Friday, August 5, 2016

Travel Day - Home to Tannersville, Pennsylvania

Yesterday's post went up late last night so you may have missed it. You can read it HERE. This post is going up Friday evening and Odie should have her post ready mid morning on Saturday as usual.

We were ready to roll shortly before 8:00 AM Friday morning as Dad and Mom pulled into the Lazy OD Ranch with Odie. She loaded in the bus and then we stopped a moment for one more picture before we hit the road.

We drove about 554 miles in about 9 hours and 15 minutes so it was a pretty good day of travel with only about 40 minutes of stops. The weather was perfect! We saw some beautiful sights going across I-80 in Pennsylvania and finally stopped at a rest area near the New Jersey state line.

Kelly had a wonderful supper prepared when we arrived and now we plan to lay down a few hours. If all goes well, we will leave here about midnight and skirt around the north side of New York City while the traffic is hopefully lighter. 

We have about 340 miles to go but we hope to only drive a couple of hours tonight. If we can find a place to stop in Connecticut, we will sleep the morning away and finish the trip Saturday afternoon.

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