on us this week. Thank you again for praying for us! God is answering those prayers one day at a time. I praise the Lord for His strength! Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Praising God For The Beauty Of A Sunset 

I love the beauty of a sunset! The colors that God uses to paint the sky are amazing to me! I am left in awe at God's handiwork every time.

My favorite way to see a sunset is over the ocean! I do not get that opportunity often. My second favorite place to watch the sunset is on my side porch. My porch faces the west, and it is the perfect spot.

My cousin Lisa Isaacs sent me a picture of a sunset at home last fall. I do not think I posted it here. Dad has used the picture in a video thumbnail for A Word For Wednesday.

Lisa did a phenomenal job capturing this sunset in my yard. She saw this beautiful scenery when she was at the Dodds Church. Thank you to Lisa for sharing her photo with me.

I saw this image come up on my camera roll this week. The photo makes me think of a passage of scripture. It is found in ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭113‬:‭3‬.

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised."

Today as I think about the beauty in the sunset, I am pausing to praise God for His goodness to my family and me! 

I encourage you to look at the beauty of God's creation too! Remember, we are to always praise God all day long! He gifted us another day!

Thank you for stopping by for a brief visit. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Weekend Dispatch 2/27/23

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting on this Weekend's Dispatch. We had a good weekend.

Friday morning, we were blessed to have lunch with friends! Bro. Bruce and Sis. Pricilla Mayhan made a special stop on a speedy trip to Mississippi.

We immensely enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite places in Hattiesburg, The Front Porch! It worked out that, Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim Morris could also join us for lunch! We had a wonderful time visiting with dear friends!

It was time to prepare for revival this weekend. My parents spent time in the church in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday. They carried in sound equipment and set it up for revival.

We met Pastor Kenny, Sis Joan, Mamaw and Emma Grace Morris Saturday evening for dinner at a local fish camp. 

The food was delicious! I was so hungry that I forgot to capture proof of the food. Dad did take a picture of his food.

Bro. Kenny drove his beautiful Model A car to dinner. I love it so much!

Sunday Morning, it was time for revival to start. We love our road family at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi. Pastor Kenny Morris and the church people always welcome us with open arms! This week has been a highlight of our year for a long time!
Sunday morning's pictures.

Sunday afternoon, there was a shower for Jay and Carlin. They are getting married in March.

I had a good time with Miss Saylor Brooke!


God blessed us with two wonderful services yesterday. It was a great way to kick off revival. I am excited to see what the rest of the week holds.

Dad preached both times. Thanks to many of you who prayed extra hard for him! Please keep praying for his complete healing! 

Sunday night's pictures.

That concludes the final weekend in February 2023. Thanks for stopping by to visit with us today.