Thursday, August 4, 2016

It Is Time to Roll Again

It is time to roll the big wheels of the BoggsMobile again. If all goes as planned we should pull out Friday  morning for our whirlwind tour of the northeast. We are really looking forward to it.

You can see our schedule for the next few weeks HERE.

The first leg from the Lazy OD Ranch to Boston is nearly 900 miles. We plan to divide that up over the next two days, driving the biggest share Friday and then finishing up with a shorter day on Saturday. We will be preaching both Sunday services for Bethel Revival Center in the Boston suburb of Everett.

Many of you may remember that we originally had a revival scheduled at Bethlehem but had to reschedule it. They are changing locations and are right in the middle of a building sale and have way too many pieces to juggle at this time. They ask us to preach their regular services on Sunday though and we are thrilled to do so.

Our next scheduled stop is for tent revival in Lowell, Vermont. We are honored to be returning to Vermont to preach for Pastor David DiZazzo. They are providing the tent so all we have to do is show up, sing, preach and let the Lord have His way.

After the Vermont tent revival we will mosey down to New York City. We are scheduled to sing and preach the Anniversary services for Pastor Sunny Philip at Gateway Christian Center in Valley Stream, New York. The church is on Long Island just east of Queens and only 4-6 miles from the churches we preached in back in February.

We are planning to see many of our new friends in New York City while we are there. We will be visiting a few churches and some our friends will attend the services at Gateway. Taking the bus through New York City should be enough excitement for any one but I sure there will be more than just that.

When that meeting is over we will rush back to Dayton, Ohio as fast as our little wheels will carry us for Indoor Fellowship at our home church. That meeting should be a highlight of our year.

We have a few other special things planned for this trip. I am sure we will post about some of that as it happens. Stay tuned!

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