Monday, August 29, 2016

Update on City Reach August 29, 2016

I usually post the Weekend Woundup and Weview on Mondays but I am going to postpone that until Tuesday this week. I have some information that is time sensitive and I would like folks praying with us today and tomorrow if possible.

We are coming down to the wire on our City Reach Nashville and we have hit a pretty severe snag in the planning. During our last trip to Nashville for scouting purposes we settled on one of the city parks that is situated in a great neighborhood for tent revival.

It was not our first choice site but it was very obviously a good location and the best available choice we had. We filed an application before we left town and the metro parks folks followed up with us right away. They have been very kind, very helpful and very accommodating through the whole process.

They gave us a tentative green light and started the formal approval process. All looked good at each communication. They did ask us to adjust our date 2-3 days later because of an annual street festival in the same park and we were glad to do it.

Late in the process the manager (Also very nice and kind to us) expressed worries over having two large and loud 3-6 day events with only one day in between them. She has a responsibility to listen and respond to the neighbors surrounding the park and she was concerned they would be fatigued by the time City Reach began and not respond positively to it.

I understood and agreed with her reasoning. It would be very hard to reach folks when they were mad as hornets that we were there. They might be mad at the park. They might be mad at the city. They might be mad at the manager. They might be mad at the street festival. They might not be mad at us at all but they might take their frustration out on us by doing their best to ignore everything we do.

She offered us a time slot a week or two later but it was not workable for us. We could also have started much earlier but that was not good for us or for the churches involved. We would have had to begin two days from now in order to do it. It was not possible.

This is a long story but necessary to explain why we lost our location and there is really no one to blame. We have reached out to another location. It was our first choice after nothing was available in downtown proper but there was a small scheduling conflict there too. I am hoping they are able to work with us. If they are not able then we will have to postpone City Reach Nashville to another time.

We are going to wait on them a few days and then we will have to make the decision. Would you help us pray? 

I have said from the beginning that I want to be in the right place at the right time preaching the right message to the right people. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. God knows that and I expect that none of these scheduling issues have surprised Him at all.

I have reached out to some of the Pastors that have supported City Reach Nashville financially and have pledged to support it physically. They have been very understanding of the situation and have assured me they remain committed to it IF it all comes together.

I will post more information later in the week as it becomes available.

Thank you for reading.


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