Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#35 Weeekend Woundup and Weview

Please read yesterday's post concerning City Reach Nashville if you missed it. We are still asking God to guide us. I have received encouragement from several folks and I have appreciated every word. Thank you very much.

Monday a Pastor sent a very timely and insightful text. He said, "God always knows when to open and when to close the right doors. So keep your hand on the knob and when He turns it, push and when He has it locked, be content!"

Praise God! I needed to hear that!

Today's post brings us back to regular programming that was delayed by yesterday's interruption. Here is our Weekend Woundup and Weview.

Odie posted the summary from Dryden Rd. Fellowship meeting and the pictures from Friday but I have a few pictures that did not get posted.

The band

Here are a few from the kitchen and food table, a very important place at campmeeting.

We were so blessed to have Pastor Alan Harris and his precious wife Sis. Tammy with us for a couple of days this year. These are some of our favorite people in the world and it was good to see them.

After a tremendous service Friday night we stayed way too late visiting with friends but it is difficult to leave when you know it may be a year or more before you see some of them again. The late night turned into an early morning and we were off to the Lazy OD Ranch Saturday morning.

The weeds are trying to take over the gravel area so I spent quite a bit of time spraying 4 gallons of weed killer on them. It was all in vain though since a pop up storm blew in and washed it all away. Oh well!

I did get the grass moved before the rain.

Sunday morning we were with Pastor Kelly Rogers and the Dodds church right next to the Ranch. We enjoyed the service and enjoyed the great lunch with family afterward. We failed to snap a picture of everyone but here is part of them.

Sunday evening we were invited to West Harrison, Indiana to sing and preach for Pastor Wade Hicks and his folks. We had a great service, a wonderful visit with our friends.

A torrential rain came through while we were at Frisch's Sunday night after church. Some places in Cincinnati received 5 inches of rain in a very short time according to reports. 

Monday was a work day at the barn. There is always a project going there and Monday's involved using the table saw, a lot. I finally had enough of fighting with it and built a make shift table to make it easier.

That pretty much brings you up to date. Thanks for reading.


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