Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summary of City Reach Dayton

This post is a summary of City Reach Dayton. I am so thankful that we had a great time in Dayton, Ohio. God moved in the lives of people in each and every service. It was a wonderful meeting and especially wonderful in our home area and working with our home church.

Each night God was drawing men and women from the community and we had no less than three in the altar every service and some nights much more than three. That makes every dollar spent, every ounce of strength expended and every prayer prayed worth it all.

I want to recognize each church and each individual that carried some of the City Reach Dayton load, including churches that were not directly co-hosting the meeting. Several folks went the extra mile to help and encourage and it was all needed and appreciated. We are indebted to every one of you.

I want to especially recognize my home church Dryden Rd. Pentecostal Church. They went way beyond the call of duty to support City Reach Dayton physically, financially and in many other tangible ways. I appreciate our Pastor Bennie Sutherland and our Associate Pastor Gary Lee for helping push City Reach Dayton so much.

As I have mentioned in other City Reach summaries, I love hearing from the local Pastors after City Reach. Their input is critical to us and I lean on their advice and leadership in going forward.

From Pastor Tim Blevins
First Pentecostal Church of Murlin Heights, Dayton Ohio

Thanks so much for your labor and burden for City Reach Dayton. Although I was not able to attend every night, several folks did and were quick to fill me on the success of each service, especially the response during the altar service.  On the nights that I did attend, I was impressed with how well the services were ran.  Each service was pointed and focused to the needs of the neighborhood visitors.  The songs, testimonies, and sermons were all aligned to reach the lost and help the hurting souls in the community.  Thank you!

Prior to this year's City Reach Dayton, most of our church members had not been involved with a tent revival.  The first time my 6-year old daughter saw a tent she asked if a circus was in town.  This was the only reference she had of a large white tent.  But now, our point of reference has changed and we can better explain old-fashioned tent revivals.

Even before the tent revival started, several church members were willing to get involved by passing out flyers and helping to setup the tent.  Although none of us had any experience doing so, the Boggs family knew exactly what they were doing and made it fun and easy for us to follow instructions.  Others were able to attend the special revival services and were pleasantly surprised at the response from the community.  This response was a welcome sight and went a long way to encourage us to continue working for the Lord by reaching the lost.  May God continue to bless your ministry as you reach other cities across this country!

Tim Blevins
First Pentecostal Church of Murlin Heights

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